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2006-02-07 16-52-56_0106.JPG
781 IOJ1033 viewsSurfside 706 (781.IOJ) is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body, seen leaving Pacific Fair in February 2006. The bus still carries the advertising for the 2005 Gold Coast Indy 300.

2006-02-07 18-28-10_0121.JPG
179 ISI955 viewsSurfside 711 (179.ISI) is a Mercedes Benz O500LE with Bustech VST single door body. This is one of the first O500LEs delivered to Surfside.
2006-02-08 13-16-18_0258.JPG
164 CBS1350 viewsAmberley Rosewood Bus Company's 10 (164.CBS) is a MAN SL200 with Ansair body ex ACTION 497. Amberley Rosewood Bus Company are dedicated school bus and charter operators from Ipswich.

2006-02-11 10-55-52_0036.JPG
141 JGI961 viewsSurfside 721 (141.JGI) Mercedes Benz O500LE with Bustech VST body. This is the first two door Bustech body in the Surfside fleet.
2006-02-14 10-51-12_0457.JPG
298 IWV717 viewsBribie Island Coaches 3 (298.IWV) is a Mercedes Benz O500LE with Bustech VST body and is one of three identical buses in the fleet. The picture was taken in February 2006 at Caboolture Station.

2006-02-14 17-52-14_0521.JPG
972 IVL530 viewsHornibrook Bus Lines 115 (972.IVL) is a Mercedes Benz O500LE with Volgren CR228L body, photographed at Westfield Strathpine.
2006-02-15 10-51-09_0534.JPG
410 ITX1012 viewsConnex Qld – now Veolia Transport as (310), is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body, photographed at Capalaba Interchange. Operators in Queensland are encouraged by the state government to purchase locally completed buses, as part of the Government's partial funding of new bus purchases.
2006-02-15 11-04-48_0537.JPG
542 IWV718 viewsMt Gravatt (542.IWV) is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body, and was photographed in its striking green and gold livery on a rainy February day at Capalaba Interchange.
388 30-5.jpg
m/o 388609 viewsVeolia Transport (633) - Mercedes Benz O305/PMC (ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (29) m/o 388 1/2/07; ex Bankstown-Strathfield Bus Service (Fairtown Pty Ltd), Greenacre m/o 388 5/5/03;ex STA Mk II 2226 2/99. Withdrawn and sold to J. Fangia, Eastwood 23/12/11; subsequently on-sold non-psv during 2012), at Bankstown Interchange.
412 30-5.jpg
m/o 412640 viewsVeolia Transport (631) - Mercedes Benz O305 PMC (ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (30) m/o 412 1/2/07; ex West Bankstown Bus Service Pty Ltd m/o 412; ex STA Mk II 2257 2/99. Withdrawn and de-reg 1/10 and stored at Bankstown depot and sent to scrap by 5/10. Seen here heading to Parramatta on route 909.
7238 30-5.jpg
m/o 7238 504 viewsVeolia Transport (634)) - Mercedes Benz O305/PMC (ex Transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (33) m/o 7238 1/2/07; ex West Bankstown Bus Service Pty Ltd m/o 7238 5/5/03; ex STA Mk II 2504 4/00, is heading to Parramatta on route 907. Withdrawn and used for parts 25/5/10, removed for scrapping 28/10/10.
7381 30-5.jpg
m/o 7381608 viewsVeolia Transport (56) - Mercedes Benz O305/PMC (ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (39) m/o 7381 1/1/05; ex STA Mark II 2317. Withdrawn and de-reg by 2/11) is one of the few buses still without a Mobitec Electronic Desto, heading to Parramatta from Bankstown.

7414 30-5.jpg
m/o 1474518 viewsVeolia Transport (181) - Mercedes Benz O305/PMC (Withdrawn and de-reg 13/11/11 and sold to the Parker family, Oakville. Subsequently on-sold to R. McDonald, Newcastle for restoration.) features the old Connex yellow stripe. It was Newcastle MKII 2209 in a former life.

