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TV 465226 viewsRyan’s Bathurst Leyland Tiger 3 axle/Denning.
m/o 7995308 viewsVeolia Transport (201) Scania L94UB/Bustech in the Bankstown Interchange layover area 30/9/2011.
H371166 viewsTrans Adelaide H type tram at Glenelg 17/11/1999 with Bendigo tram (19).
135 16-12mo1968.jpg
m/o 19681336 viewsShorelink Iveco Metro/ Volgren "CR228L" unit 135 is passed at Hornsby by Unit 77 m/o 8646 - A very very nice Mercedes Benz O405NH with Bustech body. Pretty much every livery the Merc has worn has really suited this body!
UQB 635117 viewsPath Transit (635) Renault PR100.2/HPorter doing a 344 to Ballajura.
2016-01-12 13_29_19.jpg
m/o 5400167 viewsSydney Coachlines Bedford BLP2/Custom Coaches ex MO 8725; ex IJ & PJ Ison, Wardell MO 8725, in Elouera Road at Cronulla Golf Club awaiting return to Bankstown on the council summer surf service, 12/1/2016.
Volvo B10M V335 chermside  14 5 13.jpg
335 BVK439 viewsBrisbane Transport (V335) Volvo B10M/Austral Pacific 9.6 lt Turbo Diesel mid mounted. Non low floor with stairs at entrance. At Chermside 14 5 13. Received from Derek Orford.
VTI 932107 viewsTorrens Transit (1970) MAN SG280H/PMCSA Commuter at the Waterworld pool, with the desto blanked out for “Where is it?” purposes.
UEO 182142 viewsTransit Plus (3304) Volvo B01M/Fuji ex 304, ex UEO 182 Mount Barker Passenger Service, Mount Barker, S.A.-ex UEO 182 Briscoes, Adelaide, S.A.-ex Tsukaba Expo, Japan, in the Adelaide Hills for the Oakbank Racing Carnival 10 April 2007, backing over a small hill to park. Withdrawn in 2011.
BT2163VolvoBr7eevVolgrenOptimusChermside22 2 2015 (3).jpg
593 VFG317 viewsBrisbane Transport (2163) Volvo B7RLE eev/Volgren Optimus at Chermside 22 2 2015.
m/o 7714159 viewsWestbus Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 510 on rail 1/6/2008 at Penrith. Since operating with Hillsbus in Transport for NSW livery.
BCI Hybrid Low Floor at Melbourne Bus Link661 viewsMelbourne Bus Link have a BCI Hybrid Low Floor at on loan.
It has not been used on route service, and we'll most likely not get used in route service.
TV 7730359 viewsInterior shot of Australia Wide Coaches (124) Bustech CDi - Cummins ISL in Grayline livery for the Blue Mountains Day Tour, 5/5/2016. Possibly only Bustech CDi to be done as a touring coach.
TV 6615168 viewsBendy Bus Bankstown (Nelsons) Mercedes O305G/PMC ex Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (95) TV 6615 via Auction 28/10/11; Reg 25/5/11 ex STA (2557) m/o 2557, in Mitchell Road near Wanda Beach 24/5/2017.
TP 2300 279 viewsPath Transit (2302) Volvo B7RLE/ Volgren "CR228L" in Bayswater playing around with destos.
Fords Greta MO 3679 Ley RT Propertsg.jpg
MO 3679554 viewsFords Greta Leyland Royal Tiger/Properts
FU CT312106 viewsMercedes coach operated by Neukam Reba at Nuremburg wharf 11/6/2014
MTT 522_ Bedford 7SB [CAC] @ Burnie depot - c_1968.jpg
MTT 522673 viewsMetro Tasmania (522) Bedford 7SB [CAC] @ Burnie depot - c_1968.
It was purchased new by Norton's Motors in December 1958 as their bus 22, renumbered 522 when MTT purchased Norton's in 1959. This bus operated TAA's passenger coach service between Burnie and Wynyard airport, as well as charter work, until sold in 1972.
2016-08-12 09_01_42.jpg
Pacific Aria135 viewsPO Cruise ship at Cairns 12/8/2016.
m/o 1581208 viewsSydney Buses (1581) Volvo B12BLE Euro 3/Custom Coaches “CB60” transferred from Pert Botany to Kingsgrove in march and then to Tempe in May, in Kiora Road, Miranda 15/10/2013.
Yarra 202679 viewsYarra Trams (2026) B2 class on a Tennis Shuttle in January 2008 in advertising livery for Garnier a sponsor of the Tennis.
m/o 7988 363 viewsLiverpool Transport Co Isuzu LT1/11P/CC in 1998.
u/r92 viewsVolvo B10M MkIII/Custom Coaches at the 1990 Bus and Coach Show.
TV 846310 viewsManly Bus Service IBC/Custom Coaches, sold to Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay 2/2/94.
UPC 017171 viewsHolidaymakers Denning Landseer-GM seen on the Highway to Kakadu National Park in 1989.
8264AO151 viewsVentura Bus Lines (1215) Scania K280UB/Volgren at Box Hill on Metro rail 2nd June 2016,
m/o 9333698 viewsHillsbus, a 2007 Scania K94UB with Volgren CR228L bodywork in the Simpsons AOA on rail at Liverpool.
2200 ST393 viewsSydney Buses (2200) Mercedes O500LE/CC CB60 Evo2 on George St. QVB on Metrobus M52.

m/o 9472882 viewsBusabout Volvo B12BLE Euro V/Bustech "VST"
MO 3051324 viewsBlue Ribbon Bus Co (28) Volvo B6R/Volgren which became 3596 MO with Hunter Valley Buses.
