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TV 3076418 viewsBankstown Coaches MAN 24.420/Coach Design ex Progressive Excavations Pty Ltd t/a Bronzewing Tours, Tahmoor TV 3076 by 11/04; ex Aerostar Tours, Hinchinbrook TV 3076; ex TC 3156, ex Pinnacle Tours, Myaree, WA (26) TC 3156, in Canberra 24/9/2014.
1580AO218 viewsMcHarrys (80) MAN 24.420/Austral Pacific "Majestic" ex PFG480, in North Terrace, Adelaide 13/5/2016.
WKE 368119 viewsDaylink, Bendigo (1) MAN 24.420/Volgren on a service to Bendigo in 2000.
TV 3750184 viewsOn Course Tours, Terrey Hills MAN 24.420/Volgren ex Firefly Coaches Pty Ltd, Maidstone, VIC (2) 0702 SO (unused) 6/05; ex Daylink, Bendigo (2) 0702 SO 1/2/05; ex QXF 177; ex (SA) WKH 793, at the Alpha Hotel Canberra, Greenway 19/9/2017.
TV 4016234 viewsK&R Coaches MAN 24.420 14.5m/Coach Design ex Imperial Pacific Coaches, Gold Coast, QLD 560 HWJ; ex Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD; ex Kiama Coachlines TV 2723; ex SC Tours TV 2723; ex Goldrush, Kargoolie, WA TC 8216.
MAN volgren 71WBC at Lowood 24 Sept 2012 jpg 2.jpg
71 WBC509 viewsWestside Bus Company (71) MAN 24.420/Volgren CR221TX with manual 8 speed shift, at Lowood 24 Sept 2012 on Railbus route 529. Received from Derek Orford.
963 HKR483 viewsMt Gravatt Bus Service (Kirk) MAN 24.420/NCBC on standby rail overflow at Helensvale Station 12 Apr 2018. Ex (C53F), ex (405), (350) MO 9365, Kirkland's Omnibus Service, Lismore, NSW, 12/03, ex (1) MO 9365, Picton Coaches, Picton, NSW, 29/3/00.

MO 9381256 viewsPicton Coaches (5) MAN 24.420 HOCL/Northcoast. Sold from the Buslines Group to Mt Gravatt Bus Service Pty Ltd, Burbank as (Scotty) 885 HAS 12/03.
3330AO119 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (30) MAN 24.420/Coach Design at St.Huberts Winery on a Grape Grazing tour in 2007.
3346AO118 viewsSunbury Coaches/ Coach Tours of Australia (46) MAN 24.420/Coach Design in Franklin St. in Melbourne City in 2007.
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