7653 30-5.jpg
m/o 7653413 viewsVeolia Transport (129) - Mercedes Benz O405NH/CC '550' (ex Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd) (129) m/o 7653 9/99) at Strathfield Station.
8350 30-5.jpg
m/o 8350458 viewsVeolia Transport (163) - Mercedes Benz O405NH/Bustech turning into the old southern Bankstown interchange before the new one was opened.
282 JEB1128 viewsBrisbane Transport 1217 (282.JEB) is a MAN 18.310 with Volgren (Toowong Workshops) body. It is based at BT's Virginia depot and was photographed at Toombul Interchange.
88 CBS536 viewsClark's Logan City Bus Service 88 (88.CBS) is a Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body and was photographed in February at the Logan Hyperdome.
2620 MO166 viewsRecently purchased Coastal Liner Mercedes OC1621/PMC ex Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd, Morisset MO 9911 (held withdrawn & repowered with a Volvo D7 engine by Coastal Liner); ex Toronto Bus Service Pty Ltd t/a Morisset Bus Service, Morisset MO 9911 1/8/07; ex Glenorie Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Dural (59) m/o 7789 by 6/9, on Blue Mountains rail 9/5/2009.
MO 1229387 viewsCooma Coaches MO 1229 (since reregd 2061 MO) is a Custom Coaches bodied MAN 16.240. It was photographed in Jindabyne during December 2003. The bus was used as a full coach by the operators, but is now predominantly a school bus. It is ex Symons, Narooma MO 1229; ex Picton Coaches. Andrew MacGee photo.
TV 393665 viewsHawkesford's Luxury Coaches (63) is an Austral integral with Detroit 6V92TTA engine. It was photographed near Darling Harbour in Sydney while working as part of a 60 strong bus charter for the Hillsong Church. The bus is in this livery on behalf of UnionsNSW and is proposed to tour throughout NSW to provide information about the Federal Government's workplace reforms.
SB 84 CE174 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12B EuroV with i-shift transmission/Coach Concepts only a few days old in May 2009 on rail standby, It became TV 532 by mid 2010.
IMGP7226 - Denning - GM Landseer - Burn's Coach Service [DK 2341] @ Burnie c_19May2009.JPG
DK 2341133 viewsBurn’s Coach Service. Gunn’s Place Denning GM Landseer at Burnie c 19 May 2009.
IMGP7228 - Denning - GM Den-Air_ Burn's Coach Service of Gunn's Plains [C-01177] @ Burnie c_19May2009.JPG
C 01177144 viewsBurn’s Coach Service Gunn’s Place Denning GN Denair at Burnie c 19 May 2009.
IMGP7322 - Denning-GM Denflex K&D Sims of Sprent [FJ 4679] @ Wynyard c_24May2009.JPG
FJ 4679153 viewsK&D Sims, Sprent Denning GM Denflex at Wynyard, Tas c 24 May 2009.
m/o 1537670 viewsWestern Sydney Buses' m/o.1537 is a Volvo B12BLE with Custom Coaches CB60 body and is captured laying over at Liverpool after completing a trip on the Liverpool-Parramatta Transitway. 1537 is one of 17 B12BLEs allocated to Western Sydney Buses to operate the Transitway services from a leased area of Westbus' Bonnyrigg depot.
PRT 016550 viewsPark Ridge Transit (16) is Bustech bodied Scania L94UB, and was photographed at Browns Plains Plaza. The bus is brand new, but was ordered with the older style Bustech body as the VST production lines are currently only supplying bodies on Mercedes and Volvo chassis
AI 27 LY620 viewsPremier Illawarra AI 27 LY is a MAN 18.280 with Custom Coaches CB50HCL body. This is one of three identical buses delivered to Premier Illawarra this year, with two more of the order to enter service shortly. Since reregd m/o 9008.
4268 AO732 viewsDysons 109 (4268 AO) is a Scania K113TR with Austral Denning 'Majestic' body. It is based at Moama NSW and is seen here at the depot in 2003. Dysons operates several coaches and school buses from Moama, with some in V/Line livery to be used on services between Deniliquin, Echuca-Moama, Adelaide, Albury, Bendigo, Shepparton and Melbourne.
m/o 5877586 viewsTransit First 45 (m/o 5877) is a Custom Coaches 'Euro II' bodied Leyland Tiger, photographed at Bankstown Station in May 2005. The bus is ex-Baxter's, ex-Delwood and has since been repainted into Transit First's livery and has since moved on to Veolia Transport. Withdrawn and de-reg by 2/11.
190 ITX828 viewsVeolia Transport (formerly Connex) has begun rebranding its Brisbane fleet. 190.ITX is a Bustech VST bodied Volvo B12BLE and has lost its yellow front as part of the new corporate image.

m/o 482521 viewsState Transit (4825) Volvo B12BLE/ Custom Coaches CB60 in Beach Runner livery at Circular Quay in May 2009.
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