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MO 71701770 viewsNowra Coaches deregd Volvo B10ML / Fuji ex Bathurst Coaches, NSW, ex (383) Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, Qld.
5571AO187 viewsCDC Melbourne (71) Irisbus Metro/Volgren ex Driver, on the Monash Freeway 15th August 2016.
ex m/o 19231879 views30 Years Of O305's in Sydney Tour. Ex Sydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 1923 in original livery.
TV 9121124 viewsMoores Tours, Blakehurst Mercedes 815D/Alan B Denning Vario ex Westside Christian College, Goodna, QLD (6)0 405 IKP; ex I Johnstone, Calen 505 EYL, signwritten for St George Christian School, in Bellingara Road, Miranda 28/4/2017.
EF 57 OXF129 viewsThames Travel Mercedes 0530 Citaro (864) in Connector livery. Oxford 5 Nov 2015.
TV 4801439 viewsGood Az Gold Denning Denflex - CAT ex Shire Coaches (Formquay Pty Ltd), Heathcote TV 4801; ex Kangaroo Bus Lines, Morayfield, QLD (17) 626 KSK 2/08; ex KBL 17, on Windsor Rd. Rouse Hill.
333 BVK251 viewsBrisbane Transport (333) Volvo B10M mk3 /Austral Metroliner at Chermside, Brisbane November 2014 together with Volgren Optimus bodied E2118,
MWE347238 viewsMetbus #347 at Footscray Depot. Graeme Bennett collection
2016-06-16 11_04_35.jpg
m/o 8634147 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex (315), ex Transit First (10), in Jackson Ave, Miranda 16/6/2016.
MCC 50107 viewsMcCafferty’s (350) Denning Landseer in Gold livery.
m/o 3761168 viewsSydney Buses (3761) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" back on black on yellow plates, at Bankstown Central 14/7/2017.
0442AO162 viewsMansfield/Mt.Buller Buslines (42) Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 2225 is seen here leaving the top drop off point to head back down for another load in August 2007.
m/o 4580609 viewsCaringbah Bus Service Bedford BLP2/PMC in 1991. A rare VOV style body on a Bedford.
TV 579110 viewsHawkesfords Luxury Coaches (49) Mercedes O303-3 with an Austral Denning Majestic body, ex Australian Scenic Tours, on rail at night in March 2008.
m/o 1010860 viewsFrom the Hillsbus/Glenorie Bus fleet, is this Volvo B10M/CC ex m/o 4401 operating a former Harris Park service. Despite showing 628 Epping Station, this bus was actually heading to North Carlingford.
u/r533 viewsSeen doing a test run near the Irizar Factory in Dandenong is this Scania Irizar for Sid Fogg's in Newcastle Knights Livery. It was subsequently registered TV 6848.

2035 MO 331 viewsSkennars Mercedes-Benz O305/Coachworks "Orana" ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Raleigh (689) 2035 MO 29/4/10; ex MO 2164; ex King Bros (24) - Rebody of PMC 188 6/78 (rego & fleet number same prior to rebody); ex (24); ex OJ's MO 2164; ex King's Bus Service (24) MO 2164; ex STA 1953, in Sanderson St, Wanda Beach 30/7/2013.
VYW 674333 viewsCorstonsCoaches Denning Landseer ex (48) TV 1585 Berrima Coaches, Mittagong, N.S.W.-ex (178) m/o 481 Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Vic., at Two Wells 4/5/2014.
4550AO114 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Moorabbin (550) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren in Jasper Road, Bentleigh on rail replacement 25th June 2016.
KP 19461210 viewsPurtill's KP 1946, a Mercedes O500RF with NCBC "Protege" bodywork, is seen on a damp day in the Riverina operating a Countrylink service to Echuca. Later regd 2750 MO.
2214 ST232 viewsSTA Sydney Buses (2214)
Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNG/Custom Coaches 'CB60 Evo II'

Seen at Parramatta Interchange 7/8/13
2361 17-7.jpg
VTO 740760 viewsSouthlink (2361) MAN SG280H/PMCSA Commuter.
TD 215 m_o 9205.jpg
m/o 9205241 viewsTransdev NSW South (215)
Scania L94UB/Bustech

