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IMGP2237 - Leyland Atlantean PDR1A [PMC] ex UTA Sydney mo 1194 Capt_ Fell's 1194 [EF 8370] @ Battery Point, Hobart c_25Oct2007_JPG.jpg
EF 8370188 viewsCaptain Fell’s Hobart Town Bus Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/PMC ex UTA Sydney (1194) m/o 1194 at Battery Point, Hobart c 23 October 2007.
1191AO238 viewsNational Bus Co (293) MAN SL200/Ansair Mk2 ex (353), ex FKM327 on St Kilda tram replacement 14 June 2011.
C 4995874 viewsEnviro500 on Queensland Conditional registration around Sydney 26 April 2008.
img091 - MMTB W1 431.jpg
MMTB 431156 viewsMMTB Class W1 tram (431) in the Cavalcade of historic trams, staged to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Swanston Street's electrification on April 20th, 1995.
1013AO428 viewsDriver Bus Lines (13) Denning Manufacturing/Denning Phoenix at the Bus Vic Expo at Mooney Valley.
2016-04-27 11_45_07.jpg
m/o 9194201 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B10M Mk IV/Custom Coaches "510" ex (115), ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley m/o 9194, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 27/4/2016 with driver side ad for Cincotta Chemist.
m/o 8731170 viewsThe last of the old style Bustech bodies built is Veolia Transport (219) Scania L94UB/Bustech, seen here wearing all over advertising for Club Menai in 2009.
?205 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Service. A shot of the Megalong Road site in 2007. Centralian photo.
0355AO200 viewsMBL 355 Volvo B10BLE/Volgren "CR222L" at Sandringham Station
WJP 545164 viewsTorrens Transit (905) MAN SL200/PMCSA Commuter ex Serco, on driverf training duties at Golden Grove Village 6/11/2006.
m/o 8315184 viewsInterline Bus Service (30) Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex ACTION (820) BUS 820 in Interline livery, outside the depot workshops in January 2009. Withdrawn by 5/14.
5912AO527 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (412) 5912AO Scania K230UB/Volgren "CR228L"
971596 viewsMelbourne Trams
TV 1371437 viewsBurke's Coaches Autobus - ex Doherty's Coaches TV 1371, still in Doherty livery.
7112AO 180 viewsBacchus Marsh Coaches-Coach Tours of Australia (85) Volvo B7R/Marco Polo on the Monash Freeway 10 August 2016.
TV 7237140 viewsMurrays Coaches (251) BCI JXK6137 "Explorer" ex MO302 (ACT), ex TV5223 (NSW), parked near the National Art Gallery, Canberra 23/2/2017.
m/o 7680232 viewsTransdev NSW South (97)
Volvo B10M Mk III/Custom Coaches "200"
ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (97) m/o 7680 9/99.

Seen at Bankstown Interchange, still with Veolia Transport branding 7/8/13
6058AO292 viewsDysons (396) Mercedes 0500RF x 3 13.5m/Coach Design seen in Melbourne on a V/line service 16th Apr 2016.
2483 ST163 viewsSydney Buses (2483) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" in Jackson Ave, Miranda 3/2/2017.
UQB684291 viewsTransperth (684) Mercedes O405/Porter has returned to service with Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome) by 03.08.2010 dedicated to school services showing TransBroome, seen turning onto Frederick St.
WPG 913516 viewsChristensens Bus & Coach of Woodford Qld were operating this BCI Hybrid demonstrator which departs Tullawong High at 3pm daily.

