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img448 - TransitPlus Volvo B10ML artic [Fuji] No_3308 [VGS-403] @ King William Rd [12Aug09].JPG
VGS 403233 viewsTransitPlus (308) Volvo B10ML/Fuji in King William Road 12/8/2009.Jul 16, 2016
img445 - TransitPlus Volvo B10ML [Fuji] articulated No_3308 [VGS-403] @ King William Rd [12Aug09].JPG
VGS 403253 viewsTransitPlus (308) Volvo B10ML/Fuji in King William Road 12/8/2009.Jul 16, 2016
m/o 8701181 viewsTransdev TSL (25) which is a Mercedes Benz O405 with Custom Coaches "Series 228" body. On Rail standby in August 2009.Apr 11, 2015
m/o 1955177 views(107) is heading to Hornsby on rail with the first stop being Chatswood in August 2009. It is a Scania K94UB with Volgren "CR228L" bodywork from Transdev TSL.Apr 11, 2015
TV 5605155 viewsThis is Telfords (150) Mercedes Benz O405/PMC ex Invicta Bus, Lilydale, VIC (80) (B41D); ex OOZ 302; ex Quince's Scenicruisers, Oakielgh, VIC OOZ 302; ex DKA 117. It no longer carries the fleet number.Apr 10, 2015
m/o 9494236 viewsOn North Shore Line rail replacement last week is this Forest Coach Lines Mercedes Benz O500LE Euro IV with Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II body.Seen herew in August 2009.Apr 10, 2015
m/o 7605243 viewsRunning special is Hillsbus Mercedes Benz O405 with a single door Custom Coaches "Series 510" body seen her in August 2009.Apr 10, 2015
m/o 7545291 viewsThis is a Mercedes Benz O405NH with Custom Coaches "Series 550" bodywork from Hillsbus seen here in August 2009.Apr 10, 2015
TV 3743185 viewsWarrigal Charters Scania K92CR/Custom Coaches formerly registered 2222 MO, and is ex Marshalls of Moruya, "Scout" 2222 MO 29/12/08; ex MO 0919; ex The Moruya Bus Co (Davding Pty Ltd) MO 0919; ex Busways (121) m/o 7727, seen here in August 2009. It has been reregd TV 7553.Apr 10, 2015
m/o 8435 259 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10MA/Custom Coaches CB50 on Optus Shuttle 993 in August 2009.Apr 09, 2015
m/o 9520254 viewsHillsbus Scania K310UB with the 2500th Volgren body to be built by their Dandenong plant. Seen here in August 2009 on Optus shuttle 993.Apr 09, 2015
TV 1326244 viewsThis is a MAN 16.290 HOCL-R with bodywork from Coach Design, from Bankstown Coaches, ex Winglong Coaches; ex Wattle Coaches returning to the depot after a Bulletbus run in August 2009.Apr 09, 2015
TP1580539 viewsTransperth Swan Transit TP1580 Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" sits at Thornlie Station awaiting passengers for the run to Murdoch on Route 206 21-08-09Sep 05, 2009
TP1572511 viewsTransperth Swan Transit TP1572 Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" exits Thornlie Station where it waits for the green light to turn onto Spencer Road to continue its journey to Huntingdale 21-08-09Sep 05, 2009
TP1544510 viewsTransperth Swan Transit TP1544 Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" 'NOT IN SERVICE' runs down Great Eastern Highway Greenmount on it's way back to Midvale Depot 22-08-09Sep 05, 2009
3827 MO815 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 566 3827-MO Hino RG197K/CC heads back to Tweed depot after completing it afternoon school run. It is ex MO 1684, ex-STA (3547) m/o 5680 B51D; ex-North and Western m/o 5680. Aug 27, 2009
5253 MO759 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 504 Hino RG197K/PMCA "160" heads back to Tweed depot after completing an afternoon school run. It is ex MO 3161, orig (502) MO.2549.Aug 27, 2009
598 FJT998 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 598 598-FJT Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech heads back to Tweed depot after doing an afternoon school run.Aug 27, 2009
5278 MO811 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 542 5278-MO Volvo B6M/CC heads back to Tweed depot after completing an afternoon school run. It is ex MO 0551, ex-Thompson, Casino, NSW MO 0551.Aug 27, 2009
644 EVE962 viewsSurfside Buslines unit 644 644-EVE Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Bustech makes its way to Tweed Heads while operating a route 605 from Murwillumbah.Aug 27, 2009
986 KMP1341 viewsSurfside Buslines (767) Volvo B7RLE/Bustech VST awaits its next run at Tweed Heads.Aug 25, 2009
MDI 081609 viewsSurfside Buslines (461) Bustech MDI ex demo rests in the shade at Tweed Heads before soon doing a route 768. Aug 25, 2009
868 KSF649 viewsHornibrook Buslines (124) Scania K230UB/Volgren CR228L in Translink livery at Scarborough. Aug 25, 2009