Wood A E - mo 605 Austin Syd Wood - Bankstown Stn - 02 - r.JPG
m/o 605256 viewsBankstown Eldridge Road Bus Service (Arthur Wood) Austin/Syd Wood at Bankstown Station.
BUS 547247 viewsAction (547) Scania K320UB/Custom Coaches CB80 at Civic 8/10/2015.
TV 6143180 viewsMoores Tours Denning D-Deck I - GM ex Australian Zoo, Beerwah QLD, 556 HLS -/09; ex Premier Motor Service (Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd), South Nowra (56) TV 1682 (traded to Scania); ex Chris's Coaches, Campbellfield, VIC EPC 927; ex Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC (184) NT m/o 441, in the Kingsway, Miranda 15/12/2016.
MO 52921316 viewsBusways (482) Mercedes-Benz O405/CC.
MO 8142227 viewsGoulding, Cowra Bedford BLP2/Smithfield in 1990.
m/o 9450364 viewsInterline Bus Service Volvo B7RLE/Bustech VST ex Busabout (still in Busabout livery) at Liverpool 11/6/2014.
MO 7248382 viewsKiama Coachlines Daewoo BH117L/UBC-Chiron since reregd 2885 MO
MTrams 17780 viewsM Trams Z3 class trams (177) in Swanston Street in 2002.
m/o 9140 246 viewsTransdev NSW BCI JXK6120AG - Cat C7/BCI ex (299), ex Caringbah Bus Service, at Bankstown Central 22/10/2014 after its latest accident repairs.
m/o 8332734 viewsOn hire to Vodafone were both of Transit First's Bustech Mercedes O405NH's. These buses are fully laid out inside and out as per the style of a Vodafone store advertising their new "Vodafone Now" service. The bus supplements regular public transport services and offers passengers a free ride and to try out the Vodafone service. There are two Mobile Phones mounted next to each seat and passengers are encouraged to make as many calls as they want. At the time this bus was supplementing the Rail Replacement service operating all stations between Chatswood and Wynyard.
WJP 650100 viewsTorrens Transit (888) MAN SL202 CNG/PMCA operating a 106 to the City with the hills in the background 13/8/2007.
m/o 3841348 viewsSydney Buses (3841) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" in Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah 6/11/2011.
img915 - Perth Shuttle Co_ No_1 Hino FC144 [TC001] @ Kings Park c_1990's.jpg
TC 001168 viewsPerth Shuttle Co. No.1 Hino FC144 at Kings Park c.1990's in tram guise.
Westbus TV886 Denning 8V71 Penrith 151091x.jpg
TV 886548 viewsWestbus (International Coach Travel) Denning 8V71 Penrith 15/10/91.
WBC 77ScaniaCUSCoachesCB60Springfield8 10 2014.jpg
77 WBC270 viewsBus Queensland Ipswich (77) Scania K94UB /Custom Coaches "CB60" at Springfield Central 8 Oct 2014, ex 199 KBE, ex AL 14 KG, Scania Australia demonstrator.
MO 5858585 viewsGrafton Bus Co Bedford VAL 70/CCMC in Villiers St outside the hockey fields.
8119AO91 viewsDriver Group: Gray Line (119) BCI JXK6840 Proma Dx/BCI on the Monash Freeway 10th August 2016.
1922 MO439 viewsTelfords have recently acquired two Iveco Metros with Custom Coaches CB60 bodywork from Martins of Albury, This one which is ex MO 6701; ex Iveco Demonstrator m/o 9035, has been painted into Telfords Livery.
MO 9206510 viewsForster Coaches (20) Hino CM277K/Custom Coaches at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It has been reregd 1025 MO and retrofitted with LED electronic destination.

7966AO448 viewsVentura Smartbus (Grenda) (8399) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Malaysia "CR228L" seen on the BCSV Sunday tour 14/10/2012.
TV 5876278 viewsCarbridge (49) Scania K230UB/NCBC Downtown has received a new look with signage for the "Blue Emu" carpark at the airport. – as has TV 5874.
m/o 25521763 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Mercedes Benz O305G/PMC m/o 2552 poses for a photo, at La Perouse terminus
TV 6238677 viewsTelfords Mercedes-Benz O305/Coachwork "Orana" ex 2026 MO 30/4/10; ex Busways North Coast Pty Ltd, Coffs Harbour (524) 2026 MO; ex MO 4998; ex King Bros (30); ex MO 4146 - Rebody of PMC 077 11/77 (rego & fleet number same prior to rebody); ex Forest Coach Lines, Terrey Hills m/o 5228; ex STA Mk I 1842, on rail replacement services at Olympic Park 27/8/2011.
1431AO308 viewsMoreland Bus Lines, Brunswick (99) a 2012, Scania K280UB/Volgren "CR228L" at Ivanhoe Station 13/4/2012.
7257AO528 viewsVentura (634) MAN 16.240/Designline ready to commence for Venturatiger's 1st shift on 01/01/2012.
IMG_5079 - Transperth 1366 Volgren CR228L Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG [TP 1366] @ Kings Park c_30Mar2016.JPG
TP 1366137 viewsTransperth (1366) Mercedes O500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L at Kings Park R S c 30 March 2016.
1060AO227 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley, Denning Manufacturing Low Floor in 2011. Sold to CDC Victoria - Eastrans, Huntingdale.
m/o 89251361 viewsForest Coachlines Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMC ex STA 2573 15/3/06. Sold to Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra 23/7/09.
WOM 370235 viewsLight City Buses (769) MAN NL202 CNG/ABM CB62A in Glenelg 22/6/2017.
MO 8 [3620797].jpg
MO 8103 viewsLever Coach Lines, Queanbeyan (8) 8 GMC PD4106 – GM seen on a school service.
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