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TP 1078153 viewsVeolia Transport Perth (1078) Renault PR100.2/HPorter seen as the Joondalup CAT Driver Swap bus.
WYX 064605 viewsGreens Northern Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R/Parramatta Ryde still in Parramatta Ryde livery in January 2003. Ex Crossley (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby u/r; ex Parramatta Ryde Bus Service, Ermington m/o 5808. Sold to Mosman Coaches regd m/o 8714.
MO 0822607 viewsBusways (153) MO 0822 was one of a handful of mid-engine Volvo B6’s with Custom Coaches body with high-back seats that started life at Busways Macarthur. This one still runs at Pearce Emu Plains where it has been reregistered 3704 MO.
m/o 967209 viewsChalmers Coaches Bedford BLP2/Smithfield of 1978. Centralian photo.
PRL 524121 viewsKefford’s Davis, Ballarat (136) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren on a Eureka Steet route 8 service in 1999. Later regd 2879AO and then into PTV livery.
027 BBY222 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (848) Mercedes OH1316/Newnham ex 027 BBY, Gold Coast Citybus, in 2000. Since withdrawn.
TA 1155 and TA 1354794 viewsTrans Adelaide (1155) Volvo B59/PMC and (1354) Volvo B58 artic/PMC on the right, at Morphettville 22/1/98. The latter is now 2407 MO at Premier/Nowra Coaches, South Nowra, N.S.W. ex MO 6613.
MMTB 164121 viewsMMTB S class tram (164) at Wellington Parade c 1982.
img664 - Ansair Flxible Clipper FLXBLE @ West Bch, ADL c_2001.jpg
FLXBLE136 viewsAnsair Flxible Clipper at West Beach ADL c.2001.
m/o 79491819 viewsPremier Illawarra m/o 7949 is a Hino BG300 with Centurion Bodywork, ex Walkers of Bendigo, Photographed outside Bunnings at Warrawong on route 43 to Dapto via Berkeley. Note the spelling mistake on the desto.
bus 35.jpg
3835AO477 viewsLatrobe Valley Buses (35) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Express
TV 5751 & 5748 MO1295 viewsHawkesford's Mercedes-Benz O305s in Cremorne. TV5751 is PMC bodied ex m/o 1921 20/9/08; ex STA Mk II 2278 while 5748 MO is a Coachworks rebody. It is ex Busways 5748 MO 7/6/11; ex MO 4190; ex King Bros (31) MO 4190, rebody of PMC 157 4/78 (rego & fleet number same prior to rebody); ex Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 8479; ex STA Mk I 1922.
m/o 1967358 viewsCompass Tours operate this Hino BG300 with Custom Coaches Mk86 bodywork, ex 6148 MO1; ex Busways Gosford (889) 6148 MO; ex MO 4838; ex Kulnura Bus Lines (Sam Calleija Inv Pty Ltd) (5) MO 4838 10/7/09; ex South Western Coach Lines, Jannali m/o 927, on rail at Lidcombe.
m/o 7251285 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches – one of five such buses on the way from Northmead to Port Kembla to be shipped to Western Australia 2/10/2007, seen here at Port Kembla.
TV 3401187 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Tag Axle Leyland Tiger Coach/PMC which was later reseated to bus seating with 61 seats reg m/o 7028. Subsequently sold to Victoria non psv.
mo7646 22-2b.jpg
m/o 7646438 viewsHillsbus Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk II/Custom Coaches "510" in TNSW livery ex Windsor,on a break on the Central Coast Highway while returning from Gosford after an emergency rail trip there.
2591 ST268 viewsSydney Buses (2591) Scania K280UB/Bustech VST new at Tempe depot in the last month, in Urunga Parade, Miranda 7/1/2014.
m/o 8632139 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes O500LE/ Volgren "CR228L" ex (313), ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (8) m/o 8632, in Kiora Road, Miranda 25/1/2017 with driver side ad for Henkell.
m/o 1080493 viewsWestbus Csepel 854.07/Custom Coaches 420 ex (15) m/o 1080 Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween, N.S.W., at Parramatta.
m/o 9771013 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford BLP2/CC. Photo by Denair.
TV 500143 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel, Campbelltown MAN 22.360 HOCL 14.5m/Ansair Orana ex TV 932; ex C64F; ex TV 5658 by 9/09; ex MO 3043; ex Shoal Bus / Sussex Inlet Bus Service (Raymask Pty Ltd) MO 3043; ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla MO 3043; ex VWG 969, at Wanda Beach 30/8/2017.
m/o 45001353 viewsBass Hill Bus Service. Bedford YLQ2/CC. Seen here in Baxters livery after the takeover. Photo by Denair. Sold by Baxters for a motorhome in Newcastle as XCQ 655.
MYD194126 viewsMelbourne Met (194) MAN SL200/Ansair Mark 1.
m/o 4512397 viewsBowmans St Marys Leyland National/PMC St Marys 04/80.
BS75EF314 viewsTelford’s Mercedes-Benz OH1830LE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex demonstrator now painted into their livery, on rail on Eddy Ave.
TV 8257200 viewsDeanes Transport Services Iveco Eurorider/MarcoPolo, at the back of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra 20/9/2017.
m/o 1555278 viewsSydney Buses (1555) Volvo B12BLE Euro 3/Custom Coaches CB60, a recent transfer from Port Botany to Kingsgrove, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 26/2/2013
m/o 94531446 viewsFirst trip for this brand new Volvo B12BLEA/CC CB60 artic for Forest Coachlines, 9453. Seen at Killarney Heights on route 270.
