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060 DBC338 viewsA Leyland Tiger/Denning Majestic 3 axle for Thompson's of Strathpine ex (15) 015 GJT, ex (60) 060 DBC, ex 514 BDK, Coastliner Tours, West Tweed Heads, NSW, ex 514 BDK, Tweed Bus Service, West Tweed Heads, NSW.
6231AO172 viewsVictorian Touring Coaches (31) Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts on a school charter at the Shrine 15th April 2016,
MO 9716353 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co Hino BG300/PMC MO 9716 since reregd 3706 MO parked off Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
MO 9381241 viewsPicton Coaches (5) MAN 24.420 HOCL/Northcoast. Sold from the Buslines Group to Mt Gravatt Bus Service Pty Ltd, Burbank as (Scotty) 885 HAS 12/03.
u/r497 viewsGreyhound Australia Iveco Delta /Irizar “Century 3500" at the Bus Vic Expo at Mooney Valley.
m/o 1011, m/o 1013, m/o 1018 and m/o 9498505 viewsHawkesbury Valley's four manual Volvo B10M/CC "510"s lined up in rego order at the depot on the Glenorie/Hawkesbury Valley Tour 30/10/2011.
TP1580534 viewsTransperth Swan Transit TP1580 Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" sits at Thornlie Station awaiting passengers for the run to Murdoch on Route 206 21-08-09
m/o 7907151 viewsVeolia Transport (192) Scania L94UB/Bustech on rail in East Pde, Sutherland 19/5/2013.
MO 6154565 viewsPearce (Blue Mountains Bus Co) MO 6154 Irisbus Agoraline/ABM 'CB60' at Blacktown Stn on rail replacement services. Since reregd 3744 MO.

TC 3812133 viewsTransBunbury Mercedes OC500LE/Volgren CR228L in November 2012. At the time this was operated by Veolia Transport WA. It has since been reregd UQB 819.
Punchbowl Bus Co MO-4518 Leyland Royal Tiger Cub.jpg
m/o 4518517 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co, Riverwood Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Comeng.
TV 658207 viewsMountain Devil Tours (Katoomba Leura) Denning Mono of 1976. Centralian photo.
m/o 5007325 viewsVeolia Transport (353) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech "VST" in Transport NSW livery turning from Jackson Ave into the Kingsway Miranda, 1/4/2012.
m/o 5921183 viewsNorth & Western Bus Lines Leyland Super Viking/Custom Coaches seen outside the depot in 1991. Sold to Thompson Bus Services, Strathpine, QLD as (42) 042 GJT -/98 (converted to RB57F) & later rereg (72) 072 ELV - withdrawn by 7/08 & sold (most likely for non-PSV purposes).
2015-11-09 15_26_35.jpg
2435 MO324 viewsHunter Valley Buses Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren SC222 ex MO 7068, on the New England Highway, Singleton 9/11/2015.
m/o 5339143 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L ex (481), in Metrobus livery at Bankstown Central 22/10/2014.
?286 viewsBroadmeadows Bus Service (72) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren Optimus seen leaving Craigieburn Station on a local run July 2016.
MO 0223250 viewsSnowliner MO 0223 Mercedes OC1617/Custom Coaches was one of a handful of vehicles left on old MO plates in early 2011. It was withdrawn early 2013.
BD50GM1376 viewsIveco Delta demonstrator running for Punchbowl Bus Co
641 BYB269 viewsSurfside Bus Lines (641) Mercedes O405/MCA in 2000.
m/o 9484158 viewsTransdev NSW (306) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST - still branded Veolia Transport - in Kiora Road, Miranda 5/3/2014.
Johnstons Coachlines 1228 Volvo B12FL6x2 2nd Mar 2010.JPG
JCL 28548 viewsJohnstons Coachlines #1228 Volvo B12 FL6x2 with Fairfax Industries bodywork, photographed on 2nd Mar at Mount Maunganui.
m/o 924153 viewsStone Bros, Auburn AEC Regal III.
