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IMGP7406 - MTT 32 AEC Regal III under tarpaulin c_30May2009.JPG
HS 1946108 viewsEx Hobart (32) AEC Regal III under tarpaulin at Glenorchy in c 30 May 2009.
m_o 5202.jpg
m/o 5202208 viewsTransdev NSW South (327)
Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST (Mk II)

Seen turning in to Bankstown Interchange 7/8/13
Yarra 210092 viewsYarra Trams B2 class tram (2100) outbound to Vermont South has just crosed Swanston St 8/12/2012 in AOA for Sydney in Summer.
197 MVX331 viewsSunbus Bustech XDi - Cummins ISC/Bustech XDi in Townsville 2/8/2014.
360 TWL271 viewsHornibrook Bus Lines (156) Mercedes Benz 0500LE/ Volgren Optimus at Chermside 11/7/2014.
m/o 93171982 viewsHillsbus Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren 'CR228L' on night rail at North Sydney July 2007.
Simes Lismore325 viewsLineup of three buses at the depot in the seventies.
m-o3281-P34 (2).jpg
m/o 3281301 viewsThe MAN SL202 and Mercedes PMC '160' Farewell Tour : Sydney Buses Willoughby (3281) MAN SL202 / PMC 17th February 2013. Photo taken in Beauty Point. PLI photo.
FKM 346117 viewsNational Bus Co, Melbourne (250) MAN SL200/Ansair at Doncster on a City 207 service in 1998.
m/o 4542345 viewsHopkinsons Metrobus Volvo B10B/P&D. Sold to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13 as m/o 4542 (1332). First regd 23/9/94 and displayed at the 1994 Bus & Coach Show, Warwick Farm.
28-6-2015 004.JPG
TV 6670208 viewsTelfords (8010) Mercedes O405/PMCA "160" ex STA 3394 at Cronulla station on rail 28/6/2015.
2916AO382 viewsOrgan’s Coaches, Kyneton (16) Mercedes OH1830/Coach Design on V/Line replacement 21/4/2012.
MO 5595210 viewsKiama Coachlines Bedford BLP2 / Mee ex Burgiss, Tumbarumba.
m/o 9606195 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren CR228L ex (321), in Urunga Pde, Miranda 23/2/2018 with the driver side ad for University of Wollongong replaced by a smaller ad..
Eggins Taree MO3276 White MBAg.jpg
MO 3276605 viewsEggins Taree White/MBA trailer bus.
TC 4687298 viewsDingo Bus Volvo B58/PMCSA ex Admet TA 1470.
img875 - EDSA International ACCO 1085 [SPK 085] + 1059 [SPK 059] @ Mt Compass.jpg
SPK 085 and SPK 059123 viewsEDSA (1085) and (1059) International ACCO/PMCSA at Mount Compass.
img425 - Volvo B58 [PMC-SA] Buses R Us 30 [Ex 1458] @ St Kilda c_27May07_JPG.jpg
WYL 192159 viewsBuses-R-Us (30) Volvo B58/PMCSA ex STA (1458) at St Kilda c 27 May 2007.
4194 MO187 viewsCavanagh, Kempsey (now part of the Dineen Group) Scania K113TR/Custom Coaches 420 ex MO 4217; ex The Entrance Red Bus Services Pty Ltd, Bateau Bay (86) MO 4217 by 3/05, at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra 20/9/2017.
336 BVK174 viewsBrisbane Transport (336) Volvo B10M mk3 /Austral Metroliner on the approach to Roma St bus station November 2014.
photo 2-1.JPG
m/o 5094 m/o 5095 m/o 5327 m/o 5074372 viewsVeolia NSW
(349) Mercedes Benz O500LE Bustech VST,
(350) Mercedes Benz O500LE Bustech VST,
(167) Mercedes Benz O405NH Bustech ex 1813 MO; Removed from service after serious accident 11/09/09. Emerged from repairs fitted with a Bustech "VST" front 3/10 and re-reg 1813 MO ex m/o 8331.
(335) Mercedes Benz O500LE Bustech VST
Awaiting their next shifts at Menai Depot 7/12/12
349 IDG1037 viewsSoon to be rebranded as Greyhound Australia, this Greyhound Pioneer Denning Landseer (349) runs an Express service to Toowoomba after departing Dreamworld. It is ex Richmond Coaches TV 342; ex RV 872 and has since been sold

MO 9736111 viewsFearnes, Wagga Wagga Leyland Worldmaster CRt2/1 – GM fuel pincher/Custom Coaches heading out for a morning school service in 2002.
m/o 3291249 viewsThe MAN SL202 and Mercedes PMC '160' Farewell Tour : Sydney Buses Randwick – (3291) MAN SL202 / PMC 17th February 2013. Photo taken at Chowder Bay. PLI photo.
?272 viewsThompsons Bus Service Renault Agoraline/Custom Coaches CB60, and Thompsons Volvo B10M mk3 Metroliner (907) ex Brisbane Transport at Corinda, in November 2014.
1673 27-7aWLD878.jpg
WLD 878726 viewsTorrens Transit (1673) MAN NL202CNG/PMCA on route 558 was a rare CNG working on an Obahn route in 2007.
MO 812790 viewsCooranbong Bus Service Isusu LT1/11P/Custom Coaches ex RR & JA Marks, Cooranbong (3) MO 8127, depot photo taken in 1998. Part of Morrisset Bus Service – withdrawn in 2000.
m/o 7492422 viewsHawkesbury Valley Bus Service Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/Custom Coaches ex Busabout. Transferred to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (501) m/o 7492 – since withdrawn.
7108AO150 viewsMelmax Bus Group Yutong/Yutong on a charter to the Melbourne Cup 1st November 2016.
