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m/o 4755329 viewsABC Coachlines Bedford SB5/PMC ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley m/o 4755 9/87. Sold at Auction 10/4/89.
m/o 7172323 viewsABC Coachlines Bedford VAM70 (UF) – 330/PMC ex Briens Bus Service, Leichardt m/o 7172 1/8/87; ex KCP 884; ex Marrickville Bus Lines / Orana Tours m/o 4025; ex Sampsons Tours Pty Ltd, Bomaderry MO 3191. Sold at auction 10/4/89 to St Marys Truck Sales (Edgar Wright).
TV 406 and m/o 7666393 viewsABC Coachlines Denning Mono - GM 6v71 ex VIP Charters, Jannali; ex Chester Coaches Pty Ltd, Chester Hill, NSW TV 727; ex Yellowline Coaches, WA; ex South Western Coachlines (Max Holman), Jannali ISD 357; ex Western Roadliners Pty Ltd, Parkes; ex Sampsons Tours Pty Ltd, Nowra TV 633. Sold at auction 10/4/89 to City Truck and Bus Centre, Ascot Vale, VIC and Bedford VAM70/CVI - see fleet list for history.
MO 8995239 viewsApple City Tours Denning Denflex on a visit to Sydney during the 1980’s It has been reregd 3180 MO.
BL 256292 viewsBankstown Coaches MAN 7.80FOC / Smithfield. It was reregd TV 705 then sold to McKay, Gladstone as MO 7210. Then sold to Cavanagh Kempsey with business. Then sold to Brad Loxton, Seaton, SA as VNL 329.
Line Up.261 viewsA line up of the Blue Ribbon Coaches, Hunter Valley buses.
Line Up.351 viewsA line up of the Blue Ribbon Coaches, Hunter Valley buses including two ex UTA Leyland Atlantean/PMC’s.
MO 001 and MO 1983454 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (51) Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 1811 and (85) MAN SL200/CAC ex (R83); ex ACTION, Canberra, ACT (459) ZIB 459 - the latter withdrawn for parts.
Blue Ribbon326 viewsMO 1914 Mercedes O305/PMC ex UTA 1794.
MO 1925 Mercedes O305/PMC ex UTA 1810.
MO 0669 Hino RG197K.
MO 1877460 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (5) MCA –Cummins L10/MCA which saw subsequent service with various other operators in NSW and Qld before being retired from Dorrigo Bus Service in December 2013.
MO 5202290 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (121) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex (M22); ex DP49F; ex Hunter Valley Coaches, Maitland MO 5202, still in Hunter Valley livery.
TV 454313 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches Austral HD1 at the 1989 Bus Show.
TV 455316 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (5) Denning Landseer ex Hunter Valley Coaches.
TV 613328 viewsBlue Ribbin Coaches (78) Denning Denair 6v92 ex (2); ex (M2); ex RC49F; ex NHX 727; ex Hunter Valley Coaches, Maitland NHX 727.
TV 917256 viewsCarmichael, Bungonia Mercedes O303/Ansair, ex KXF 274. Deregd 14/10/06 & stored.
m/o 6388272 viewsBeattie's Bus Service – Wollongong (Corrimal Coaches) Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches.
Lineup.215 viewsLineup of Deanes Coaches Leyland Nationals in the mid 80’s.
Lineup.224 viewsLineup of Deanes Coaches Leyland Nationals in the mid 80’s.
Lineup.211 viewsLineup of Deanes Coaches Leyland Nationals in the mid 80’s.
m/o 950219 viewsDeanes Coaches Leyland National in the mid 80’s. Sold to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (652) 652 PSJ (QLD) - Replaced by 4/92.
m/o 5473197 viewsDeanes Coaches Leyland National in the mid 80’s. Sold to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (650) 650 PSJ (QLD) - Withdrawn in 1991 & sold to an unknown buyer, possibly Orana Film Transport, Gold Coast, QLD
TV 915?301 viewsDelwood Coaches, Villawood Denning Denair.
m/o 792436 viewsDural Busways m/o 792 Leyland Tiger/PMC Progress - withdrawn at Hunter Valley Buses, Morisset 1/2011 after having operated with Blue Ribbon Bus Co – later Hunter Valley Buses
MO 0994925 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Scania K92/PMC which subsequently operated with Peninsula Bus Lines.
MO ?223 viewsLeyland Atlantean/Weymann ex Newcastle on Tyne, which operated in the Gosford district.
MO 9321509 viewsSeargents, Wyong (91) Hino/CC. This operation was taken over by Busways but it is not known if this bus was included.
TV 515246 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches MAN/Austral Tourmaster.
MO 9911?237 viewsFrom a Central Coast NSW operator, possibly Davis of Ourimbah.
MO 0247708 viewsBrisbane Water Coaches Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/PMC which went to Peninsula Buslines and then Busways as (393) then Sold to Rambler Tours Pty Ltd, Preston, VIC as (92) NLO 992 23/1/96; then to Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads as (547) MO 5660 -/02 (converted to B55F), renumbered 3837 MO 9/08; Withdrawn and stored at Bustech -/09.
MO 1236715 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines Scania K92CR/Custom Coaches which went to Busways – then to various Queensland operators – finally Bowen Transport, Bowen as (12) 561 CZO.
