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Scania/CC CB60770 viewsBack in 2004 this unidentified Adelaide Metro "CC CB60 Combo/ Scania L94UA" made a visit to Sydney to be shown off to transport industry officials. It is seen here at Sydney Olympic Park.
MO 3284417 viewsA recent delivery to Berrima Bus Lines is (2) Volvo B7R/CC 'SB40' seen leaving Berrima Bus Lines depot to operate an afternoon school run. Since reregd 1801 MO.
MO 4482551 viewsAlthough not a major destination on the Berrima Bus Lines network, 23 MO4482 Mercedes O405NH / Bustech ex Orange Coaches passes through the township of Berrima. The bus was running Special at the time, although displaying a destination. Since reregd 4823 MO.
908 HQA931 viewsWhen this photo was taken V808 was the newest Scania L94UB-CNG / Volgren CR224L for Brisbane Transport. Taken in Adelaide St, Brisbane.

349 IDG1058 viewsSoon to be rebranded as Greyhound Australia, this Greyhound Pioneer Denning Landseer (349) runs an Express service to Toowoomba after departing Dreamworld. It is ex Richmond Coaches TV 342; ex RV 872 and has since been sold

TV 1765931 viewsHopkinsons Denning Landseer double decker at Eddy Ave, Central Railway. It was ex Video Pak, Frenchs Forest.

img046 - TransHuon Hino RG197K [Ansair - Busworks Orana] [EU 9755] @ Huonville c_04Dec2004.jpg
EU 9755141 viewsTranshuonville Bus Service Hino RG197K/Ansair Orana at Huonville c 4 December 2004.
KBL 50771 viewsNew for Kangaroo Bus Lines is this Mercedes O500LE / CC 'CB60' photographed on possibly it's first day of service at Redcliffe Jetty.

66 CBS481 viewsPart of the Logan City Bus Service fleet, previously known as Clarks is this Volvo B12BLE / Bustech 'VST' at Woodridge Station after operating a service from Brisbane on the Popoular route 42 service.

m/o 1047672 viewsFrom Metrolink Bus Lines is (16) Volvo B7L with Bustech body, seen crossing the Tway near Green Valley, on a route 841 to Cecil Hills.

m/o 527956 viewsPort Stephens m/o 527 Volvo B10M/Volgren at Newcastle Stn 20/11/04.

m/o 5811510 viewsRover m/o 5811 Leyland Tiger/PMC at Newcastle Stn ready to depart for Cessnock on 20/11/04. Since reregd 3492 MO.

577 DNM397 viewsFrom Sunbus' extensive Sunshine Coast network, is this Mercedes LO812/CC which is a standard bus in the fleet operating a route 622 service at Maroochydore. Although not shown in this photo these Minibuses feature 2 doors, which speeds up Loading and Unloading times considerably, especially at this stop.
611 BSC811 viewsA recent repaint from Surfside Bus Lines is number 611, a Mercedes O405/MCA operating a Carrara Markets service at Surfers Paradise.

615 FAP905 viewsFrom Surfside Bus Lines is this Mercedes O405NH / Bustech. This bus used to be in advertising for the Robina Trainlink servide (Route 11) though since the introduction of Translink, the Trainlink's have lost that branding and are being repainted into Surfside Livery eventually.

617 IIE883 viewsOne of the latest Volvo B12BLE / Bustech 'VST's for Surfside is this one, 617IIE photographed operating a route 10 to Sanctuary Cove at Miami. The design of the Bustech VST body has cut off over 1 tonne of weight from a conventional bus body, aswell as speeding up construction times for these award winning vehicles, by reducing Inventory stocks and building the buses under 1 standard design for all purchasers.
m/o 1537661 viewsIn the last Month, State Transit has introduced these Volvo B12BLE / CC CB60's into service on the Liverpool - Parramatta Transitway. Shown here is 1537 at Memorial Station operating to Liverpool.

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