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ACTION Nationals990 viewsShown here in 1981, are two Leyland National's from ACTION's once extensive fleet of these vehicles. At the same time, ACTION would've been taking delivery of their MAN SL200 buses.

BCC Worldmaster.1301 viewsIn 1976, some BCC Regals and Royal Tiger Worldmasters were still in the old green livery as shown here with Worldmaster (248).

PJR 3401178 viewsIn March 1976, this Leyland Panther would've been quite new at the time operating for the Brisbane City Council bus fleet.

PRT 035438 viewsFrom Park Ridge Transit in Brisbane, is this MAN SL252 with a Malaysian Hicom body. These operate on a BT service which is contracted out to Park Ridge Transit to operate. Hence the bus being in BT livery.

980 EEN1024 viewsPart of Brisbanes Fleet Articulated bus fleet, is (980) Volvo B10M, with Volgren body operating a Busway service. It was withdrawn in June 2009 after 21 years of service.

IT 4778809 viewsEast Perth in March 1980 (much bus history in this shot), with an early Deluxe Domino Tourmaster DC122 - #2, then less than 6 months old - passing the MTT Causeway Depot, which was finally demolished a couple of years ago.

ECOBUS 2769 viewsEcobus unit number 2, is pictured here operating a popular Circle Route service at Fremantle Interchange. The trial ceased in October 2007 and this bus is now preserved.

ECOBUS 3751 viewsA Hydrogen fuel cell bus part of the worldwide trial, of such buses. Perths PTA has taken delivery of 3 units, built entirely in Germany by Mercedes, for use on the Transperth Urban Transport network. No 3 is photographed at one of the many conventions these buses have taken part in. Since the trial ceased in October 2007 1 and 3 have been used for parts.

UQB 358681 viewsFrom the MTT in Perth (now TransPerth), is this Leyland B21, with body by Hilquip. The batch of these were originally number 355 to 364, and later were renumbered to fleet numbers 15 to 24. (358) is being posed on an enthusiast tour in February 1980 with route 760 Fremantle on its Destination, which was one of the 3 bus routes that replaced the then closed Fremantle Suburban Train Line. Later it was (18) UQB 018 before becoming m/o 8110 with Metrolink in Sydney.
823 HAV586 views823HAV is a Bustech Volvo B7RLE operating for Sunbus on the Sunshine Coast
983 HUX588 viewsThis is one of the latest vehicles for Sunbus consisting of several of these Volvo B12BLE's with Bustech's VST style bodywork.

310 HOF794 viewsSunbus. Operating alongside larger buses on route 1, is this Mercedes O815D with Custom Coaches CB20 bodywork, which has been produced in an interesting partnership between Custom Coaches and Bustech who designed this body.

870 NSN753 viewsBustech are currently producing a number of Volvo B12BLE/VST's for Surfside, who own Bustech. About 11 of these are currently in service for Surfside.

TP 1172544 viewsSouthern Coast Transit Mercedes O405NH/Volgren "CR225L" 1172 is seen here operating a route 920 service at Fremantle. The bus also features a promotional livery, for the 900 series bus routes which have high frequencies.

TP 1180520 viewsSouthern Coast Transit 1180, is a short wheelbase Mercedes O405NH operating on the Fremantle CAT service.

UQB 671572 viewsAlthough this bus has a stock standard Mercedes O405 "VOV" front, it is actually a Mercedes O305G/HPorter. These are believed to be the only Mercedes O305's in the world with this front. These were among the last O305's delivered in the world. This bus is number 671 in the Path Transit Fleet.

TP 1206517 viewsAt the new Mandurah Interchange, which will soon include a Train Station, is Mercedes O405NH number 1206 from Southern Coast Transit.

TP 202998 viewsTransperth 202, an ex-WestRail Volvo B12R with Australian Autobus bodywork, is seen at the new Mandurah Bus Station picking up passengers prior to departing for Perth on the popular 867 CityLink route.

UQB 475667 viewsThese early Mercedes O305G buses with Howard Porter body were the main provider of services on the Freemantle to Perth 760, 761, 766 routes which had been substituted for the then closed Perth-Fremantle Railway. These operated the route for several years on this service before the Rail service recommenced. These buses now operate all over the Transperth System, along with many more Articulated Buses
UQB 725495 viewsFrom Southern Coast Transit is this Renault PR180.2 photographed at Curtin University. It is operating a shuttle service during an AFL match.

TRANSWA17529 viewsOne of the many new Scania K124EB's with Volgren's Coach body. These coaches feature wheelchair access and are used extensively across the TransWA coach services. They are registered TRANSWA then fleet number, this being TRANSWA17

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