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m/o 8947305 viewsVeolia Transport (35) Hino RG197K/PMCA "Commuter" ex Transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (66) m/o 8947, on rail duties 13/1/2013.
2309AO228 viewsSita Bus Lines (9) Volvo B10M/Volgren on regional rail
TV 7123257 viewsAustralia Wide Coaches Denning Silver Phoenix at Bathurst in Countrylink livery 18/2/2013,
TV 7123269 viewsAustralia Wide Coaches Denning Silver Phoenix at Lithgow in Countrylink livery 18/2/2013,
TV 2932258 viewsCarbridge (12) MAN 18.232/Volgren "CR221L" ex demonstrator, at Mascot 4/1/2013
TV 5174271 viewsCarbridge (25) Scania L94UB/NCBC "Downtown City Bus" at Mascot 14/1/2013 in Blu Emu livery.
TV 5180272 viewsCarbridge (34) Iveco Metro C260/Custom Coaches "CB60" in T Bus livery at Mascot 4/1/2013.
TV 5874247 viewsCarbridge (48) Scania K230UB/Northcoast in Blu Emu livery at Mascot 4/1/2013.
TV 5876235 viewsRear view of Carbridge (49) Scania K230UB/NCBC "Downtown" at Mascot 4/1/2013 in Blu Emu livery.
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TV 6472229 viewsCarbridge (17) Scania K230UB/Irizar Iria ex demonstrator, at Mascot 4/1/2013.
TV 6609230 viewsCarbridge (46) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren CR228L at Mascot in Blu Emu livery 4/1/2013.

ZDL 180146 viewsAEC Regal3 ex MMTB Melbourne (513) HJA 513 in Newcastle 7/1/2013.
ZDL 180127 viewsAEC Regal3 ex MMTB Melbourne (513) HJA 513 in Newcastle 7/1/2013
ZDL 180110 viewsAEC Regal3 ex MMTB Melbourne (513) HJA 513 in Newcastle 7/1/2013.
ZDL 180123 viewsAEC Regal3 ex MMTB Melbourne (513) HJA 513 in Newcastle 7/1/2013.
6595 MO530 viewsFentons (Oberon Bus Service) Volvo B9R/Coach Design in Countrylink livery, at Mount Victoria 18/1/2013.
6595 MO610 viewsFentons (Oberon Bus Service) Volvo B9R/Coach Design in Countrylink livery, at Mount Victoria 18/1/2013.
DOG 819390 viewsGreyhound (819) ScaniaK114IB/Mills-Tui “Majestic Valere” in Countrylink livery at Lithgow 18/1/2013.
TV 2992501 viewsLoaders (1) Motorcoach on Countrylink duty at Lithgow 18/1/2013. It was repainted out of Countrylink livery by 2/2012.
TV 3344351 viewsOgdens Coaches (40) Autobus at Bathurst in Countrylink livery 18/1/2013.
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393 LLU340 viewsBrisbane Transport (1046) Man 18.310(diesel)/Volgren in AOA livery for City Glider, at Fortitude Valley 22/1/2013. Received from Derek Orford.
571 LOY 219 viewsMAN 18.290/MCV S120 is a demonstrator being operated by Willunga Charter. Seen here on Adelaide Rail on 30/01/2013.
m/o 5169345 viewsBusways (568) Mercedes O405 Turbo/CC 510 at Rouse Hill.
m/o 5094242 viewsVeolia Transport (349) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech VST at Sutherland, Recently transferred to Menai.
m/o 7493297 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10MSE/Volgren CR221 at Castle Hill.
m/o 5102473 viewsBusways (1044) MAN 18.320/CC CB80 at Castle Hill.
m/o 8646405 viewsTransdev/Shorelink (77) Mercedes O405NH/Bustech at Hornsby
m/o 9115247 viewsVeolia Transport (704), a 1993 Volvo B10M Mk3 with a Volgren body (ex Grenda, Melbourne), This type of bus has featured heavily on rail over the past few days.
m/o 8393315 viewsVeolia Transport (95), a 1990 Volvo B10M Mk3 with the rare Custom Coaches "Bustech" body. The ex Southtrans Volvos have also featured heavily on rail.
TV 5813433 viewsTelfords Mercedes Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mk 3 2724 dating back to 1983, on rail duties.
m/o 8120247 viewsVeolia Transport (93) is an ex Southtrans Volvo B10M with a 1989 PMC 'Metro 90' body seen on rail duties.
