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m/o 4879198 viewsBosnjak formely MTT Perth 27, this Leyland Worldmaster with Campbell & Mannix body, seen here at their Penrith depot. Centralian Photo.Aug 02, 2017
7401AO178 viewsNational Bus Co (Ventura) (401) Enterprise Bus Limited/ Designline "Plasma" one of 6 such buses used on Manningham Mover runs 280/282 but not thought to have been a great success. Now in the Transdev fleet - most have been replaced by Optare Solos.Aug 02, 2017
7400AO180 viewsNational Bus Co (Ventura) (400) Enterprise Bus Limited/ Designline "Plasma" one of 6 such buses used on Manningham Mover runs 280/282 but not thought to have been a great success. Now in the Transdev fleet - most have been replaced by Optare Solos.Aug 02, 2017
m/o 5892238 viewsBosnjak Albion Viking 55 coach with Smithfield body of 1972.Aug 01, 2017
m/o 071209 viewsBosnjak Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R coach with Smithfield body of 1973. Centralian photo.Jul 31, 2017
m/o 253214 viewsPhotographed outside the old Penrith Plaze is this Bosnjak bus which it is believed was an Albion Clydesdale CD23B with PMC body of 1968. Centralian photoJul 31, 2017
m/o 284245 viewsPhotographed at Edensor Park depot, mo284 came to Bosnjaks with the purchase of Fairlines Bus Service and was a Bedford VAM 70 with Smithfield body of 1976. Centralian photoJul 30, 2017
-214 viewsA shot of Bosnjak's depot at Edensor Park with some ex Fairlines vehicles and a Denning coach. Late '70's or very early '80's I would guess. Centralian photo.Jul 30, 2017
u/r188 viewsBosnjak One of a number of AEC Monarch truck chassis that were converted and fitted with CCMC bodies in 1965 and 1966 for Parramatta Bus Co. Centralian photoJul 29, 2017
m/o 4394 and m/o 725208 viewsBosnjak Leyland Worldmasters ex MTT Adelaide 857 and 913. Former 857 was registered m/o 4394 with Parramatta Bus Co and came to them from Hunters Hill Bus Co where it was m/o 240. Former 913 was registered m/o 725 with Parramatta Bus Co. Centralian photo.Jul 29, 2017
m/o 485238 viewsPhotographed at Parramatta Bus Co's Church Street depot is ex MTT Adelaide Leyland Worldmaster 923, registered m/o 485 with Bosnjak's. Next to it is one of a number of Leyland Olympics acquired by Bosnjak that were destined for Cuba and salvaged from the Thames River when their ship sank. Centralian photo.Jul 28, 2017
m/o 481198 viewsEx MTT Adelaide Leyland Worldmasters 903 and 858 and others await attention in Bosnjak's yard. 903 went on to be narrowed by Parramatta Bus Co and entered service as m/o 481 at Parramatta. Centralian photo.Jul 28, 2017
m/o 4901238 viewsEx Bales but retained for a while by Bosnjaks was mo 4901, one of 2 Bedford VAL14's. This one carried a CCMC body of 1965. Centralian photo.Jul 27, 2017
AUE 633113 viewsSita Bus Lines, West Footscray (4) Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches at the depot in 1987.Jul 27, 2017
u/r222 viewsFormer m/o 5894 at Bales was a vehicle disposed of early and ended up at Western Road Transport. This was a Hino BT51 chassis with CCMC body of 1972. This one was thought pure CCMC class. Centralian photo.Jul 26, 2017
u/r241 viewsBosnjaks acquired Bales Penrith operations in 1974 which saw a few older Bales vehicles deregistered and disposed of. One such vehicles was former m/o 4181 at Bales, this Austin with late '50's CCMC body (vehicle on right). The bus I believe had been acquired by Fragar Bros who were bought out by Bales in 1961. There's also a bargain on the left, pity the photo was taken in the mid seventies at Suttons Arncliffe. Centralian photo.Jul 26, 2017