Seen doing Light Rail Replacement 14/9/13
7630AO1718 viewsNew for Ventura is (124) 7630AO Coach Concepts Mercedes OH1830 School & Charter Coach. Seen here yet to receive fleet numbers Jan 2010.

mo 3518348 viewsBuslink Darwin (105) Mercedes OH1830/Bustech "Graduate" ex mo 3127, in Darwin 3/4/2013. It is signwritten for Buslink Vivo the joint mine operation with Transdev,
m/o 4585443 viewsWoronora Bus Co Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1/PMC Rebody ex m/o 4252 (Ansair body UF17 10/58 B47F - withdrawn for rebodying 1980/ early 1981); ex Hill (dlr) -/75; ex B37D; ex Bender, Geelong, VIC (53) GNZ 054 -/75. Sold to Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd 17/8/88 as m/o 4585 and later adopted the Southtrans name and fleet number (22). Deregd 2000.
1964 AO374 viewsA 1998, Mercedes Benz 0405NH/Custom Coaches "550" posed in the depot on a BCSV Tour. This is one of two Broadmeadows Buses repainted into Kastoria livery & has been renumbered from (5) to (505)
WJI 62084 viewsTorrens Transit (1720) MAN 11.190 HOCL-NL/PMCA 160 about to commence an RZ5 roam zone in 2007.
m/o 33891203 viewsSydney Buses (3389) Mercedes O405/PMC 160 in Airport Express livery.
006 RWI802 viewsHornibrook Buslines (343) Bustech CDI passing the Brisbane General Post Office on 24 April 2012 on the last few weeks of its run on Hornibrook's 315 route to Scarborough. It is on loan from Surfside. First Australian Double Decker built by Bustech. Received from Derek Orford.
1042AO463 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (42) Denning Manufacturing Low Floor – Cat/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" which has been rebranded to Melbourne Visitor Shuttle together with new orange livery in May 2012.
XCP 744962 viewsRecent deliveries to the Adelaide Metro system are these Scania L94UA's with Custom Coaches CB60 Combo bodies. This is a unit for Serco and later Torrens Transit, given fleet number 950.
Murphys Commercials1158 viewsTwo unidentified ex Perth Leyland B21's at Murphys Commercials Sales.
211 FGD146 viewsHendo’s Bus Service, Ayr MAN SL200/Ansair ex Melbourne Buslink (222), on an afternoon school service in 2000.
025 GJT volvo volgren at Redbank 10 feb 2013 (3).jpg
025 GJT2285 viewsThompson Volvo B10M/Volgren (QLD) ex (209) 209 RZL, ex (28) 028 GJT, ex 114 HWP, Buslink, Kunda Park, QLD (HC63DTV), ex (8) 0631 AO, DFM 401, Sunraysia Transit, Mildura, VIC, ex DFM 401, Holidaymakers, Mildura, VIC, on rail replacement at Redbank 10 Feb 2013. Received from Derek Orford.
bus 89.jpg
6289AO448 viewsLatrobe Valley Buses (89) Iveco Metro C260/Volgren "CR228L"
m/o 4456288 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B58-56/Custom Coaches. Rereg m/o 8493 3/03 and sold to Blunt's Coaches (Northlander Pty Ltd), Casino as MO 5803; then to Cumberland Coachlines Pty Ltd, St Marys as (6) MO 5803 by 1/04, renumbered m/o 8697 - withdrawn for parts by 1/10; Sold to Yarramundi as a parts donor for an AEC Swift motorhome 14/3/11; then to Winston Khong (enthusiast), Sydney for preservation 4/8/12.
Action ZIB-109 Bedford VAM 5.jpg
ZIB 109992 viewsAction Canberra Bedford VAM70/PMC.
m/o 7970170 viewsVeolia Transport (143) MAN 18.232/Custom Coaches "210" ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 7970 26/11/01; ex m/o 002; ex m/o 8935, at Centro Bankstown 1/5/2013 now in TNSW livery
2405 ST445 viewsSydney Buses (2405) Scania K280UB/ CC “CB80” on Chalmers St.
AHE 864208 viewsParty Bus NZ Volvo B12 at Sunnybrook 6/9/2016.
MO 969997 viewsPriors, Batemans Bay Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches in a slightly blurry shot.
TV 4011405 viewsA recent addition to Telfords is Mercedes Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches “550” ex Noel's Minibus Hire t/a Noel's Charter, Penrith TV 4011 21/6/12; ex RH & JL Kennedy, Nowra (22) 2357 MO 8/09; ex Cavadil Pty Ltd t/a Culburra Bus & Coach Service, Culburra (19) 2357 MO 1/11/08; ex MO 289 28/8/08 - Displayed at the 1998 Bus & Coach Show.

