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1525 AO249 viewsMcHarry's Geelong operate this Mercedes-Benz 0405NH with Volgren CR221L body. It is seen here at Geelong Railway Station.Oct 27, 2012
3723 AO245 views3723 AO is a MAN 14.230 with Nambucca body for Phillip Island Coach Lines. It was photographed on Watt St in Wonthaggi.Oct 27, 2012
0514 AO349 viewsDyson's Leongatha operate this Mercedes-Benz OH1830 with Mills Tui body.Oct 27, 2012
0549 SO295 viewsMcCoy's Bairnsdale operate this Mercedes-Benz OH1418 with Austral Pacific Starliner bodywork. Oct 27, 2012
1799 AO218 viewsThis Hino BC 144K operates for Paynesville Bus Lines.Oct 27, 2012
0200 AO321 viewsCarpenters of Lakes Entrance operate this Iveco Metro with Express body. It was photographed between trips on Marine Parade, Lakes Entrance.Oct 27, 2012
5188-MO243 viewsPrior's Bus Service, Batemans Bay operate this Hino BG300 with PMC Regal bodywork.Oct 27, 2012
1100-MO432 viewsPhotographed at the Bega Valley Coaches depot is this Denning Phoenix - Cummins with NCBC body.Oct 27, 2012
m/o 014498 viewsOperated by Punchbowl Bus Company, m/o 014 is a MAN 10.155. It was photographed at Hurstville before operating a Route 954 trip to Hurstville Grove.Jul 12, 2011
EU 97561046 viewsTranshuons Bus Service EU 9756 is a Mercedes-Benz OH 1316 ex Metro Transport Trust (203).Jul 12, 2011
CO 4655790 viewsMetro Tasmania (3) is a Scania K113TR with NCBC body. It is seen here in Circle St, New Norfolk. This vehicle is now operated by Warrigal Charters, Mount Warrigal NSW as TV 4069.Jul 12, 2011
BM 1475381 viewsCrawn Motors operate this Ansair bodied Mercedes-Benz OC 1617. It is seen out front of their depot on the Ridgley Highway, Highclere.Jul 12, 2011
MET 515667 viewsMetro Tasmania 515 is a MAN 10.180 HOCL with Ansair body. It is seen between trips in Cattley St, BurnieJul 12, 2011
RCCTS2615 viewsSeen arriving into Rockingham Station is RCCTS2, a Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG with Volgren CR228L body.
Jul 12, 2011
STM 2001468 viewsSwan Transit operate this MAN 11.190 with PMC bodywork on the Midland Shuttle. It was photographed at Midland Railway Station.Jul 12, 2011
UQB 475440 viewsOperated by Southern Coast Transit, UQB 475 is a Mercedes-Benz O305G with Howard Porter bodywork. It is seen here at Rockingham Station commencing a Route 557 trip to Port Kennedy.Jul 12, 2011
0237 AO448 viewsSkybus 0237 AO is a Scania L94UA with Volgren CR227L body. It is seen at Southern Cross Railway Station before operating a trip to the Airport.Jun 18, 2011
614 Mobile Youth Centre UMI435.jpg
UMI 435489 viewsUMI 435 is a Volgren B10M high deck operated as a mobile youth centre. It was photographed outside Flinders Street Railway Station in Melbourne.Jun 18, 2011
XAM 184714 viewsSouthlink's 2801 is a Scania L94UA with Volgren CR224L body. It is seen here in Pitt St, Adelaide operating a tram replacement service to Glenelg.Jun 18, 2011
MO 5626337 viewsMurton's Citybus MO 10 is a Mercedes-Benz 815DL with Custom Coaches CB 20 body. It is seen outside the Grand Guesthouse, Argent St Broken Hill. This vehicle has since been sold to Hawkesbury Valley Coaches, Oakville NSW.Jun 18, 2011
YIA 162591 viewsParked next to the St Kilda Hotel (Rusden St) Armidale is this ex Edwards MO 4697, Ex State Transit Mk I Mercedes-Benz O305 (1932).Jun 17, 2011
MO 3341398 viewsEdward's Armidale operate this Mercedes-Benz O405 with PMC "Metro 90" body. It is seen here in Moore St, Armidale on an outbound trip, to the University. This vehicle is now 6193 MO.Jun 17, 2011
