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m/o 19221123 viewsHawkesford's operate this ex STA Mercedes/PMC Mk II (2183). Is has since been registered TV 5750. It is pictured here at their former depot in Lidcombe, NSW.
m/o 1923 and m/o 17692916 views30 Years Of O305's in Sydney Tour. Two Sydney Buses Mercedes O305 Mark 1's m/o 1923 in original livery and m/o 1769 in a later livery at the Edgecliff Bus Interchange.
m/o 25521798 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Mercedes Benz O305G/PMC m/o 2552 poses for a photo, at La Perouse terminus
m/o 25521529 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Mercedes Benz O305G PMC m/o 2552 exits Port Botany Bus Depot
m/o 2559899 viewsOn Saturday 29th November a tour was held using STA's Mercedes-Benz O305G artics. 2559 was photographed at Collaroy Plateau. It has since become TV 5759 ex m/o 9209 at Hawkesfords Mosman Charter Buses and then TV 7640 at Bankstown Coaches.

m/o 3170761 viewsSTA Mercedes-Benz O405/PMC Mk V 3170 is nicknamed the 'Pumpkin Bus' and is in a special livery advertising the late night services out of Manly.

m/o 32851349 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. MAN SL202 PMC m/o 3285 at Bondi Beach
m/o 3351 and m/o 17111408 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. 3351 Mercedes O405/PMC Mark 5 & 1711 Volvo B12BLEA/CC CB60 Artic at Bondi
m/o 33851616 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Sydney Buses Mercedes Benz O405 PMC 160 m/o 3385 ex Airport Express at Port Botany Depot
m/o 3390 and m/o 33851592 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06. Sydney Buses Mercedes Benz O405 PMC 160 m/o 3390 & m/o 3385 ex Airport Express within the confines of Port Botany Depot
m/o 7113998 viewsSouthtrans (34) Leyland Worldmaster/CC ex Westbus; ex Toongabbie Transport (39) m/o 7113 24/1/87; rebody ex UTA 2967, at Sutherland going to Lucas Height aka Barden Ridge. It subsequently became DR 6848 at Taylor's, Hillwood, Tas.

m/o 35111642 viewsSTA Randwick Tour 15/10/06 - Sydney Buses (3511) Scania L113CRL/Ansair 'Orana' at Clovelly. The prototype for this bus hence its out of sequence fleet number.
4582AO Wallan East.jpg
4582 AO847 viewsWallan East Roadlines operate this tourmaster, which is ex TV 393 Pleasure Tours, Bass Hill NSW. It is seen here outside The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich QLD.
614 Mobile Youth Centre UMI435.jpg
UMI 435501 viewsUMI 435 is a Volgren B10M high deck operated as a mobile youth centre. It was photographed outside Flinders Street Railway Station in Melbourne.
2003 Bus Show948 viewsMAN 10.220/Alan B Denning. Low-floor entry/wheelchair accessible.
BUS 108907 viewsAction PR100.3/Austral Denning (108) at the City Bus Interchange Civic working a Route 56 service to Gungahlin Marketplace. In all over ad for Heineken Beer.
BUS 303555 viewsACTION BUS 303, an Irisbus Agoraline/CC 'CB60', one of the undelivered King Bros order.

BUS 319741 viewsAction Irisbus Agoraline/CC CB60 (319) at the City Bus Interchange Civic working a Route 312 service to Spence. Fitted with a trial bike rack.
BUS 812380 viewsACTION Canberra BUS812, Renault PR100.2/Ansair

BUS 8221502 viewsACTION (Canberra) BUS 822 Renault PR100.2/Ansair in the layover area at North Gate, Sydney Olympic Park. Despite the "City Express" destination shown, the bus is preparing to operate a route 7A spectator service to Miranda in Sydney's south.
BUS 927527 viewsACTION, Canberra BUS 927, Renault PR100.2/Ansair, at Belconnen Interchange.

BUS 989601 viewsACTION BUS 989 is an Ansair bodied PR180.2 articulated bus. Seen here at Canberra Stadium.

BUS 1131271 viewsACTION Renault PR100.3a/Austral Denning
BUS 8871122 viewsAction Canberra (887) Renault PR100.2/Ansair at Canberra City Bus Interchange (Civic)
BUS 9821082 viewsAction (Canberra) (982) Renault PR100.2/Ansair at Woden Bus Interchange in advertising livery.
BUS 137891 viewsACTION Dennis Dart SLF/Wright (Crusader) (Northern Ireland)
WJM 9861014 viewsTorrens Transit (1347) MAN NL202/PMCA which is not wheelchair accessible.

