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12 CBL423 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines (12) Mercedes O500LE/Custom Coaches CB60 in Caboolture 10/4/2017,
32 CBL392 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines (32) Mercedes O500LE/NorthCoast Downtown City Bus in Caboolture 10/4/2017.
42 CBL357 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines (42) Mercedes O500LE/Bustech VST in Caboolture 10/4/2017,
52 CBL422 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines (52) Mercedes O500LE/Northcoast Downtown City Bus in Caboolture 10/4/2017,
12 CBL 2003 Bus Show981 viewsMercedes-Benz O500LE/CC 'CB60' for Caboolture Bus Lines
12 CBL641 viewsCaboolture 12 CBL is a Mercedes-Benz O500LE with Custom Coaches 'CB60' body. Seen departing Caboolture Station. 12 CBL was the second bus to get the new paint job (the one that it has now), and is the third wheelchair accessible bus purchased by Caboolture Bus Lines.

12 CBL 2003 Bus Show876 viewsMercedes-Benz O500LE/CC 'CB60' for Caboolture Bus Lines
03 CBL724 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines Mercedes-Benz OH1418 with Austral Denning 'Starliner' body.

06 CBL734 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines Austral Denning bodied Mercedes-Benz OH1418

11 CBL609 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines Custom Coaches bodied Dennis Dart SLF photographed at Morayfield Shopping Centre.

25 CBL466 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines fully-imported Cummins engined Neocar ex Sainty Tasmania which was sold to Polley's Coaches, Gympie as 954 KCP (Nemo).
521 CRM414 viewsCaboolture Bus Lines Toyota Coaster. No longer at Caboolture.

01 CBL786 viewsNew for Caboolture Bus Lines in Brisbane’s North is this Mercedes O500LE with NCBC 'Downtown' bodywork. Fleet number 1, this bus is also registered on Personalised registration plates 01 CBL. Note also that the bus is now displaying 3 digit route numbers which Translink introduced to Brisbane’s North in late June.

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