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CDC Hunter Region


Photos with keyword cdchunter will also be listed. These include ex Toronto, Morisset and Sugar Valley buses.

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CDC Sydney including Westbus/Hillsbus/Charterplus


Photos with keyword cdcsydney will also be listed

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CDC Victoria


Inlcudes photos of the various ex Kefford operations.
Photos with keyword cdcmelbourne will also be listed.

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Forest Coach Lines


Photos with keyword forestbus will also be listed.

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Greens Northern Coaches


Photos with keyword greensbus will also be listed.

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Hopkinsons Metrobus


Photos with keyword hopkinsonbus will also be listed.

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Hunters Hill Bus Co


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Photos with keyword interlinebus will also be listed.

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Kangaroo Bus Lines


All photos in this album were taken in 2004.
Photos from other albums with keyword kangaroobus will also be shown.

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Kingsgrove Bus and Coach


photos with keyword kingsgrovebus will also be included

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Macquarie Towns/E Street


Photos from Macquarie Bus and E Street Bus Lines which were managed by the same person at different times. He has also supplied many of the older photos for this album.

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McVicars Bus Service, Lidcombe


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Random files - Bus Company Galleries
276_ Bedford SB3 (Comair)   @ MacQuarie Street, Hobart - c1968.jpg
MET 2763232 viewsMetro Tasmania (276) Bedford SB3/Comair seen in Macquarie Street, Hobart c1968. It was the from the last batch of Comair Bedfords delivered to Hobart
m/o 8161485 viewsBass Hill Bus Service. Bedford SB5/CC. Unregistered before takeover and placed for sale by Baxter's shortly after takeover - Body scrapped. Leon Batman photo.
041 GJT591 viewsThompsons Bus Service. This is a Leyland Super Viking/CC which was previously m/o 4399 with North & Western Bus Lines in Sydney.

TV 22772564 viewsCharterplus Denning ex Toronto Bus Service. It was withdrawn in August 2011. It was ex TV 989, ex TB 753.
TP1915160 viewsSouthern Coast Transit (1915) Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren in CAT livery by 31.07.2010, showing the Old Yellow CAT desto.
MET 192880 viewsMetro Tasmania Scania N113 VOV2/Ansair Tas pictured at Burnie
HJC 104370 viewsVentura Bus Lines (45) AEC Reliance 470/Piper. Photo from Geoff Mann.
m/o 62031300 viewsDrivers area of Greens Northern Coaches Iveco Delta 260 Lowbus/CC "CB60 Evo II" at Thirroul Station where it was on Standby for Rail Replacement 6/7/2007.

Last additions - Bus Company Galleries
m/o 53766 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/Freighter ex Dept of Supply. From Alan Potts or Ken Magor collections.Aug 05, 2021
m/o 51047 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/CVI. Reregd m/o 8109 with North & Western Coaches. Deregd 9/1994. From Alan Potts or Ken Magor collections.Aug 04, 2021
m/o 475311 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Royal Tiger Cub ex Black & White, Dengate. From Alan Potts or Ken Magor collections.Aug 03, 2021
m/o 112810 viewsTransit Systems (1128) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro ex State Transit (1128) on display at the Sydney Bus Museum in 2020 during the Mercedes Day event. It has since been scrapped.Aug 01, 2021
m/o 41189 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Leopard/PMC. Sold to Coomera Bus Lines Qld 29/2/2000. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 31, 2021
m/o 75610 viewsHunters Hill Coaches Leyland Leopard "Moocooboola". From Andres Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 31, 2021
m/o 121012 viewsState Transit (1210) Mercedes O405NH CNG/Custom Coaches Citaro. This bus spent some time back in Germany in 2011 for repairs. Seen here at Parramatta while at Ryde depot in April 2019 four months before its withdrawal. Jul 31, 2021
m/o 6406 viewsHunters Hill Bus Co Leyland Viking/Custom Coaches. From Andrew Potts or Ken Magor collections.Jul 26, 2021