3584 AO511 viewsInvicta (20) now (720) is a Dennis Dart SLF with Geelong Coachworks body. It is seen here at Lilydale Railway Station.Jun 01, 2011
Ventura 839.jpg
2632 AO480 viewsVentura (839) is a Scania L94UB with Custom Coaches CB60 body. It is seen here at Mentone, in a special livery as Australia's first 100% ethanol fuelled bus.Jun 01, 2011
m/o 7674901 viewsBusways (135) is a Volvo B10M with Custom Coaches body, since registered 1498 MO. It is seen operating a school trip along Gordon St, Port Macquarie.Jun 01, 2011
m/o 9207455 viewsTransit First (15) is a Volvo B12BLE, with Volgren CR228L body. It is seen here at Bankstown Depot. This vehicle is now Fleet no (408) with Transdev NSW.Jun 01, 2011
MO 3538368 viewsMO 3538 is a Volvo B6FA, with Custom Coaches body ex Western Road, Transport. It is now registered 3735 MO with Blue Mountains Bus Company, where it is seen at their Valley Heights Depot.Jun 01, 2011
MO 9039513 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Company operate this Volvo B10M Mk IV, with Volgren CR221 body (disregard the SC221 sticker below windscreen). It is now registered 3774 MO.Jun 01, 2011
m/o 8970820 viewsBaxter's (10) is a Scania L113CRB with Custom Coaches Series 238 body. This vehicle is now operated by the Comfort Delegro-Cabcharge group (Westbus - Girraween).Jun 01, 2011
m/o 8735673 viewsNow withdrawn from service, Veolia Transport (60) is an Ansair bodied, O305 ex Action (618). Possibly the only one of its type to receive the yellow front at Connex/Veolia.Jun 01, 2011
m/o 19221099 viewsHawkesford's operate this ex STA Mk II (2183). Is has since been registered TV 5750. It is pictured here at their former depot in Lidcombe, NSW.Jun 01, 2011
4582AO Wallan East.jpg
4582 AO814 viewsWallan East Roadlines operate this tourmaster, which is ex TV 393 Pleasure Tours, Bass Hill NSW. It is seen here outside The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich QLD.Jun 01, 2011
02 WCB418 viewsHaidley's Warwick City Bus, operate this Volgren CR221L bodied, Volvo B6LE. It previously operated for State Transit/Sydney Buses and North & Western Bus Lines, Gladesville NSW.May 28, 2011
6130 MO395 viewsRover's (44) 6130 MO is a Mercedes-Benz OH 1830LE, with Custom Coaches CB60 EVO II body. It is seen here on Vincent Street, Cessnock.May 28, 2011
4593 MO549 viewsRover (47) 4593 MO is a Coach Concepts MAN 18.280. It is seen here in Cessnock, operating a Route 167 trip to Nulkaba.May 28, 2011
4222 MO329 viewsCavanagh's 4222 MO is a Mercedes-Benz OC 1617 with PMC body. It was ex MO 9791; ex (23).May 28, 2011
4220MO367 viewsCavanagh's (18) 4220 MO is a Bedford YMT 3 with PMC Progress body. It is seen here at Port Macquarie Depot. Itwas ex MO 8930; ex (18). Deregd by 7/11.May 28, 2011
4205 MO316 viewsCavanagh's 4205 MO is a Nissan RB30P with Custom Coaches body. It is ex MO 9283; ex Tamworth Coaches (3) MO 9283.May 28, 2011
4194 MO418 viewsCavanagh's 4194 MO is a Scania K113TR with Custom Coaches Series 420 body ex MO 4217. This vehicle was previously owned by The Entrance Red Bus Service, Bateau Bay as MO 4217, ex Airbus. It is seen here in Port Macquarie Depot. May 28, 2011
5665 MO954 viewsBusways 773 is a Mercedes-Benz O405 with Custom Coaches Series 420 body. It still wears the colour scheme of former operator King Bros.May 28, 2011
8007 AO451 viewsBeechworth Bus Lines operate this MAN 18.350 with King Long body. It is seen here on Ford Street, Beechworth operating a school trip.May 20, 2011