TV 7271505 viewsTelfords latest acquisition is this 2012 Volvo B7RLE with a Custom Coaches CB80 body, a stock unit originally intended for Veolia NSW having been ordered by Caringbah Bus Service prior to their sale to Veolia.
m/o 8353288 viewsBusabout Volvo B10M/CC 200 at Liverpool.
m/o 7107355 viewsVeolia Transport (112) a 1998 Volvo B10BLE with Volgren CR221L bodywork ex Southtrans, was (somewhat) recently repainted into TNSW livery, still looking good after a few months
TV 4011425 viewsTelfords Mercedes Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches “550” ex Noel's Minibus Hire t/a Noel's Charter, Penrith TV 4011 21/6/12; ex RH & JL Kennedy, Nowra (22) 2357 MO 8/09; ex Cavadil Pty Ltd t/a Culburra Bus & Coach Service, Culburra (19) 2357 MO 1/11/08; ex MO 289 28/8/08 - Displayed at the 1998 Bus & Coach.
m/o 9768277 viewsMetrolink (33) Volvo B7RLE/Bustech VST Cabramatta Free Shuttle Bus at Liverpool,
TV 5262433 viewsTelfords 1990 Isuzu LT1-11P with Nambucca bodywork ex (101), ex m/o 8356, a very rare type of bus to be found in metropolitan areas.
TV 7266432 viewsTelfords Mercedes Benz O405/PMC/PMC Mark V recently acquired from State Transit where it was no. 3134.
TV 6992398 viewsTelfords Mercedes Benz O305PMC ex STA Mk 2 2049 dating back to 1979, on rail duties.
m/o 706336 viewsWestbus Metrotec Delta 16.210/CC 300 ex (6) m/o 706 Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Girraween at Parramatta. It was displayed at the 1996 Bus & Coach Show.
2361 ST319 viewsSydney Buses (2361) Volvo B7RLE/CC CB80 at Parramatta on an M54.
m/o 1933299 viewsTransdev Shorelink (97), a 2006 Scania L94UB with Custom CB60 Bodywork, very much out of Familiar Territory on rail at Parramatta.
7032 MO247 viewsShoal Bus Denning Phoenix LowFloor at Nowra Bus Terminal.
6211 MO285 viewsShoal Bus Iveco Metro/Northcoast at Bomaderry Station.
1922 MO393 viewsTelfords Iveco Metro/Custom Coaches CB60 ex Martins. Albury, ex MO 6701; ex Iveco Demonstrator m/o 9035, on rail with a Waratah programmed into the desto.
m/o 8230174 viewsVeolia Transport (42) Hino RG197K/CC 210 ex (118); ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 8230; ex Whitsunday Transit, Cannonvale, QLD 786 EXN; ex Crossley, Revesby m/o 093; ex m/o 8830, on rail.
m/o 8946186 viewsVeolia Transport (36) Hino RG197K/PMCA Commuter ex Transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (65) m/o 8946 1/2/07, on rail
m/o 9100242 viewsVeolia Transport (683), a 1990 CC Mk88 Leyland Tiger ex m/o 8425 7/09; ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (47) m/o 8425 1/2/07; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (41) m/o 8425 1/1/05; ex Delwood Coaches, Villawood m/o 8425 4/92, on rail in January 2013 - it was a very welcome surprise as it is rarely seen on rail.
TV 376173 viewsBankstown Coaches Mercedes O305/PMC Mark III ex STA 2637 on rail.

m/o 9333698 viewsHillsbus, a 2007 Scania K94UB with Volgren CR228L bodywork in the Simpsons AOA on rail at Liverpool.
AZ 09 AC242 viewsBankstown Coaches Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II ex Grasshopper Minibus Hire, Penrith AZ09AC 4/11; ex STA 2332 10/08, in Whydrive.com.au livery, on rail.
TV 4175206 viewsBankstown Coaches Mercedes O305/PMC ex Crowthers Coaches Pty Ltd, Caringbah TV 4175; ex STA Mk II 2474, on rail with the desto now boarded over.
m/o 5383330 viewsHopkinsons Mercedes O405 with 1988 PMC bodywork ex Quince, Melbourne DKA130; ex B41D, doing Glenfield - Parramatta rail work January 2013. It was fitted with a Custom Coaches CB80 front 4/14 and repainted into silver livery.
TV 6471166 viewsBankstown Coaches ex STA Mk II Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA 2385 on rail.
m/o 5770224 viewsVeolia Transport (38), an ex Transit First Hino RG197K with a 1989 PMCSA SE2 Body, on rail.
m/o 8956233 viewsVeolia Transport (33), a 1995 Hino RG197K with an Austral Denning Starliner body ex Transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (68) m/o 8956 1/2/07; ex Crossley Bus Lines (Danastra Pty Ltd), Revesby m/o 8956 1/97, on rail at Lidcombe.
m/o 8354390 viewsWestbus, a 1990 Volvo B10M Mk3 with a Custom Coaches 200 body, nice to see CDC putting some interesting stuff out on rail.
TV 528297 viewsHopkinsons TV 528 would've provided a comfortable ride for some on rail. It is a 2011 Higer Roadboss - (Cummins ISBe).
m/o 4006340 viewsHopkinsons, a 1988 Mercedes O405 with a PMCSA body out on rail. It isn't often seen on the road and is ex m/o 7779; ex Quince's, Melbourne DKA 136; ex B41D.
TV 6515427 viewsTelford's Mercedes O305 with PMC bodywork of 1984, ex STA 2782, out on rail.
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