TV 437191 viewsThe Kings Newcastle Denning Landseer - GM 6V92TTA ex (8); ex Hadfield Coaches, Engadine TV 526., on rail possibly as replacement for the Brisbane XPT, December 2007.
Yarra 200477 viewsYarra B Class Tram (2004) on a 59 service to Airport West in 2005.
TA 7653222 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (60) Bedford/Comair in 1988.
m/o 8260190 viewsTransdev NSW (209) Scania L94UB/Bustech - still branded Veolia Transport - in Cronulla St, Cronulla awaiting its next rail replacement trip 16/3/2014 with full driver side ad for Renault.
MO 0465229 viewsRiverina Buses Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches ex Thies Bus Service Pty Ltd, Albury MO 0465 28/2/00. Sold to James Cann Pty Ltd, Corowa as (21) 1934 MO 20/7/07, renumbered 1934 MO; Rereg XAJ 921 & Sold to Milthorpe Transport, Corowa for a race car transporter 7/09. Seen here 10/6/2007.
BS01XH191 viewsDriver Bus Lines (52) Scania K310UB/Higer Monash Freeway 10th August 2016.
S 142.jpg
S 142288 viewsSydney Trains
S-Set S 142
At Central intercity Platform 14/9/13
Still with CityRail Branding
IMG_5134 - Transperth 1092 Mercedes-Benz 0405 CNG Volgren - HPorter [TP 1092] @ Roe Street B_S_ c_01Apr2016.JPG
TP 1012168 viewsTranspert (1092) Mercedes O405 CNG/H Porter at Roe St B S c 1 April 2016.
MO 5035118 viewsMorisset Bus Service Isuzu ECR570/PMC – Withdrawn by September 2004.
MO 5043165 viewsLoves Bus Service, Dubbo Leyland Tiger/Comeng ex Easter Suburbs Omnibus Service.
Go Bus 182 MAN 16_223 7th July 2011.JPG
DWP900473 viewsGo Bus Transport #182 MAN 16.223 with Designline bodywork at Victoria St, Hamilton July 2011.
0636AO332 viewsWangaratta Coachlines (36) a 2001 Scania L94IB/Volgren "SC221" ex B/Line Wangaratta, ex Hoys Wangaratta, on rail replacement on the Melbourne-Seymour-Albury Line.
DU02387 viewsInterior of Carbridge DUO2 at Mascot 2/7/2013. It is a dual drive airport transfer bus designed by Carbridge and built in China.
m/o 8561980 viewsTelfords MAN SL252/Hicom. Later regd TV 5282 on night rail at North Sydney July 2007.
m/o 76621533 viewsRecently refurbished Hillsbus m/o 7662 Volvo B10M/CC at the intersection of Druitt and George Streets, City on a peak hour 610 service to Castle Hill.
TV 538144 viewsLeslies Hino Rainbow with luggage trailer in tow at Sydney Airport. Centralian photo.
img744 - Mo 3198 Mercedes Benz 0405 Mk5 PMC in Trambus livery c_1992.jpg
m/o 3198294 viewsSydney Buses (3198) Mercedes O405/PMC Mk5 made up as a toastrack tram and in Trambus livery on weekend route 456 to The Rocks and Darling Harbour c1992,
MO 0779186 viewsThe Entrance Red Bus Service Airbus Coach (82) Scania K93/Custom Coaches ex Summerland Coaches, Byron Bay MO 0779; ex Casino Bus Service (Blunt) MO 0779. Sold to Murphy's Commercials, Mayfield, then to RF Frost, Lilydale, TAS as FR 2028.
WJI 673797 viewsAdmet Torrens Transit MAN SL202/PMCA #427
UUD 600186 viewsBus Australia (69) Bova in 1992.
Go Bus 772 Plaxton Plasma 8th Jan 2010 (3).JPG
EZG385657 viewsGo Bus Transport #772 Factory Built Enterprise Bus Plaxton Plasma British import, photographed on 8th Jan 2010 at Willow Street, Tauranga City. Go Bus Transport are contracted to run urban services in Trauranga under the Bay Hopper brand.
SB24LZ101 viewsKangaroo Island Tours/Sealink (60) Scania K360IB/Coach Design at Vivonne Bay Lodge, Kangaroo Island 8/8/2017.
2016-05-17 11_52_36.jpg
m/o 5843165 viewsSkennars Volvo B10M Mk III/Austral ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (290) 290 BNK via auction 12/13 (withdrawn 10/13), in Jackson Ave, Miranda 17/5/2016.
CAT 4274 viewsSouthern Coast Transit (4) Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren when the West Perth Circuit was introduced, so the displays were Red CAT Full Circuit and Red CAT West Perth Circuit.
m/o 5097128 viewsParramatta Ryde Bus Service AEC Reliance 590/Parra Ryde in AOA for RBT.
m/o 8633217 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ex (314), ex Transit First (9), in Urunga Pde, Miranda 8/3/2018 with driver side ad for Doritos.
2015-10-25 09_57_46.jpg
SB25EP79 viewsExplorer Coachlines (21) Fuso Rosa in Woodsons Lane, Adelaide 25/10/2015.
m/o 285284 viewsMcVicar's Bus Services – Lidcombe AEC Reliance 470 2MU3RAE/Comeng ex Hunt, Sawtell MO 3829 shown in front of the depot. Transferred to Bankstown Bus Lines with plates – still in service in 1983.
294 KBE699 viewsSurfside Bustech VST (747) 294 KBE picks up passengers just north of Pacific Fair.
7257AO664 viewsVentura (634) a 2008, MAN16.240/Desginline in Smartbus livery. Seen in the depot just before heading off to Altona.
Yarra 125128 viewsYarra TramsZ3 class (125) tram near Domain Interchange 15th April 2016.
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