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2016-02-02 13_20_59.jpg
m/o 8742300 viewsTransdev NSW Scania K94IB/Custom Coaches "SB400" ex (222), in Prince St, Cronulla 2/2/2016.
2016-02-04 10_01_12.jpg
m/o 8352187 viewsTransdev NSW (108) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Volgren "CR221" ex (108), ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (108); ex MO 3417, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 4/2/2016.
2016-02-04 10_19_40.jpg
2622 ST200 viewsSydney Buses (2622) Scania K280UB/Bustech VST in Kiora Road, Miranda 4/2/2016.
2016-02-07 09_36_01.jpg
TV 8309292 viewsTelfords (9019) Volvo B10M MkIII/ Austral "Metroliner" ex Transit (NSW) Liverpool Pty Ltd t/as Transit Systems Sydney, Smithfield (1208) m/o 6163 8/4/15; ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (265) 265 SGG, on rail at Cronulla Station 7/2/2016.
2016-02-07 09_38_55.jpg
TV 7003205 viewsTelfords (6006) Iveco Metro/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex BD50GM 23/1/12; ex Iveco Australia Demonstrator; Trialed at Red Bus Services, Bateau Bay (91) & (95) 5/10 to 25/11/11; ex Premier Illawarra, Figtree; ex Veolia Transport NSW, Bankstown; ex Punchbowl Bus Company, Riverwood; ex Busways, Blacktown. Arrived at Telford's from Custom Care 23/12/11. At Munro Park, Cronulla awaiting its next rail replacement trip 7/2/2016.
2016-02-07 09_42_37.jpg
m/o 4518273 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L113CRL/Custom Coaches "CB60" in TNSW livery in Cronulla St, Cronulla 7/2/2016 awaiting its next rail trip.
2016-02-07 09_43_21.jpg
TV 8478185 viewsTelfords (6002) Iveco Metro/Custom Coaches CB60 ex 1921 MO, ex F & R Martin Pty Ltd, Albury (109) 1921 MO 22/11/12; ex MO 6700, first regd 11/9/06 ex Iveco Demonstrator m/o 9034, awaiting its next rail trip in Cronulla St, Cronulla 7/2/2016.
2016-02-07 09_44_58.jpg
TV 5261182 viewsTelfords (9028) MAN SL252/Hicom ex m/o 1467, in Cronulla St, Cronulla 7/2/2016 awaiting its next rail trip.
2016-02-07 09_47_54.jpg
TV 52994 viewsHopkinsons Higer Roadboss - Cummins ISBe/Higer "Roadboss" about to depart a rail trip from Cronulla Station 7/2/2016.
2016-02-07 09_56_00.jpg
TV 7982299 viewsTelfords (9020) Volvo B10M MkIII/ Austral "Metroliner" ex Transit Systems, Cleveland QLD 16/4/15 (stored unused 8/13 to 4/15); ex Brisbane Transport, Toowong, QLD (280) 280 BNK, at Munro Park, Cronulla awaiting its next rail trip 7/2/2016.
2016-02-07 09_58_39.jpg
TV 5292185 viewsTelfords (5009) Volvo B7R/P&D ex (178), ex m/o 8566 just having arrived at Cronulla station on a rail trip 7/2/2016.
2016-02-09 10_26_48.jpg
m/o 3800246 viewsSydney Buses (3800) Scania L113CRL/Ansair in Jackson Ave, Miranda 9/2/2016 in a mixture of mark 1 and mark 2 corporate liveries.
2016-02-09 10_40_37.jpg
m/o 9482191 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L" ordered by Transit First - delivered to Veolia Transport, ex (318), in Kiora Road, Miranda in AOA for radio station Nova 96.9 9/2/2016.
2016-02-09 13_04_24.jpg
TV 4633300 viewsTelfords (2005) Volvo B12B/Coach Concepts ex Hawkesford's International Pty Ltd, Enfield (60) TV 4633 via Auction 28/10/11; ex (SA) XJF 354; ex AA68WC; ex Volvo Stock (Commonwealth Games / Qantas decals), at Wanda Beach 9/2/2016.
2016-02-09 13_05_45.jpg
BS69CY202 viewsMarcellin College Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV ex STA 2943, at Wanda Beach 9/2/2016.
2016-02-12 12_44_19.jpg
m/o 014259 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co MAN 10.155/PMC in the Bankstown Interchange layover area in TNSW livery 12/2/2016. Scrapped by August that year.
2016-02-12 12_48_51.jpg
m/o 8243164 viewsTransdev NSW Scania L94UB/Bustech ex (202), in the Bankstown Interchange layover area 12/2/2016.
2016-02-12 12_50_07.jpg
m/o 9004220 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches ex Harris Park Transport (stored u/r) 6/05; ex m/o 8959. In AOA livery for Jenny’s Kindergarten, departing Banstown Interchange 12/2/2016.
2016-02-12 12_52_11.jpg
m/o 9666178 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex (425), in the Bankstown Interchange 12/2/2016.
2016-02-12 12_56_59.jpg
m/o 4567265 viewsPunchbowl Bus Company Scania L113CRL/Custom Coaches CB60 in TNSW livery, in the Bankstown Interchange layover area 12/2/2016.
2016-02-12 12_59_11.jpg
m/o 9765181 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B7RLE/ Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex (433) in AOA for Think FAST for stroke treatment, in the Bankstown Interchange layover area 12/2/2016.
2016-02-12 13_10_40.jpg
m/o 8606180 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Custom Coaches "CB60" ex (319), ex S Crowther & Sons Pty Ltd, Caringbah, at Bankstown Central 12/2/2016 with its driver side ad recently changed to Domain Property App.
2016-02-18 10_03_51.jpg
m/o 4832209 viewsSydney Buses (4832) Volvo B12BLE Euro 5/ Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" in Jackson Ave, Miranda 18/2/2016.
2016-02-18 10_22_12.jpg
m/o 3808226 viewsSydney Buses (3808) Scania L113CRL/Ansair "Orana" which has reverted from Olympic pates to black on yellow plates, in AOA for Pandora Music, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 18/2/2016.
2016-02-23 10_12_38.jpg
2463 ST221 viewsSydney Buses (2463) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" in Jackson Ave, Miranda 23/2/2016 in Transport NSW livery.
2016-02-24 13_38_38.jpg
TV 2090227 viewsTelfords (5017) Volvo B7R/Coach Design in Mitchell Road, Wanda Beach 24/2/2016 in all white stripped of its Tiger Tours livery. Reported deregd 10/2016.
2016-02-28 09_43_41.jpg
m/o 5433251 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches "CB80" in Transport NSW livery displayed at the 2011 Australian Bus & Coach Show, Rosehill Racecourse. It appeared to be going to Shark Park to start a route 7 trip to Sydney Olympic Park but there no such trips timetabled on 28/2/2016.
2016-02-28 09_59_04.jpg
Ex TV 5279 and TV 5280247 viewsTelfords (8013) and (9025) M.A.N SL200/Ansair, ex Melbourne Bus Link, ex Met Melbourne, two of six such withdrawn buses at the ex Caringbah Bus Service depot in Parraweena Road, Caringbah 28/2/2016. There do not appear to be any active buses left at that depot. The stored buses had gone by the end of April.
2016-02-28 10_07_21.jpg
TYNANS183 viewsMercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex Crowthers TV 4174, ex STA Mark II 2201, seen in black livery advertising Tynan Motors, in a Tynans yard in Kumulla Road, Caringbah 28/2/2016.
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