m/o 34052019 viewsSydney Buses (3405) Mercedes Benz O405N/Ansair (Orana) at Sydney Airport in Airport Express livery.
m/o 35061573 viewsSydney Buses (3506) Scania L113CRB/Ansair (Orana) at Rockdale Plaza Drive, Rockdale
2003 Bus Show803 viewsSide/Rear view of Volvo B12BLE/CC 'CB60' 1429 for Newcastle Buses.
TV 4541902 viewsBankstown Coaches TV 4541, Volvo B58H/PMCSA ex Blue Mountains Explorer ex WJP 601 Torrens Transit, Adelaide at Granville Interchange on the Bankstown Coaches tour still in Blue Mountain Explorer red livery.
TV 5116706 viewsBankstown Coaches Austral Tourmaster seen on the Bankstown Coaches tour outside the former Bustrans (Katen & Heath - Silverline) Depot Normanby St, Fairfield. It is rebuild ex Coffs Coast Transit (Natjas Pty Ltd) TV 5116 2/4/09; ex All Aussie Tours (RK Willetts), Bankstown & Richmond TV 251; ex G Andretic t/a Trip About Tours, St Marys TV 251; ex Greyhound Pioneer (495) 031 ESA.
TV 4453708 viewsBankstown Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/Custom Coaches ex Pleasure Tours m/o 6381 ex Greens seen on the Bankstown Coaches tour at Merrylands Interchange.
TV 378581 viewsBansktown Coaches Scania K82SR/Custom Coaches "Mk 85" ex Transborder, Yass mo 52. Is is seen on the Bankstown Coaches tour in Sir Thomas Mitchell Road, Chester Hill still showing its Transborder colours.
TV 5467652 viewsBankstown Coaches Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA Mk 2 2181. Seen on the Bankstown Coaches Tour exiting the depot on Railway St, Yennora.
TV 6471409 viewsBankstown Coaches ex STA Mk II Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA 2385. Seen here in Argyle St, Parramatta.
m/o 8489 2003 Bus Show916 viewsMetrotec Delta/Express 61-seat charter vehicle for Baxters Bus Lines (20) m/o 8489. It later became (2) TV 5090.

m/o 8970850 viewsBaxter's (10) is a Scania L113CRB with Custom Coaches Series 238 body. This vehicle is now operated by the Comfort Delegro-Cabcharge group (Westbus - Girraween).
m/o 10381651 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (84) Csepel 844.19/Australian Bus Manufacturing which was displayed at the 2000 Bus & Coach Show, Warwick Farm and included in the takover by CDC (Westbus), to Chaterplus where it was deregd 2/2015.
m/o 6801659 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (80) Csepel 844.19/CC "CB50". Included in take over by Westbus (CDC).
m/o 86371248 viewsBaxters Bus Lines (28) Csepel 613.03/Express. Displayed at 2001 Bus & Coach Show. Sold to Howard Murrurundi as MO 0999.
m/o 5701577 viewsBaxters Bus LInes Mercedes-Benz O400/P&D ex MO 8857; ex Bega Valley Coaches (17) MO 8857 6/05; ex OJ's Bus Service, Kempsey MO 3439. It was included in the take over by Westbus Girraween as m/o 570 1/9/06.
601 FKG765 viewsBrisbane Transport's 601 is a Volgren CR222L bodied Volvo B10L. It is pictured in Queen St, Brisbane operating the Spring Hill Loop.
609 DRU1235 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Bowen Hills is (609) MAN 10.155 Midi with Ansair Orana body. Seen in Queen St? on the old City Loop service.
MO 4063937 viewsBeaumont - Coffs Harbour MAN 11.230/Express
8007 AO460 viewsBeechworth Bus Lines operate this MAN 18.350 with King Long body. It is seen here on Ford Street, Beechworth operating a school trip.
1100 MO449 viewsPhotographed at the Bega Valley Coaches depot is this Denning Phoenix - Cummins with NCBC body.
MO 9716367 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co Hino BG300/PMC MO 9716 since reregd 3706 MO parked off Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
MO 96181039 viewsMO 9618 from Blunts (Casino, northern NSW) is a PMC bodied Merc O305 - ex STA Mk II 2087.
MO 31831121 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co Hino RG197K/MBS "Citiliner" which has also been reported as a Rogers body, ex Katoomba - Leura Bus Service. It has been reregd 3764 MO.
MO 9039524 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Company operate this Volvo B10M Mk IV, with Volgren CR221 body (disregard the SC221 sticker below windscreen). It is now registered 3774 MO.
MO 66361202 viewsBlue Mountains Bus Co Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches Series CB60 Evo II later regd 1811 MO.
112 ERS1153 viewsFrom Brisbane Transport Carina depot is (112) MAN SL200/Denning exiting the Queen St Bus Station on a route 200 service.

279 BLE2334 viewsBrisbane Transport's Volvo B10M mk3 buses with the Austral "Metroliner" rigid bodies were built between 1991 and 1994 and are solid, comfortable buses. To make a great bus even better, these buses were recently retrofitted with CoachAir SRLT air conditioning, except for buses 246 and 341 which are lucky enough to have Carrier air conditioning.
566 EKA1468 viewsBrisbane Transport (566) Volvo B10L [Austral-Pacific] (AP) fitted with a bike rack
566 EKA1517 viewsBrisbane Transport's fleet of Volvo B10L Ansair Orana bodied buses have a resounding reputation within BT, however not neccessarily for the right reasons! They are commonly found on the "Great Circle Line" bus route, and many are retrofitted with bike racks. Shown here is (566)
843 EBC1933 viewsBrisbane Transport (843) MAN SL200/Denning at Queen Street, Brisbane
968 BXJ797 viewsBrisbane Transport MAN SL200 [Denning series2] since withdrawn.
216 JIB1821 viewsBrisbane Transport (1216) MAN 18.310/Volgren CR228L at Westfield Chermside
121 BRB910 viewsBrisbane Transport (121) MAN SL200 [Denning series2] seen here in advertising livery.
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