Lineup76 viewsLineup of seven buses at the HCVA Rally, late November 2008.
BCC 399-PMG Volvo Fuji.jpg
399 PMG1023 viewsBrisbane City Council (399) Volvo B10M/Fuji shown in 1988 and not 1998 as shown on the photo. Subsequently it became MO 2964 and then 4289 MO with Osborn, Muswelbrook.
MO 336149 viewsCanberra City Explorer MCW Metrobus Mk 1 9.7m ex (NSW) TV 6915; ex City Sightseeing Pty Ltd, Banksmeadow, NSW (320) TV 6915 1/14; Reg 14/12/11 ex (100) MO 168 (ACT) Canberra City Sightseeing (stored since 2005 in Sydney and in Melbourne before that); Reg 2000 ex New World First Bus, Hong Kong BV 2052; ex China Motor Bus, Hong Kong (MC9) BV 2052, in Canberra 1/10/2014.
TV 3344354 viewsOgdens Coaches (40) Autobus at Bathurst in Countrylink livery 18/1/2013.
TV 5596407 viewsTelfords (147) Mercedes O405/PMC ex Invicta Bus, Lilydale, VIC (83) 3553 AO 18/6/08; ex OOZ 306; ex Quince's Scenicruisers, Oakleigh, VIC OOZ 306; ex DKA 110, at Chatswood.
5350 18-5.jpg
m/o 5350418 viewsTransdev South are also updating their buses with Logos and fleet numbers. (488) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L Metrobus from South Granville seen here at Hornsby Stn on rail.
Port StephensTV4890.jpg
TV 4890245 viewsPort Stephens Coaches (6) Autobus – Cummins/Autobus on a visit to Melbourne October 2007. Customised unit built for Port Stephens by Autobus, with a Cummins engine, featuring driveline componentry from the former m/o 7426 Austral Denning Aspire which burnt to the ground.
m/o 6501142 viewsVeolia Transport (159) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/ABM "CB60". ex transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (4) m/o 650 1/2/07; ex m/o 8448; ex King Bros undelivered. Shown here still with Transit First.
m/o 7251288 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches – one of five such buses on the way from Northmead to Port Kembla to be shipped to Western Australia 2/10/2007, seen here at Port Kembla.
m/o 9646365 viewsOut and About Volvo B10M Mk III/Austral Metroliner ex Brisbane Transport, Bowen Hills, QLD (233) 233 MUO, on rail at Lidcombe 1/14
m/o 5456462 viewsBosnjaks, Edensor Park Albion/CCMC,
XES 941206 viewsSouthlink (3331) Scania L94UA/Volgren CR228L - owned by ATE – ex Transitplus, at Parkside 13/1/2015.
WME 920155 viewsTorrens Transit (1752) MAN NL202 CNG/ABM CB62A in Adelaide Free - The Green city livery, operating a 167 from Glenelg into the City, 7/7/2007.
m/o 7352161 viewsLey-Aec Transport , Brookvale Mercedes O405/PMC Metro 90 ex Premier Motor Service t/a Premier Illawarra, Unanderra m/o 7352 20/5/16; ex B45D; ex Rutty's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Figtree (52) m/o 7352 6/01; ex Quinces Scenicruisers Pty Ltd, Oakleigh, VIC (unused), in Bellingara Road, Miranda 28/4/2017,
XMH 623206 viewsTorrens Transit (1323) Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches CB 60, owned by Torrens Transit, ex m/o 8388 Harris Park Transport, Harris Park, N.S.W., which had just entered service in January 2007, seen on Goodwood Road.
Yarra 3510109 viewsYarra Trams (D) 3510 in AOA for L’Oreal Preference.
XDF 395164 viewsCarbridge Adelaide MAN 10.155/Ansair midi ex Brisbane Transport, on the Adelaide Airport Shuttle 14 August 2007.
m/o 8525223 viewsVeolia Transport (109) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Volgren CR221 ex m/o 8736; ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (109) m/o 8736, ex MO 3416, on early morning rail standby at Granville Station, having left Menai depot at 3am. Photo from Andrew MacGee.
