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Random files - Monthly Photos
Yarra 148158 viewsYarra Z2 class tram (148) in AOA for Melbourne Polytrchnic 15th April 2016.
1964 AO359 viewsA 1998, Mercedes Benz 0405NH/Custom Coaches "550" posed in the depot on a BCSV Tour. This is one of two Broadmeadows Buses repainted into Kastoria livery & has been renumbered from (5) to (505)
7093 MO365 viewsCompass Tours have scooped up the last three unregistered buses at Harris Park Transport. The last two were registered just in time to operate western rail a few weekends ago. This is a Hino CG277/Custom Coaches ex Harris Park Transport Pty Ltd m/o 8170.
980 EEN1010 viewsPart of Brisbanes Fleet Articulated bus fleet, is (980) Volvo B10M, with Volgren body operating a Busway service. It was withdrawn in June 2009 after 21 years of service.

m/o 92011159 viewsVeolia Transport (401) Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST heading to Campsie Station, operating a rail bus.
UQB 062130 viewsEight vehicles were hired from PATH Transit over the two days of this tour (27th and 28th January 2013) for the Renault Tour and Volvo Tour. As seen, 62 (Renault PR100.2/Porter) leads the line up and is prepared for departure.
WNO 173186 viewsSouthlink (3311) Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren CR224L – owned by ATE – in special livery at Glen Osmaond 14/1/2015.
TV 1131165 viewsApple City Tours, Orange Denning Landseer ex (NT) mo 114; ex TV 1131; ex Down Under Tours (not delivered), in 2017. Contributed by Peter.

Last additions - Monthly Photos
6072AO420 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Monbulk (1113) Scania K94IB/Volgren at the Shrine on a school charter 13th April 2016.Apr 05, 2018
1509AO412 viewsMcHarry’s Bus Lines, Geelong (9) MAN 18.310/Coach Design at the Shrine on a school charter 15th April 2016.Apr 05, 2018
BS00DJ345 viewsGrandcity Tours Fuso Rosa on the Monsh Freeway 29th February 2016.Apr 04, 2018
1564AC390 viewsWalters Group, Euroa MAN 18.360/Coach Concepts near Nagambie on a charter 19th March 2016.Apr 04, 2018
4456AO418 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Dandenong (456) Volvo B10M/Volgren at Box Hill on metro emergency rail 8th April 2016.Apr 03, 2018
1784AO379 viewsHarley’s Bus Lines, Korumburra Mitsubishi Rosa/MMC at the Queen Victoria Markets 13th April 2016.Apr 03, 2018
1058AO369 viewsDriver Coaches (58) Denning Landseer – GM ex ESJ 158 Melbourne - Brighton Bus Lines/Melbright Coaches, Elwood, heading for MSAC 24 June 2011. Apr 02, 2018
1227AO389 viewsMoorabbin Transit/Grenda (606) Volvo B7R/Autobus ex Nuline Charter at MSAC at MSAC 24 June 2011. Has retained fleet number and rego with Ventura.Apr 02, 2018