CH 7169116 viewsTasmanian Redline Coaches (1) Denning Landser – GM on a commuter service to Hobart in 1988.Jul 26, 2017
U/r174 viewsSmithfield Bodyworks had plans to import and assemble the Plaxton coach body in Australia and displayed an imported unit at the bus showIt is not known if this venture ever got off the ground and whether any more units joined this example. Centralian photo.Jul 25, 2017
u/r195 viewsThe Smithfield Euro Deluxe as a coach/stepped deck design. Centralian photo.Jul 24, 2017
u/r184 viewsThe Smithfield Euro Deluxe as a bus. Centralian photo.Jul 24, 2017
ZIB 251206 viewsSmithfield built a number of coaches similar to Denning coaches, as displayed on this ACTION Volvo B58. Centralian photo.Jul 23, 2017
m/o 071206 viewsThe first series of the Smithfield body design was a continuation of the CVI Goldstar design as carried by Bosnjak Leyland Leopard. Centralian photo.Jul 23, 2017
TV 369100 viewsCalabro’s, Bonnyrigg Denning Denair –GM in 1988,Jul 23, 2017
m/o 8047182 viewsMidshore Busways MAN SL200/CAC ex ACTION, Canberra, ACT (432) BUS 432 early 1992; ex ZIB 432 in Midshore’s distinct livery. Sold to Haidley's Panoramic Coaches (DJ Haidley), Warwick 11/95, then without use to Stewart & Sons, Bundaberg, QLD as (19) 286 DOJ. Subsequent disposal unknown. Centralian photo.Jul 19, 2017
LaneCove Worldmasters.jpg
m/o 5583, m.o 5465 and m/o 5477193 viewsThree Lane Cove Bus Service Leyland Worldmasters rebodied by CCMC in 1973 when with Deanes. They were ex MTT 974, MTT 827 and MTT 870 respectively. Centralian photo.Jul 18, 2017
m/o 5284176 viewsLane Cove Bus Service Domino coach with Domino body of 1979. Centralian photo.Jul 18, 2017
?184 viewsLane Cove Bus Service IBC/Custom Coaches of 1983. Centralian photo.Jul 17, 2017
m/o 308167 viewsLane Cove Bus Service Leyland Worldmaster rebodied by Deanes with a CCMC body in 1974, ex MTT Adelaide 888. Centralian photo.Jul 17, 2017
m/o 7658, m/o 4567 and m/o 919232 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co - 3 sequential body plates. Three Leyland Tigers with sequential PMC bodies of 1986 build - 1697 (m/o 7658); 1698 (m/o 919) and 1699 (m/o 4567). Centralian photo.Jul 16, 2017
m/o 521212 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Tiger/PMC. Was displayed at the Bus Show. It ended its days as a Christmas Tree at Hannans Road for the other Tigers in the fleet and later was scrapped - the only ex.Punchbowl Tiger that didn't survive sell off and reuse by other operators. Centralian photo.Jul 16, 2017
m/o 007186 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Leopard/PMC of 1980. Sold to Hawkesbury Valley (B Calabro & Sons Pty Ltd), Oakville as m/o 194 7/97 and converted to B53F. Centralian photo.Jul 15, 2017
m/o 5796214 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Leopard coach with Custom Coaches body of 1972. It was converted to a bus in bus livery before it was withdrawn. Centralian photo.Jul 15, 2017
TV 249167 viewsEast West Coach Lines Scania K112TR/Neoplan ex VIP. It was sold to Kings, Kempsey and then Lyons, Lightning Ridge. Centralian photo.Jul 14, 2017
?153 viewsRear shot of Landmark Scania K112TR/Neoplan ex VIP then to Chris's in Victoria who brought it up to Sydney in 1993 for their inbound work and registered it TV1990. Centralian photoJul 14, 2017
TV 204189 viewsSunliner Scania K112TR/Neoplan ex VIP, at the Scenic Railway complex in Katoomba. Centralian photo.Jul 13, 2017
-167 viewsTwo VIP Express Scania K112TR/Neoplans at the 1986 Bus Show. Centralian photo.Jul 13, 2017
