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Melbourne Bus Link


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Metro Tasmania

MET-712 Volvo B10M [PMC-SA] Elizabeth Str_ HBA c_20Oct14.JPG

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Murrays Coaches


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Premier Illawarra/Nowra Coaches/Premier Motor Service


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Newcastle Transport


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Punchbowl Bus Co


Including PBC Goulburn. Photos with keyword punchbowlbus will also be listed

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Includes photos taken up 30/6/2013 under the Transdev banner. Photos after that date are included in a new gallery which covers the combined Transdev/Veolia operation under the Transdev name.

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St Ives Bus Service


This gallery is a tribute to the late Arthur Gillott who was the owner of St Ives Bus Service

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Surfside Buslines


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State Transit of NSW


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This album covers buses which currently operate with State Transit or have operated with them in the past.

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Previously known as Telford Tours.
Photos with keyword Telford will also be listed.

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Thompsons Bus Service, Strathpine.


Most photos in this album were taken in June 2004.
Photos from other albums with keyword thompsonbus are shown.

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Random files - Bus Company Galleries
ZIB 207316 viewsAction (207) Volvo B58/Freighter.
m/o 3141221 viewsSydney Buses (3141) Mercedes O405 Mark V/PMC at Wynyard.
m/o 411813 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co AEC/Reliance/PMC. From the Ken Magor collection.
UQB 659697 viewsTransperth Swan Transit Mercedes Benz O305G/HPorter Seen on the now defunct route 185, shot on Barrack st 21/2/2007.
m/o 5577445 viewsSt Ives Bus Service (6) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3R/PMC which went to Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd m/o 7852 6/7/98 - Sold to RE & SK Voss, Toogum, QLD as 212 GJM (converted to B55F), then with business to Bay Bus & Coach, Hervey Bay as 212 GJM & again with business then to Wide Bay Transit, Maryborough as (85) 212 GJM 2/7/07 - still in service 4/12.
sta 1309 kangarooisland.jpg
m/o 1309562 viewsSydney Buses (1309) Mercedes O405NH/CC in advertising livery for Kangaroo Island South Australia.
m/o 2787234 viewsSydney Buses (2787) Mercedes O305 Mark IV/PMC at Bondi Junction. Withdrawn November 2011.
TV 5605528 viewsTelfords Mercedes-Benz O405/PMC. Reg 3/7/08 ex Invicta Bus, Lilydale, VIC (80) 3550 AO 25/6/08 (B41D); ex OOZ 302; ex Quince's Scenicruisers, Oakleigh, VIC OOZ 302; ex DKA 117.

Last additions - Bus Company Galleries
m/o 53766 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/Freighter ex Dept of Supply. From Alan Potts or Ken Magor collections.Aug 05, 2021
m/o 51047 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/CVI. Reregd m/o 8109 with North & Western Coaches. Deregd 9/1994. From Alan Potts or Ken Magor collections.Aug 04, 2021
m/o 475311 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Royal Tiger Cub ex Black & White, Dengate. From Alan Potts or Ken Magor collections.Aug 03, 2021
m/o 112810 viewsTransit Systems (1128) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro ex State Transit (1128) on display at the Sydney Bus Museum in 2020 during the Mercedes Day event. It has since been scrapped.Aug 01, 2021
m/o 41189 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/PMC. Sold to Coomera Bus Lines Qld 29/2/2000. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 31, 2021
m/o 75610 viewsHunters Hill Coaches Leyland Leopard "Moocooboola". From Andres Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 31, 2021
m/o 121012 viewsState Transit (1210) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro. This bus spent some time back in Germany in 2011 for repairs. Seen here at Parramatta while at Ryde depot in April 2019 four months before its withdrawal. Jul 31, 2021
m/o 6406 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Viking/Custom Coaches. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 26, 2021