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m/o 5421170 viewsSt Ives Bus Service (11) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/PMC 160. It went Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd m/o 5421 6/7/98 - Sold to Oliveri's Metro-Link Bus Lines (Oliveri Transport Services Pty Ltd), Green Valley as (26) m/o 5421; Deregd 10/5/14.
Buses in Victoria 005.jpg
VR BUSES & MARK 1111096 viewsBuses on emergency duty at Princes Gate.
No trains- city - Joliment 27th April 1975.
WAG 8591 and 1EDI845103 viewsRear view of ex Perth Buses (591) Leyland Worldmaster/Howard Porter on the left and (499) Mercedes Benz O305/Howard Porter on the right – 20 years difference, at the Motor Museum of Perth (located in Whiteman Park) special run, in commemoration of Maurice Brockwell 9/11/2014. Photo from Off the Rails.
img349 - Volvo B59 [PMC-SA] STA NO_1053 [TA-053] @ Marion SC [2nd Marion Terminus site - Southern side].jpg
TA 05326 viewsSTA Adelaide (1053) Volvo B59/PMCSA at Marion SC [2nd Marion Terminus site - Southern side].
m/o 4149337 viewsToongabbie Passenger Transport (30) Hino RC420/PMC ex Seven Hills Bus Service m/o 4149 1/7/79. To Westbus 19/12/88 – Further disposal unknown.
522 CGO243 viewsBayside Bus Service (29) Leyland Leopard/Domino ex 230 OIY, in 1991.
UYL 639138 viewsKey Tours Hino (ex Perth?) in 1990.
MTT 38 Volvo B58.jpg
GT 6863641 viewsMetro Tasmania 38 Volvo B58 (Smithfield) @ Mornington. Believed to have stayed in Hobart until sold.

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m/o 2879 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR221L" ex (132), ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 287; ex m/o 7822; ex Carbridge Pty Ltd (15), turning into Kiora Road, Miranda 19/1/2017.Jan 21, 2017
u/r5 viewsLevers, Queanbeyan SAAB/Centurion on display at a bus show. Centralian photo.Jan 21, 2017
XMN 1869 viewsTorrens Transit (1234) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches “CB60A with a new rear style ad 30/9/2007.Jan 21, 2017
img466 - Mercedes-Benz 0305 [PMC-SA] STA 1517 [STA-517] .jpg
STA 5172 viewsSTA Adelaide (1517) Mercedes O305/PMCSA on route 552.Jan 21, 2017
img467 - Mercedes-Benz 0305 [PMC-SA] STA 1527 [STA-527] @ Victoria Square.jpg
STA 5272 viewsSTA Adelaide (1527) Mercedes O305/PMCSA at Victoria Square.Jan 21, 2017
m/o 82159 viewsDions Bus Service, Fairy Meadow Hino CM277K/PMC at the depot in 1997.Jan 21, 2017
999 PTX3 viewsWhitsunday Transit, Proserpine MAN SG220/Goppell at Shute Harbour in 2000.Jan 21, 2017
m/o 376911 viewsSydney Buses (3769) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" in TNSW livery back at Kingsgrove depot and back with black on yellow plates, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 19/1/2017.Jan 20, 2017