-176 viewsTwo VIP Express Scania K112TR/Neoplans at the 1986 Bus Show. Centralian photo.Jul 12, 2017
TV 887113 viewsCalabro’s Denning Denair –GM at the depot in 1986. (Ex AAT-Kings Spotswood VIC No. 30, Ex Australian Pacific Sandringham VIC No. 45 SEF-257).Jul 12, 2017
m/o 5043164 viewsInnes Bros & Drover Bedford SB3/CVI body of 1966, displaying route no 8. Centralian photo.Jul 10, 2017
m/o 465180 viewsInnes Bros & Drover Bedford SBG/CAC body of 1957. Centralian photo displaying route no 7. Centralian photo.Jul 10, 2017
m/o 4570197 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Leyland Leopard/Coachmaster 1967 body in its original coach livery. Centralian photo.Jul 09, 2017
KMM 57384 viewsMcKenzies Tourist Services, Healesville Bedford VAM3 – Detroit V8/Freighter on a charter in 1990,Jul 09, 2017
IMG063_Volvo B58 [Domino Hedges] [DM-0309] [R&M Leonard] at St Helens c_Nov2004.jpg
DM 0309150 viewsR&M Leonard Volvo B58/Domino Hedges at St Helens c November 2004. It was ex DM 0309, D. Ray, Binalong Bay, TAS, ex (106) IUS 211, Grenda Bus Services, Dandenong, VIC (DP37D). Registration cancelled prior to 18/10/12Jul 08, 2017
873 EEA165 viewsDuffy’s Cuty Buses, Bundaberg Volvo B10BLE/Austral Pacific in 2000.Jul 08, 2017
m/o 574 and m/o 4987183 viewsHeron Bus Lines Leyland and Leyland Tiger Cub/Coachmaster. Centralian photo.Jul 07, 2017
img850 - Australian Pacific No_50 Mercedes-Benz [__G435] @ Adelaide Airport resize.jpg
COG or CDG or CQG 435182 viewsAustralian Pacific Mercedes O303 Denning Landseer at Adelaide Airport C 1990’s.Jul 07, 2017
3040AO101 viewsPanorama, Melbourne (40) Mercedes O305/PMC ex EUV456, ex B49F, rebodied, ex PMC body; ex (1913) m/o1913 State Transit Authority, Sydney, NSW, in 2011. Withdrawn in 2013.Jul 05, 2017
m/o 2009110 viewsVeolia Transport (476) Volvo B12BLE/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery on route M91 in 2011.Jul 05, 2017
m/o 7622143 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches on rail standby in 2011. Later operated with Charterplus before being withdrawn in 2015.Jul 04, 2017
m/o 534796 viewsVeolia Transport (486) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery on route M91 in 2011. Was based at South Granville although still carrying Bankstown accreditation.Jul 04, 2017
m/o 9732163 viewsWestbus Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II on rail in 2011. It went to Transit Systems with region 3 in 2013.Jul 03, 2017
m/o 5064141 viewsVeolia Transport (344) Mercedes O500LE/Bustech VST in Metrobus livery on route M91 in 2011.Jul 03, 2017
2216 ST95 viewsSydney Buses (2216) Mercedes O500LE CNG/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II in Metrobus livery on route M54 in 2011. Jul 02, 2017
m/o 5079137 viewsVeolia Transport (339) Mercedes O500LE/Bustech VST in Metrobus livery on route M92 in 2011. It was transferred from Bankstown to Menai later that year.Jul 02, 2017
849 ADD79 viewsTropic Wings, Cairns (1) MAN 16.240/Austral on a day tour in 1989.Jul 02, 2017
849 ADD80 viewsTropic Wings, Cairns (1) MAN 16.240/Austral on a day tour in 1989.Jul 02, 2017
m/o 9806157 viewsHillsbus Scania K280UB 14.5m/Custom Coaches/CB60 EvoII on route T66 in 2011.Jul 01, 2017
m/o 7445101 viewsVeolia Transport Menai (474) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L in Metrobus livery in 2011. Has been based at South Granville since it opened.Jul 01, 2017
AUJ 78093 viewsKeffords Davis Ballarat (80) Hino BT51/Freighter in 1990.Jul 01, 2017
CL 644794 viewsTasmanian Redline (5) Mercedes OC1621/Austral posed for a photo in 1988.Jul 01, 2017
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