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Bus Body Builder GalleriesDetails and photos of the different types of bus bodies built by Australian bus body builders.
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404 AED29 viewsBayside Bus Lines Brisbane (179) Mercedes O302x2/Mannheim in the CBD in service during 1991.
TV 2895109 viewsBlue Mountain Bus Co Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312D/Mercedes Benz in Katoomba 10/11/2014
TV 652072 viewsTelford's Volvo B12B/Coach Design in March 2011.
SB 62 EM105 viewsTorrens Transit (1530) Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches CB80 in Marion SC 20/6/2011. It has been with Light City Buses since 2013.
SOY 69867 viewsBedford Duple at Port Adelaide 12/5/2016.
m/o 8.129232 viewsDarwin Bus Service (129) Mercedes O500LE/Volgren “CR228L”.
Crossleys mo9232 Hino RG197 CCE Strathfield 120197AC copy.jpg
m/o 9232284 viewsCrossleys Hino RG197K/CustomCoaches 510 at Strathfield on rail 12/01/97. It was reregd m/o 099 and is still that with Transdev NSW in 2013 as (45).
SB 42 GP148 viewsTorrens Transit (1374) Iveco Metro C260/Custom Coaches CB80 – owned by Torrens Transit – at Glen Osmond 14/1/2015.

Last additions
2455 ST6 viewsSydney Buses, Kingsgrove (2455) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" at Bankstown Central 11/8/2017 in Transport NSW livery.Aug 24, 2017
?9 viewsBosnjak Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches. Centralian photo.Aug 24, 2017
IMGP9066 - LMT 13 single trucker @ TTMS c_30May2010.JPG
LMT 132 viewsLaunceston single truck tramcar at TTMS c 30 May 2010.Aug 24, 2017
IMGP2436 - LMT 13 single truck tramcar @ TTMS c_31Oct2007.JPG
LMT 132 viewsLaunceston single truck tramcar at TTMS c 31 October 2007.Aug 24, 2017
6617AO4 viewsCole’s Coaches Scania K320IB/Coach Design entering Footscray Road heading for Southern Cross Station, on Geelong Rail 20/8/2017.Aug 24, 2017
6047AO5 viewsCole’s Coaches MAN 18.280/Coach Design at Dudley and Ackerley Sts about to enter Southern Cross Station, on Geelong Rail 20/8/2017.Aug 24, 2017
JDD 8564 viewsFrankston Passenger Service (3) Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Comair at the depot in 1987.Aug 24, 2017
MO 03644 viewsPurtill, Deniliquin (22) Mercedes O303-2/Austral ex KP 2022; ex C42FT; ex Tolu Pty Ltd t/a New Wrights, Cheltenham, VIC DNO 783, in Melbourne on a theatre tour in 1991. Since reregd MO 6531 and then 2786 MO.Aug 24, 2017