m/o 7552447 viewsPort Stephens Coaches operate this Volvo B7R with Bustech "Graduate" body. It is seen at Salamander Bay Shopping Centre, operting a Route 130 service to Newcastle.May 20, 2011
TC 4706446 viewsJoe's Bus Charter operate this ex Transperth O305 (216) with Howard Porter body. Seen here alongside Windsor Park in South Perth.May 20, 2011
TC 5128392 viewsCarbridge TC 5128 is a MAN 16.220 with Designline body. Seen here at Perth Airport operating an Inter-Terminal Shuttle.May 20, 2011
TC 6234386 viewsPhotographed at Perth Airport, operating for Carbridge is this Iveco Delta 17.250 with Custom Coaches CB60 body.May 20, 2011
601 FKG752 viewsBrisbane Transport's 601 is a Volgren CR222L bodied Volvo B10L. It is pictured in Queen St, Brisbane operating the Spring Hill Loop.May 18, 2011
m/o 8570918 viewsBusways 195 is a Mercedes-Benz O405 with Custom Coaches body. Seen here at Blacktown Railway Station in Sydney's west.May 18, 2011
MO 5539527 viewsMO 5539 is a Custom Coaches bodied Volvo B6LE ex National Bus Company, Brisbane. It is shown here registered MO 5539 with Hunter Valley Buses. Since reregd 3599 MO.May 12, 2011
m/o 9195534 viewsPreviously operating for Baxter Bus Lines, and now with Veolia Transport/ Connex NSW is (117) a Volvo B10B with Custom Coaches Series "230" body. It is seen here at Menai Depot having a rest in between shifts. It was withdrawn from Veolia during 2011 after engine fire, de-reg 2/5/12 awaiting extensive repairs. It was subsequently reinstated as m/o 6474.
May 12, 2011
193 ITX531 viewsSeen at Capalaba Bus Station, is this Connex Bustech bodied Volvo B12BLE then (312) with Veolia.May 12, 2011
m/o 7968678 viewsm/o 7968 is ex State Transit Mk I Mercedes-Benz O305, 1880 seen here on charter for Casula Bus And Coach, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The blue and red stripes show that at one time it operated with Ruttys in Wollongong.May 12, 2011
m/o 2699391 viewsState Transit's 2699 a Mercedes-Benz O305, is seen operating a Route 445 trip at Norton St, LeichardtMay 11, 2011
XMH 623706 viewsTorrens Transit's 1322 is a Mercedes-Benz O405NH with Custom Coaches CB60 bodywork. This vehicle was acquired from Harris Park Transport, Sydney NSW. It was photographed at Marion Interchange, before working a Route 643 trip to Brighton Station.May 11, 2011
WMN 382620 viewsOperated by Torrens Transit is this MAN NL202 (CNG) seen here in King William Street, Adelaide operating on the Route 99B. May 06, 2011
TV 3344448 viewsOgdens Coaches Autobus - Cummins. Mudgee Railway Station.May 06, 2011
m/o 1161493 viewsGreen's Northern Coaches operate this Iveco with Custom Coaches CB60 EvoII bodywork. Seen here, on an enthusiasts tour at Helensburgh Railway Station.May 06, 2011
m/o 7156597 viewsHillsbus m/o 7156 is a Custom Coaches Series "510" O405. Seen here at Parramatta in all over advertising.May 05, 2011
1833 ST430 views1833 is a Mercedes-Benz 0500LE CNG, with Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II bodywork. Seen here operating from Port Botany Depot this vehicle now calls Ryde Depot home.May 05, 2011
m/o 9520646 viewsHillsbus m/o 9520 is a Scania K310UB with Volgren CR228L bodywork. The 2500th bus built by Volgren, Dandenong.May 05, 2011
WJI 618484 viewsTorrens Transit's (518) Mercedes-Benz O305, PMCSA is seen here at Mawson Interchange.May 05, 2011
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