IMGP2131 - Leyland Titan OPD2 [Clyde body ex UTA SYD mo2490] Capt_ Fells EO-1166 @ Brooke St_ c_23Oct07.JPG
EO 1166196 viewsCaptain Fell’s Hobart Leyland Titan OPD2/Clyde ex UTA Sydney (2490) m/o 2490 at Brooke St c 23 October 2007.
601 CVQ294 viewsGatton and Minden Bus Services (5) Mercedes Benz OH1418/Alan B. Denning "Galaxy" at Lowood 31 5 2015.
1866AO332 viewsFord's of Shepparton (6) a 2008 Volvo B7R/Coach Concepts.
CDi 11 gold Coast Hiway 16 Oct 2012.jpg
CDI 11711 viewsBustech CDi with Surfside as (351) in Translink livery repainted from red traveling along the Gold Coast Highway after leaving Burleigh Heads 16 Oct 2012. Received from Derek Orford.
GT 7501136 viewsMTT Tasmania (332) Hino BT51/Freighter Tasmania.
SB 03 GV228 viewsTorrens Transit (1384) Iveco Metro C260/Custom Coaches CB80 owned by Torrens Transit, in North Terrace, Adelaide 11/11/2014.
m/o 888419 viewsSugar Valley Coachlines (8) Leyland Panther PSUR1/1/Denning ex Brisbane City Council, QLD 682. Scrapped by the end of 1998.
7245AO346 viewsTransdev Melbourne (622) MAN 16.240/Designline ex Ventura, in PTV livery in 2014.
m/o 8935291 viewsHawkesfords Pleasure Tours Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2578 in 2006. Sold to unknown buyer via Manheim Auctions, Moorebank 10/11 dereg 3/12.
TV 1770183 viewsLake Macquarie Coaches Denning Denair ex State Rail (C3 8043) MO 9764.
IMG_1101mo 7054.JPG
m/o 7054223 viewsVeolia Transport (98) Volvo B10M Mk III/Custom Coaches "200" ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (98) m/o 7054, entering Centro Bankstown Interchange 11/1/2012
m/o 52341048 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/CC ex Bowmans departing Colo High School on a school run to Grose Wold 21/3/2007. Sold to R. Chahal
m/o 8723154 viewsTransdev NSW Scania L94UB/Bustech ex (214), at Bankstown Central 23/1/2015.
m/o 7382120 viewsVeolia Transport (150) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 510, ex Transit First (94), ex Westway Bus & Coach, on rail at Blacktown June 2008.
10592H118 viewsDriver Group Heritage Fleet GMC GMC PD4107 – GM at the Moonee Valley depot on the BCSV tour 20th August 2016,
Tindo1203 viewsTorrens Treansit (1904) Designline/Designline Olympus owned by the Adelaide City Council for use on the City Connector services, in North Terrace 12/5/2016.
m/o 1631196 viewsSydney Buses (1631) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L in Pittwater Road taken from inside (3380), also showing (3380) and (3374) Mercedes O405’s. Photo by Randommann.
641 BYB265 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (641) Mercedes O405/MCA in 2000.
img418 - Interior view MAN NL202 [PMC 160] Torrens Transit No_1332 - c_20Apr07.JPG
VXZ 565215 viewsInterior of Torrens Transit (1332) MAN NL202/PMC 160 ex TA 1332, c 20 April 2007.
m/o 792296 viewsHunter Valley Buses (111) Leyland Tiger/PMC Progress ex Blue Ribbon, ex (associated operator) Glenorie Bus Co still in their livery, and Busways before that. Since reregd 3649 MO and since thenn withdrawn and stored at Morisset, Seen on the Hunter Valley Tour 9/9/2007.
m/o 7936223 viewsJohn J Hill, Wollongong Leyland Lynx/PMC in 1998.
img875 - Transperth 877 Renault PR180_2 [UQB877] Bolton @ Fremantle RS c_1991.jpg
UQB 877192 viewsTransperth (877) Renault PR180.2/Bolton at Fremantle station c 1991.
m/o 7781250 viewsTransdev Shorelink (58) Hino BG300/PMC at Hornsby. Withdrawn 12/2013.
m/o 746121 viewsCalabro Bros, Bonnyrigg Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches on a Mimosa service in 1988.
MO 9705212 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (122) Leyland Atlantean ex Plymouth.
img873 - Transperth 665 Mercedes Benz 0305G [UQB665] Porter - @ William St_ - c_1991.jpg
UQB 665231 viewsTransperth (665) Mercedes O305G/Porter at William St c 1991.
MO 9780587 viewsAnsett Pioneer Express (3715) Gmc Pd4107 in the Botany depot, Sydney.
m/o 7692767 viewsBustrans m/o 7692 Bedford VAM3 - 330 / CC ex Harris Park at the depot
TV 7877280 viewsCompass Tours & Penrith Bus Company - Werrington Hino CG277K/Custom Coaches ex 4470 MO 4/4/14; ex DA & DM Wilkinson t/a Wilkinson Bus & Coach Service, Young (7) 4470 MO 3/14; ex MO 6214; ex Harris Park Transport m/o 7978, on rail at Lidcombe.
?153 viewsGreyhound Silver Eagle arriving at the MCG bus park.
2016-01-12 13_18_40.jpg
7610 MO192 viewsPremier Shoalhaven BCI FCB6127B/ BCI "Classmaster 57" at the Cronulla Leagues Club 12/1/2016, after dropping off scouts at Kurnell for the Australian Scout Jamboree.
117 CBS Volvo B12BLEA Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II loganholme 21 3 13.jpg
117 CBS876 viewsLogan City Bus Service (117) Volvo B12BLEA/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" in TransLink livery at Loganholme Bus Interchange 21 March 2013. Received from Derek Orford.
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