MO 7695247 viewsPyes Bus Service, Gosford IBC Cat/Nambucca.
MO 027736 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines Scania K92CR/PMC. To Busways then traded to Scania Australia 10/11/99 & sold to Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla as MO 4921; then to Sussex Inlet Bus Service (Raymask Pty Ltd) as MO 4921 1/7/01; then to Buslink, Sunshine Coast, QLD as (53) 597 IBA -/03; Withdrawn by 9/11.
MO 9650?256 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service.
u/r438 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches – Heatherbrae Isuzu LT1-11P/MCA. There were two such units m/o 3527 and MO 2682 both of which went to King Bros and then sold to Mackay Transit Coaches, Paget Qld,
Lineup306 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches – Heatherbrae. Lineup of four of their buses in the early nineties.
MO 8680299 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches – Heatherbrae Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches ex Sid Fogg & Son Pty Ltd, Newcastle MO 8680 1/7/89; ex Bulahdelah Bus Co MO 8680. Deregd for sale by 2/93.
TV 2136418 viewsGreat Lakes Coaches – Heatherbrae MCA - Cummins L10/MCA, To King Bros (Port Macquarie depot). Sold to LTD Coaches, Southport, QLD as 063 GPF, then Imperial Pacific Coaches, Southport as 063 GPF, then Original Tours, Brendale as (4) 063 GPF.
m/o 7469337 viewsHadfield's, Engadine Leyland Tiger/PMC, back operating in the same area for Skennar's by 2009, after passing through several operators in NSW's north after the takeover by Southtrans.
TV 913304 viewsHawkesbury Valley Coaches (Kirkpatrick) Austral Tourmaster.
m/o 505387 viewsHighway Tours Leyland Leopard / Plaxton Panorama Elite III - rebodied by Custom Coaches in 1991 to become m/o 054 which passed on through various operators where it was reregd m/o 8994 with Transit First and was withdrawn by Veolia Transport in 2008.
m/o 125485 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service Hino
MO 0201475 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark I (3679) which saw subsequent service as (3) 578 AAY with Dixon, Cairns Qld.
MO 0201523 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark I (3679) which saw subsequent service as (3) 578 AAY with Dixon, Cairns Qld.
MO 7230472 viewsHiglett’s Motor Coach Service AEC Merlin ex London.
TV 763598 viewsHiglett's Motor Coach Denning
m/o 5383322 viewsHopkinsons Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R/Austral Rebody ex Southdown Motor Services, UK (1806) RUF806H. Sold to Berwick Bus Lines, Officer, VIC as (31) DPH 931 and later rereg NCV 931. Resold to West Caring Bus Service, QLD as 893 DJZ and then to Beef City Coaches, Rockhampton as 893 DJZ. Resold to K Dodd, Maryborough.
m/o 5645297 viewsHopkinsons Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R/Austral Rebody ex Southdown Motor Services, UK (1804) RUF805H original body - (Duple 221/2 - 3/70). Sold to Martyrs Bus Lines, Lillydale, VIC as (41) EKD 341 and later rereg 0041 AO. Resold to Wallace, Ulverstone, TAS.
TV 328306 viewsHopkinsons Denning Denair ex Fellowes Bus Service, Swansea TV 615. Sold to Dyson, Bundoora, VIC as DFM 446 12/87, then Nuline Bus Service, Bentleigh as (102) ESO 428 - Sold to Mullens (dlr) 8/01
TV 329304 viewsHopkinsons Denning Denair in the late 1980's, Sold to Kingston's Coach Tours, Stawell, VIC as ERM 539 and later rereg 3408 AO.
TV 776592 viewsKoala Tours (the coach arm of the Hornsby Bus Group/Shorelink) Denning.
Howarth's, Crookwell MO 7902378 viewsMO 7902 Bedford BLP2 / Custom Coaches (7/10/76). Sold to Pitt's Bus Service, Taralga as MO 7902 with Crookwell - Myanga Creek contract early-1994.
HZM 672344 viewsHunter Valley Coaches Denning.
TV 543237 viewsHunter Valley Coaches Denning Denair. They had two of these with this registration at different times - dont know which one this is.
MO 5202252 viewsHunter Valley Coaches Leyland Tiger/PMC. It became (121) with Blue Ribbon Coaches. Then sold to Belrose Bus Lines as BR66RX. Sold to KJ O'Toole t/a Ocean View Coaches, Cromer as TV 505 5/13; Withdrawn after an accident 10/13 & sent to scrap 24/10/13
?228 viewsHunter Valley Coaches ?
?237 viewsHunter Valley Coaches ?
?209 viewsHunter Valley Coaches ?
?297 viewsHunter Valley Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex UTA.
SC 691413 viewsStuarts Coaches, Nowra Domino DC122 - GM 8v92/Domino on a visit to Sydney in the 1980’s. It was reregd TV 920. Possibly the coach which has been converted to a motorhome as RM 174.
MO 1184335 viewsNewcombe, Gloucester MCA - Cummins L10/MCA on a visit to Sydney during Expo 88. It was reregd TV 428 Sold to Holiday Coast Tours, Port Macquarie as TV 428, then to French's Coaches, Dalby, QLD as 158 HQW.
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