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m/o 36671457 viewsSydney Buses 3667 MAN 11.220/Ansair 'Orana' laying over between trips at Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay. It was sold to Trans North Bus & Coach as 019 DTN.Aug 23, 2009
PRL 521951 viewsTransit South West (Warrnambool, Vic) PRL 521 Custom Coaches bodied Mercedes Benz OH1421. It has since been reregd 3966 AO.Aug 23, 2009
m/o 52351055 viewsWestbus 5235 Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches, at North Gate bus layover, Homebush Bay. It has since been sold to R. Chahal and then to K Muir.Aug 23, 2009
m/o 22581364 viewsSydney Buses Kingsgrove depot put out their best presented vehicle on Olympic duties.
Mk II Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC 2258, seen here at Lidcombe Stn, is the only vehicle remaining in an 'old' colour scheme.
Aug 21, 2009
MO 2216940 viewsMylon Motorways (of Wodonga on the NSW/Vic border) MO 2216 is a MAN 16.242 with Ansair 'Orana' body, photographed at Lidcombe Stn. Since this operation was taken over by Dysons from Melbourne it has been reregd onto Victorian plates 4065 AO.Aug 21, 2009
BUS 8221499 viewsACTION (Canberra) BUS 822 Renault PR100.2/Ansair in the layover area at North Gate, Sydney Olympic Park. Despite the "City Express" destination shown, the bus is preparing to operate a route 7A spectator service to Miranda in Sydney's south.Aug 20, 2009
m/o 7311944 viewsCaringbah Bus Service (Sydney) m/o 7311 is a MAN SL252 with a Hicom body.Aug 20, 2009
MO 149 (ACT)794 viewsDeane's (Queanbeyan NSW) (66) MO 149 is a Leyland Tiger with PMC 'SE2' body ex Lever Coach Lines, Queanbeyan (149) MO 149. Since reregd 4503 MO.Aug 20, 2009
FRP 563733 viewsMoreland Bus Lines (Melbourne) FRP 563 is a Custom Coaches bodied MAN 14.190, seen here at Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay. Since reregd 1435 AO.Aug 20, 2009
m/o 1029967 viewsThis is a PMC bodied Leyland Tiger on hire from State Transit to Bus2000, still retaining the livery and signwriting of its former owner North & Western Buslines where it was m/o 4407. Then sold to Crossley Sydney unused then Murphy, Woodhill Qld as 366 GLE.Aug 20, 2009
OJG 9871452 viewsNational Bus Co (Melbourne) sent a number of buses to Sydney for the Olympics - (503) OJG 987 is a 13.5m Mercedes-Benz O405 with Custom Coaches body. It was later (493) 1653 AO with Ventura/National.Aug 19, 2009
MO 0384761 viewsFrom the northern NSW town of Nimbin is MO 0384, a Custom Coaches bodied Mercedes-Benz OH1316. It is now with Waller Nimbin, ex Marsh's, Nimbin; ex Couch, Lismore.Aug 19, 2009
m/o 5715713 viewsRover Coaches (Cessnock, NSW) Leyland Tiger with PMC '160' body. It has since been regd 3465 MO.Aug 19, 2009
WUT 8921031 viewsFrom Ruttys of Wollongong is WUT 892, an Ansair bodied Renault PR100.2 - a recent acquisition from ACTION, Canberra (it is ex-ACTION 679). This has since become m/o 6189 with Premier Illawarra.Aug 19, 2009
MO 45411357 viewsFearnes of Wagga (south-western NSW) MO 4541 is a Mercedes-Benz 1418/Custom Coaches, acquired from Busways in Sydney. Seen in Riverina Fresh advertising livery.Aug 18, 2009
MO 4328861 viewsMartins of Albury (on the NSW/Victorian border) MO 4328 is a Custom Coaches bodied Isuzu LT1-11P, acquired from Baxters in Sydney.Aug 18, 2009
NXX 650897 viewsMoorabbin Transit (Melbourne) (15) NXX 650 is a Volgren bodied Volvo B10M. Later regd 4515 AO.Aug 18, 2009
EXP 2171332 viewsSeen at Lidcombe Stn is Dysons (Melbourne) EXP 217, an Austral "Metroliner" bodied Austral Allstar ex (52) EXP 217 Mee's Bus Lines, Heidelberg Heights, Vic. Later regd 4288 AO and then mo 2475 when transferred to Alice Springs.