825 GRW712 viewsSurfside's Bustech bodied VolvoB7RLE unit 825 at Robina Station while doing Football Charter duties.Aug 25, 2009
3864AO534 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (64) 3864AO Mercedes Benz O.500LE/Volgren "CR228L", Aug 18, 2009
Latrobe Valley512 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines Iveco Metro C260/Custom Coaches "CB60"Aug 18, 2009
3864AO525 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (64) 3864AO Mercedes Benz O.500LE/Volgren "CR228L", is seen at the Morwell depot.Aug 18, 2009
3848AO479 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (48) 3848AO Hino RK176K/Custom Coaches, is seen at the Morwell depot.Aug 18, 2009
3836AO485 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (36) 3836AO Mercedes Benz OH1421L/Custom Coaches, is seen at the Traralgon depot.Aug 18, 2009
6289AO583 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (89) 6289AO Iveco Metro C260/Volgren "CR228L"Aug 18, 2009
6285AO581 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (85) 6285AO Iveco Metro C260/Custom Coaches "CB60"Aug 18, 2009
3856AO591 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (56) 3856AO Hino RK250/ABM "Starliner 3"Aug 18, 2009
5912AO532 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (412) 5912AO Scania K230UB/Volgren "CR228L"Aug 18, 2009
5429AO899 viewsDysons (306) 5429AO Scania K124EB/Coach Design laying over at Melbourne Bus Link Footscray Depot.Aug 18, 2009
4265AO736 viewsDysons (104) 4265AO Denning - GM/Denning "Landseer" leaves Melbourne Bus Link's Footscray Depot, heading to Southern Cross Station, where it will then run a service to Barham.Aug 18, 2009
4914AO729 viewsWestrans Altona (35) 4914AO Volvo B10M MkII/Volgren, ex Westrans Sunshine (35) 4914AO, is seen working a 410 to Sunshine.Aug 18, 2009
0332AO704 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (332) 0332AO MAN SL200/Ansair "MK2" in the Workshop at Footscray depot.Aug 18, 2009
2339AO379 viewsSita Bus Lines (289) 2339AO Toyota Coaster HZB50R/ArakawaAug 18, 2009
2883AO and 5355AO649 viewsSita Bus Lines 89(2883AO) Volvo B10B/Volgren and (155)5355AO Volvo B12BLE/Volgren "CR221L"Aug 18, 2009
0364AO565 viewsMelbourne Bus Link Scania L94UB/Volgren "CR222L"Aug 18, 2009
7408AO843 viewsVentura #200 Designline Hybrid, Designline. at Lonsdale St, City (Outside Myers) on route 251 to Garden City.Aug 16, 2009
0336AO603 viewsMelbourne bus link (336) 0336AO MAN SL200/Ansair "MK2", at Footscray Depot, awaiting to be Sold.Aug 10, 2009
0334AO & 0343AO793 viewsMelbourne Bus Link 334 and 343 both MAN SL200/Ansair MK2, Laying over between duties at Footscray Depot, bus 334 is now Withdrawn.Aug 10, 2009
0296AO601 viewsMelbourne Bus Link 296 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2, Laying over between duties at Footscray Depot, this bus is now Withdrawn.Aug 10, 2009
5461AO546 viewsDysons (305) Scania L94UB/Volgren "CR227L"Aug 10, 2009
0355AO788 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (355) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren "CR222L" ex PLQ076Aug 10, 2009
0343AO537 views(343) Melbourne Bus Link MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 about to commence a School run, before doing a 232 to North AltonaAug 10, 2009
0332AO565 viewsMelbourne bus link 332 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 ex OVO369 about to commence a 232 to North AltonaAug 10, 2009
0353AO595 viewsMelbourne Buslink (353) Scania L94UB/Volgren "CR222L" seen in advertising livery for Victoria UniversityAug 10, 2009
Carbrook coaches Mils tuli Orbit410 viewsIt's Ekka time Again in Brisbane and this bus was dropping School Children off to the ekka Aug 07, 2009
TP1643572 viewsSwan Transit Perth 1643 Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren "CR228L" exits Thornlie Station about to turn onto Spencer Road on Route 228 bound for Gosnells via MaddingtonAug 06, 2009
TP1512524 viewsSwan Transit Perth 1512 Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" on Nicholson Road ThornlieAug 06, 2009
TP1568483 viewsSwan Transit Perth 1568 Mercedes Benz O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" rolling down Great Eastern Highway heading for Perth CityAug 06, 2009
UQB 648806 viewsSwan Transit Perth 648 Renault PR100.2/JWBolton on Great Eastern Highway Redcliffe. Since reregd TP648Aug 06, 2009
TP1020479 viewsSwan Transit Perth 1020 Renault PR100.2/HPorter ex-UQB920 Transperth (1020) travels down Robinson Road on 322 bound for Helena ValleyAug 06, 2009
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