ESI 993200 viewsTAA Ford R192 with Freighter body of 1972. Centralian photo.
YCZ 514167 viewsBerwick Bus Lines Higer Roadboss at the 2011 Busvic Maintenance Conference in July.
TV 7066175 viewsCairns City Explorer (431) Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-3 new in May 2012 in the Sydney fleet, on its delivery run from Sydney to Cairns, seen here in front of the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour 25/3/2014.
6962AO164 viewsDysons (474) a 2008, Scania K420EB/Irizar V/line Coach on the 23/08/2011.
m/o 5598157 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes O405/Volgren ex Kastoria Bus Lines (Northern Transit Holdings Pty Ltd), Westmeadow, Vic (3) 1403AO 25/1/14; ex OEU20, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 7/3/2017. Unusual to see this on route work.
UOB 661117 viewsTransAndrew Mercedes-Benz O305G / H Porter ex Transperth (661) UQB 661, having a hill climbing session.
m/o 1471246 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (174) is a Mercedes Benz O305 which was bought as part of a batch of ex STA Mk IIs when they were withdrawn from Government service. This unit is ex STA Mark II 2023.
veolia 422.jpg
m/o 9665235 viewsVeolia NSW (422)
Volvo B12BLE/CC "CB60 Evo II"
Since Re-Reg m/o 5326 - 21/9/11
Seen here in 2005 at Centro Bankstown in between runs
m/o 9948176 viewsHillsbus ScaniaK280UB/Volgren in 2011.
XHT 159119 viewsTorrens Transit (1011) Scania L94UA/Custom Coaches CB60 Combo leads a long layover of buses in the afternoon sun December 2007.
m/o 8333146 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech ex (157), ex Transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (2) m/o 8333 – shown at 2002 Bus and Coach Show, with a new University of Wollongong driver side ad, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 14/6/2017.
4826 MO417 viewsBerrima Buslines (21 Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech “VST” ex (26); ex MO 7806, in Moss Vale 10/8/2012.
Chester Hill mo 5121 Bedford VAM 5 PMCg.jpg
m/o 5121449 viewsChester Hill Bus Service Bedford VAM 5/PMC.
1145 MO151 viewsBilsborough, Bingara MAN 10.180/Austral Reg 5/8/10 ex JJ & KA Barton, Gympie, QLD 036 LEP; ex West's National Charter Coaches, Nambour, QLD 036 LEP; ex 08 WNC; ex SJ & TL Vella, Rosewood, QLD 272 HQZ; ex Brisbane City Council (BCC), Virginia, QLD (355) 355 BGH (B31D). Dereg 4/8/13 for sale.
TV 2095321 viewsHunter Valley Buses Volvo B7R/Autobus ex (44); ex Westbus (Luxury coach division), Arncliffe NSW (43) TV 2095, in the short lived gold livery for charter units, on rail at Hornsby 9/3/2008. In 2014 it was moved to the Queanbeyan operation.
m/o 3143377 viewsSydney Buses (3143) Mercedes Benz O405/PMC Mark 5 at Circular Quay.
299 osmo9140.jpg
m/o 9140356 viewsOff side view of Transdev NSW (299) BCI JXK6120AG - Cat C7 ex Caringbah Bus Service Pty Ltd, Caringbah, now all white having list its orange stripes in March 2014 – the last Caringbah bus to have done so. Photo by Underlay.
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