Aug 18, 2009
m/o 33851027 viewsWith STA cancelling their Airport Express services over the Olympic period, the vehicles operated various spectator services. 3385, a PMC '160' bodied Mercedes-Benz O405, is laying over between trips at Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay.Aug 17, 2009
m/o 80521501 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC. ex m/o 7904; ex Calabro; ex Gold Coast Citybus (84) 113 PSI, ex Smekels. SOLD 03/08 to Edwards Coaches, Armidale, N.S.W. with accident damage. A non-Olympic picture taken at the time of the Olympics - in the company's new colours (which did not last long), seen here at Fairfield Stn.Aug 09, 2009
MO 50831358 viewsCavanaghs (Kempsey, northern NSW) MO 5083 had recently been acquired from ACTION, Canberra (and still wears the ACTION livery). As BUS 674 in the ACTION fleet, it was (and still is) the only Renault PR100.1 in Australia. It was delivered to ACTION for evaluation purposes in 1986 (imported fully bodied from France), and remained in the ACTION fleet until 2000. Since reregd 4215 MO. For sale 8/2010.Aug 03, 2009
MO 0396740 viewsDubbo Coaches (31) MO 0396 is a 1985 Custom Coaches bodied Nissan RB30R, seen here at Lidcombe Stn. Since reregd 1186 MO.Aug 03, 2009
MO 96181036 viewsMO 9618 from Blunts (Casino, northern NSW) is a PMC bodied Merc O305 - ex STA Mk II 2087.Aug 02, 2009
ex m/o 19231917 views30 Years Of O305's in Sydney Tour. Ex Sydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 1923 in original livery.Jun 01, 2007
ex m/o 19231508 views30 Years Of O305's in Sydney Tour. Ex Sydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA 1923 in original livery.Jun 01, 2007
m/o 1923 and m/o 17692910 views30 Years Of O305's in Sydney Tour. Two Sydney Buses Mercedes O305 Mark 1's m/o 1923 in original livery and m/o 1769 in a later livery at the Edgecliff Bus Interchange.Jun 01, 2007
ex m/o 19231739 views30 Years Of O305's in Sydney Tour. Ex Sydney Buses (1923) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark 1 shown in the original Mark I livery.Jun 01, 2007
Transit First988 viewsTransit First Farewell Tour. In front a bus with the green front livery with another bus behind showing the transit First signage on the side.Jan 30, 2007
m/o 86321399 viewsTransit First Farewell Tour. (8) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L". It soon lost the green front after the takeover by Veolia.Jan 30, 2007
m/o 650952 viewsTransit First Farewell Tour. Old style three digit m/o plates attached to Mercedes-Benz O405NH/ABM "CB60" ex m/o 8448; ex King Bros undelivered, which was included in the takeover by Veolia Transport.Jan 30, 2007
m/o 88502491 viewsTransit First Farewell Tour. MAN SL202/Ansair ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (50) m/o 8850 1/1/05; ex m/o 363; ex STA (3567) m/o 7012 - leased to BUS2000 3/01; ex Parramatta Ryde Bus Service (Riverside Bus & Coach Services Pty Ltd), Ermington m/o 7012; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (734) BUS 734. It became (693) at Veolia Transport.Jan 30, 2007
m/o 3351 and m/o 17111407 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. 3351 Mercedes O405/PMC Mark 5 & 1711 Volvo B12BLEA/CC CB60 Artic at BondiOct 18, 2006
m/o 35111635 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06 - Sydney Buses (3511) Scania L113CRL/Ansair 'Orana' at Clovelly. The prototype for this bus hence its out of sequence fleet number.Oct 18, 2006
m/o 32851347 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. MAN SL202 PMC m/o 3285 at Bondi BeachOct 18, 2006
m/o 25521526 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Mercedes Benz O305G PMC m/o 2552 exits Port Botany Bus DepotOct 18, 2006
m/o 33851615 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Sydney Buses Mercedes Benz O405 PMC 160 m/o 3385 ex Airport Express at Port Botany DepotOct 18, 2006
m/o 3390 and m/o 33851589 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Sydney Buses Mercedes Benz O405 PMC 160 m/o 3390 & m/o 3385 ex Airport Express within the confines of Port Botany DepotOct 18, 2006
m/o 25521796 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Mercedes Benz O305G/PMC m/o 2552 poses for a photo, at La Perouse terminusOct 18, 2006
m/o 25521273 viewsOn the STA Randwick Tour 15/10/06 Sydney Buses (2552) Mercedes-Benz O305G/PMC turns from Bay Parade into Howe St, Malabar.Oct 17, 2006
m/o 45421388 viewsHopkinsons Metrobus Volvo B10B/P&D Coachworks seen at Merrylands (Bus Interchange)Sep 20, 2006
TVQ 6001818 viewsCarbridge (Rozelle, Sydney) operate the Star City Casino services. TVQ 600 is a Mercedes-Benz O400 with Ansair 'Orana' body. This vehicle was a common sight on route 7 spectator services. It has since been sold to Martin Albury retaining its registration, but since reregd 1925 MO.Sep 20, 2006
m/o 61351768 viewsRuttys (Wollongong, NSW) (35) m/o 6135 is a Hino RG197K with PMC '160' body and is still as such with Premier Illawarra.Sep 20, 2006
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