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m/o 7132155 viewsBusways (331) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 228 at Blacktown Interchange 14 June 2005.
m/o 7392148 viewsBusways (445) Mercedes O405NH/Custom Coaches 550 at Blacktown Interchange 14 June 2005
m/o 7604 and m/o 7392140 viewsBusways (448) Mercedes O405 Custom Coaches 228 and (445) Mercedes O405NH/Custom Coaches 550 at Blacktown Interchange 14 June 2005.
MO 376175 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (M03) Mercedes OH1418/Austral Pacific in June 2005. Later reregd 4042 MO and is still this with CDC Broken Hill in 2021.
MO 382498 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (M04) Mercedes OH1418/ABM Starliner in June 2005. Was reregd 4043 MO and then 7429 MO.
MO 540156 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (8) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Ventura Bus Lines (111) 2811 AO in June 2005. Reregd 4040 MO and deregd by 25/6/2009.
MO 540 and MO 4586134 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (8) and (7) Leyland Tigers/PMC ex Ventura Bus Lines in June 2005
MO 5624128 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (50) Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Crossley Bus Lines (unused), ex State Transit (3586) m/o 1028, ex North & Western Coaches m/o 4405 in June 2005, Was reregd 4041 MO before deregd by 9/2013.
MO 5626105 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (MO10) Mercedes 815DL in June 2005. It was reregd 4047 MO - then sold to Hawkesbury Valley Buses as 4047 MO repainted into TNSW livery.
MO 9127126 viewsMurton's Broken Hill (6) (Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Crossley Bus Lines (unused, ex State Transit m/o 1033, ex North & Western Coaches m/o 5229, in June 2005.
MO 9127, MO 5624, MO 3824207 viewsMurtons Broken Hill, (6) MO 9127 and (5) MO 5624 Leyland Tiger/PMC ex Crossley Bus Lines (unused), ex State Transit, ex North & Western Coaches and (M04) MO 3824 Mercedes OH1418/ABM Starliner, in June 2005.
MO 5589.710 viewsFrom Berrima Buslines is this Volvo B7R with Bustech body. This is number 35 in their fleet and registered MO 5589 - since reregd 4835 MO.
MO 52901147 viewsFrom Busways Macarthur is 527 Mercedes O405 / CC '510' registered MO 5290. This is one of many ex King Bros bus now used on Busways' Sydney route service. Since reregd m/o 5224.
ZLD 322944 viewsOver the past few weeks Connex NSW has been trialling this Volvo B12BLE with Bustech's VST body. This bus has previously demonstrated for Busways, Transdev and the Buslines Group.
m/o 8960853 viewsIn January Connex took over Baxter's Villawood services. And have since integrated their Chester Hill services into the Villawood Depot. Number 70 a Mercedes O305 ex Baxters, ex STA is operating an ex Crossley Route (908 to Chester Hill) at Centro Bankstown. It was withdrawn by 2/2011.
MO 5064517 viewsEggins Taree operate this Metrotec 16.250 with Custom Coaches 'CB50' body and is seen at Taree on the last service for the Day, which is a combined local service. Since reregd 5318 MO
TV 38481138 viewsNew for Fearne's Wagga Wagga is this Mercedes O500RF with Coach design body. Seen in Goulburn operating their express service from Wagga Wagga to Sydney which ceased after the operation was taken over by Busabout. It was sold to JA Newton Bus Service Pty Ltd, Wangaratta as 1582 AC 15/3/10.
m/o 634541 viewsForster Bus Service have acquired this Mercedes OH1418 with ABM 'Starliner' body as (30) ex Connex (48), ex Pioneer Coaches ex m/o 7818. Since reregd 5837 MO. Then sold to a Tasmanian operator 3/11.
MO 6155808 viewsNew for Green's Northern Coaches is this Iveco EuroRider with Custom Coaches SB400 body which has since been reregd m/o 1490, seen here at the 2005 northern extremity of Route 2, Clifton due to the road being closed between Clifton and Coalcliff. At the time some Route 2 buses could no longer continue through to Stanwell Park (as this particular run would've) as a new off shore bridge was being constructed between here and Coalcliff. This has since been completed and is a tourist attraction.
KBL 11862 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines have recently taken delivery of this Denning Phoenix (integral chassis-body). This bus replaces the previous number 11 which is was a Leyland Worldmaster with Superior body that was kindly donated to QOCS. The Phoenx is progressively entering production with the second production unit due soon.
WNY 128305 viewsMax Express is a joint ventrure between Tony McCafferty and Adelaide's Nesbitt family who operate various coaches around Adelaide. Seen here operating the new Toowoomba - Brisbane is this Motorcoach Classic III.
m/o 8426366 viewsOne of the First Volvo B12BLE/Custom CB60's in Australia is owned by Port Stephen's coaches. Seen here outside Bi-Lo Nelson Bay operating their local service.

5478 AO512 viewsFrom Sita Bus Lines of Footscray is this Volvo B12BLE / Volgren CR221.

m/o 1576684 viewsThroughout May, State Transit's Kingsgrove depot trialled a number of buses on routes they're not usually on and also had a Volvo B12BLE/CC CB60 on loan for driver training. Number 1576 is seen here operating a route 476 at Kogarah in 2005.

TC 041400 viewsBunbury City Transit operate a very modern fleet in Bunbury, WA. Their latest vehicles have been 4 Mercedes O500LE with Volgren's CR228 body.

686 ILW605 viewsWestside have recently acquired a number of Bustech VST's with Volvo's B12BLE chassis. Seen here heading from the Redbank depot for it's first run of the Day is 686ILW.
WJP 49773 viewsTorrens Transit (140) MAN SL200/PMCSA 'Commuter' in North Terrace, Adelaide 22/6/2005.
WJP 54885 viewsTorrens Transit (1908) MAN SL200/PMCSA 'Commuter' in King William St, Adelaide 3/6/2005.
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