img806 - Pinetree Tours @ NI Airport.jpg
?99 viewsPinetree Tours vehicle at Norfolk Island Airport in the nineties.
m/o 2001133 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L ex (473), in Metrobus livery, at Bankstown Central 11/8/2017.
Lineup333 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Servive linup from left - Bedford Vam 70 CCMC of 1973 MO5774; Bedford BLP2/Isuzu CCMC of 1978 MO9477; MO 3540 ex MTT Perth. Centralian photo.
7257AO666 viewsVentura (634) a 2008, MAN16.240/Desginline in Smartbus livery. Seen in the depot just before heading off to Altona.
2003 Bus Show737 viewsScania K94IB/CC 'SB40' for Perrett's, Werris Creek. Was regd MO 7777 and advertised for sale 24/04/08 through Omnibus Sales & Service.
QOCS Tour274 viewsOne of the photos taken on the QOCS Tour conducted on Saturday February 22nd 2014 to the premises of Coach Concepts, Coach Design, Coachworks and Denning Manufacturing. Inside Denning Manufacturing was a new Phoenix in build.
YFW 956216 viewsWestfields Sports High School Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2399 in the Sports Centre in The Boulevarde, Caringbah 27/6/2013. Looks much the same as in the ABP 2006 photo.
TV 377156 viewsBankstown Coaches Mercedes O305/PMC ex TV 5013; ex STA Mk II 2276. Deregd by 5/9/09. Seen departing the Optus complex at Macquarie Park November 2007.
BS01PL209 viewsBayside Coaches, Moorabbin (41) Volvo B13R/Coach Concepts on a V/Line service on the Monash Freeway 1st March 2016.
Eggins Taree MO5205 Ley Atlantean MCW 2g.jpg
MO 5205481 viewsEggins Taree Leyland/Atlantean/MCW ex Ribble 1971
TP 3029114 viewsPath Transit (3029) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L, on a quick afternoon tour 28 January 2013 – seen here at Old Mill.
2016-06-14 11_48_39.jpg
2589 ST185 viewsSydney Buses (2589) Scania K280UB/Bustech VST in Jackson Ave, Miranda 14/6/2016.
5885AO196 viewsWestrans - Western Coach Services - CDC Group (99) Scania K93CR/Autobus ex (212) 708EMG (QLD) Oz Experience (Kiwi Experience), Sydney, NSW, parked at Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.
CAT 18139 viewsTransdev (18) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG / Volgren CR228L on Red CAT. This bus has recently had Mobitec Flip Dot (and seven segment route number) destination displays fitted, replacing its previous Hanover equipment.
TV 4456127 viewsLegend Shopper Tours (Revline Auto Tech - Luddenham) Austral Tourmaster ex Surfers Paradise Coaches 189 EOE, on a shopping tour in Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah 18/7/2013. Rego expired 19/3/14 & Sold for a motorhome 4/14.
MO 213393 viewsTamworth Coaches (23) Nissan RB13S/Custom Coaches returning to the depot after a school service in 2003.
MO 4605313 viewsMoruya Bus Service "Pioneer" Bedford BLP2/CC ex Pioneer, Bexley m/o 8391; ex Horrell Wollongong m/o 6233; ex Cooma Coaches. Sold for a camper at St Marys as AF71WB -/03.
m/o 71601309 viewsHillsbus Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk II/Custom Coaches '510'
TV 4780126 viewsTelfords (3005) Scania K310UB/Higer A30 ex CD51NW by 21/9/15; ex Scania demonstrator purchased approx 8/15; First reg 7/5/15, in the Kingsway, Miranda 12/7/2017.

m/o 650291 viewsTransdev NSW (159) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/ABM "CB60" still branded Veolia Transport, ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (4) m/o 650; ex m/o 8448; ex King Bros undelivered, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 6/8/2013.
Volvo Hybrid 1901 ATDB master - Copy.jpg
SB79HK372 viewsTorrens Transit (1901) Volvo B5RH/Volgren CR228L – Hybrid Bus trial, photoshopped into free City Connector livery by operator541.
MO 7643119 viewsSawtell Bus Service, Coffs Harbour Bedford YMT3/Custom Coaches returning from a school service in 1987.
MET 174999 viewsMetro Tasmania Scania N113 VOV2/Ansair Tas pictured at Burnie
TP 1572499 viewsSwan Transit (1572) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" in Riverton.
TC 607297 viewsCarbridge Perth (26) MAN 16.220/Designline in 2010.
m/o 6632 162 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex (313), ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (8) m/o 8632, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 4/1/2018 with driver side ad for Wolf Creek.
IMG_6429 - Volvo B10M [PMCSA] Franklins TAS [DD 7722] @ Queenstown c_10Oct2016.JPG
DD 7722162 viewsFranklins, Tasmania Volvo B10M/PMCSA at Queenstown c 10 October 2016.
m/o 7131157 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches on the Pacific Highway, about to make the turn towards Artarmon on rail August 2008.
XMU 144284 viewsTorrens Transit (1320) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches CB60 at Adelaide Airport 10/11/2014.
m/o 3346133 viewsSydney Buses (3346) Randwick based Mercedes O405/PMC Mark V" on Youth Pilgrim shuttle to Randwick Racecourse 19/7/2008.
m/o 1598161 viewsSydney Buses (1598) Volvo B12BLE Euro 3/Custom Coaches CB60 in Kiora Road, Miranda 22/12/2016.
TP1859227 viewsPath Transit (12859) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren exits Murdoch I/C on a 99 Circle 12/4/2012.
4767 MO369 viewsPremier Illawarra BCI low floor in the Gong Shuttle Livery in the Keira/Burelli/Corrimal St area. It is ex MO 7941.
TV 3045123 viewsTravelon Coaches, Ingleburn Volvo B10M – Cummins M11/Volgren Qld ex LC45/9FT; Reg 28/2/01 ex Once In A Lifetime Tours, Queens Park, WA (6) TC 2575 2/01; ex Australian Pacific Tours Pty Ltd, Hampton, VIC (81) TC 2575 -/93; ex DCG 360, on rail at Penrith 1/6/2008.
IMG_5117 - Transperth 1899 Volgren CR228L Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG [TP 1899] @ Mitchell Freeway c_31Mar2016.JPG
TP 1899191 viewsTransperth (1899) Mercedes O500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L at Mitchell Freeway c 31 March 2016.
m/o 402465 viewsBosnjak’s Edensor ParkBedford/CCMC.
1021AO510 viewsDriver / Gray Line (21) Denning Silver Phoenix.

BUS 506457 viewsAction, Canberra (506) Scania K360UA/Custom Coaches CB80 Combo seen here arriving at Civic, Canberra 14/9/12. This is the first of the new artics to enter service.
8447AO241 viewsSunshine Tours, Deer Park West Scania K124EB/Coach Design on Geelong V/Line replacement 22nd Jan 2017.
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