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m/o 9042690 viewsWestbus have acquired 20 ex-STA Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC Mk II's as a result of the increased vehicle requirement needed to operate their split of the ex-Harris Park Transport routes. The buses have been allocated to various depots around Sydney - Penrith depot-based m/o 9042 (ex STA 2196) is seen at Penrith Stn awaiting departure on route 791 to South Penrith.
Trade plates606 viewsMosman Coaches DAF MBG200/Austral ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra MO 3191 1/05 (dereg 16/7/01); ex Brisbane City Council, Brisbane (995) 995 PDO via auction 26/9/91; ex Demo. Noted 4/07 near Stony Creek Reservoir, Anakie, VIC and then for auction 26/9/07 through Manheim Fowles, Altona, VIC. Still there 11/07. Several months after Mosman being sold to Hawkesfords, we see this bendy being driven down the Warringah Expressway on trade plates.It was never registered with Mosman Coaches
m/o 8349129 viewsVeolia Transport (162) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech in Jackson Ave, Miranda 5/3/2013.
8440AO385 viewsTLB (Latrobe), Ballarat Mercedes 0500RF/Express at the Bus Vic Expo at Mooney Valley,
Freshwater-Narrabeen414 viewsSydney Ferries Narrabeen and Freshwater taken from Georges Heights
m/o 5140532 viewsBusways (1048) Bustech CDI photoshopped into Punchbowl Bus Co livery.
img101 - MMYB676.jpg
MMTB 67649 viewsMMTB Class X2 tram (676) in the Cavalcade of historic trams, staged to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Swanston Street's electrification on April 20th, 1995.
BUS 480374 viewsACTION (480) Scania K230UB/Custom CB60 Evo II at Civic 25/9/2012

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TV 463315 viewsTelfords (2005) Volvo B12B/Coach Concepts ex Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (60) TV 4633 via Auction 28/10/11; ex (SA) XJF 354; ex AA68WC; ex Volvo Stock (Commonwealth Games / Qantas decals), at Mittagong Park 19/9/2017.Sep 24, 2017
TV 567512 viewsRoad Runner Tours, Wyong (5) Volvo B12R/Northcoast ex Australian Defence Forces, Canberra, ACT via Auction 11/09, in Bellingara Road, Miranda 19/9/2017.Sep 24, 2017
Ex m/o 00211 viewsEx Cumberland Coaches, ex Stone Bros Commer/Stone Bros repowered by GM, abandoned on the side of the Great Western Highway at Mt Druitt in 2007 or earlier.Sep 24, 2017
Ex m/o 00210 viewsEx Cumberland Coaches, ex Stone Bros Commer/Stone Bros repowered by GM, abandoned on the side of the Great Western Highway at Mt Druitt in 2007 or earlier. Centralian photo.Sep 24, 2017
Yarra 35362 viewsYarra Trams D1 class tram (3536) has just left Melbourne University for Malvern 2/12/2012,Sep 24, 2017
IMG_6429 - Volvo B10M [PMCSA] Franklins TAS [DD 7722] @ Queenstown c_10Oct2016.JPG
DD 77227 viewsFranklins, Tasmania Volvo B10M/PMCSA at Queenstown c 10 October 2016.Sep 24, 2017
4420AO11 viewsVentura Group, Oakleigh (420) Mercedes OH1418/Volgren ex Peninsula, at Oakleigh depot 11th July 2016.Sep 24, 2017
MTrams 1775 viewsM Trams Z3 class trams (177) in Swanston Street in 2002.Sep 24, 2017