WPE 429174 viewsHino BG100/PMC ex MO 8955, Hilton, Dubbo, NSW. still signwritten for Liverpool Catholic Club but now regularly parked in the Kingsway, Gymea as seen here 16/12/2012, so may no longer be with the Club. No accreditation. It has since been reported without number plates in Milperra.
West Bankstown mo 4245  AEC Cmr (2)g.jpg
m/o 4245 359 viewsWest Bankstown Bus Service AEC/Coachmaster on the infamous maintenance ramp at the depot.
266 5-1cwcl681.jpg
WCL 681648 viewsTorrens Transit (266) MAN NL202/Austral Pacific ex (987)-ex (417) WCL 681 Serco Adelaide Buses in 2008.
m/o 9115161 viewsTransdev NSW (704) Volvo B10M Mk III/Volgren (still branded Veolia Transport) ex Grenda Corporation (Moorabbin Transit, Cheltenham VIC) (519) 4519AO 8/5/11; ex (19); ex FFM719, in North Terrace, Bankstown about to cross the railway line 27/11/2013.
TYNANS332 viewsMercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex Crowthers TV 4174, ex STA Mark II 2201, seen in black livery advertising Tynan Motors, in Cawarra Road, Caringbah 16/2/2012
2411AO364 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines (Grenda) (311) Volvo B10B/Volgren ex Frankston Passenger Service on Rail Replacement leaving Mitcham station, It later became (311) 2411AO with Ventura.
m/o 80401239 viewsVeolia Transport Volvo B10M/PMC 92 now at Villawood depot, photo taken at Parramatta. Note bus has Bankstown on desto roll but driver is using supplementary sign.
m/o 892237 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford VAM70/CVI. Deregd and placed for sale by Baxter's shortly after takeover - Sold for a motorhome.
img091 - MCW Metrobus Mk2 [CLUBBUS] @ North Terrace, Adelaide c_20Sep2004.jpg
CLUBBUS157 viewsMCW Metrobus Mk2 at North Terrace, Adelaide c 20 Sept 2004.
1EDI 845211 viewsEx Metropolitan Omnibus Co (Willetton) [R L Pearce] (9) Mercedes Benz O305/Howard Porter ex-1DQP008 / 1DNJ139 ForestRail (Maddington) [D Hockey]; ex-UQB499 Swan Transit [Transperth] (499); ex-UQB499 MetroBus [Transperth] (499); ex-UQB499 Transperth (499); ex-UQB499 MTT (499) at the Motor Museum of Perth (located in Whiteman Park) special run, in commemoration of Maurice Brockwell 9/11/2014. Photo from Off the Rails.
WJM 719167 viewsTorrens Transit (592) Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMCSA ex Serco, ex (1592) TA 1592 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1592) STA 592 State Transport Authority, Adelaide, S.A. O-Bahn equipped., on its second day back in service 15/1/2007, after its accident on the O-Bahn, at Paradise Interchange September 2006. It was withdrawn 6/12/2010.
m/o 3143332 viewsSydney Buses (3143) Mercedes O405/PMC Mk5 with black on yellow plates at Parramatta
FYT 404207 viewsInterCity Scania K380 at Christchurch 19/7/2015.
925 RAW181 viewsTransdev Qld (373) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II in Elizabeth St Brisbane. 9-5-2014
m/o 1045462 viewsWestbus Csepel 633.05/Custom Coaches 516 ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween (72) m/o 1045, at Liverpool.
1971AO409 viewsBroadmeadows Bus Service (33) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches seen on the BCSV Tour 12/02/2012.
m/o 9020240 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania K280UB/Custom Coaches CB80 ex m/o 6358 (for three days), in Park Road, Hurstville 10/2/2017.
GV 4569164 viewsMetro Tasmania (355) Mercedes in 1988.
m/o 762199 viewsFellowes, Swansea Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1162 2/7/1981. Saw subsequent service with Blue Ribbon Coaches.
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