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April 2011


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March 2011

img393 - MAN SL200 [PMC-SA] Torrens Transit No_ 905 [ex No_1905] @ Victoria Square - c24Mar11.JPG

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December 2010


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October 2010

img392 - MAN SL200 [PMC-SA] SouthLink No_2442 [ex No_ 1906] - [WJP-546] - c27Oct10.JPG

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March 2010


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February 2010


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January 2010

IMGP8339 - Mitsubishi Fuso Capt_ Fell's Historic Ferries 80 [FM 1229] @ Brooke St_ Pier c_28Jan2010.JPG

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December 2009


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November 2009


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October 2009


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September 2009


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August 2009

img448 - TransitPlus Volvo B10ML artic [Fuji] No_3308 [VGS-403] @ King William Rd [12Aug09].JPG

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Random files - Monthly Photos
m/o 8112363 viewsHillsbus Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches Mk88
1337 8-10.jpg
m/o 6175740 viewsTransit Systems (1337) Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex Torrens Transit, Mile End, SA (1370) u/r 28/813; ex SB29ED 2/8/13; ex Veolia Transport NSW, Bankstown (452) AW 04 XA. Owned by Parramatta City Council for the loop service, on loan to Busways during the first week of their full week of region 1 operation before they commenced operation of region 3 , enters Mount Druitt after completing a 775 from Penrith 8/10/13.
6927 MO342 viewsPremier Illawarra Volvo B9R/Irizar on rail on Chalmers St.
607 KNM212 viewsTransdev Qld (347) Mercedes Benz O500LE/Bustech VST in Elizabeth St Brisbane. 8-5-2014.
IMGP2134 - Leyland Titan OPD2 [Clyde body] ex UTA mo2490_ Capt_ Fell's [EO 1166] @ Brooke St Pier c_23Oct2007.JPG
EO 1166161 viewsCaptain Fell’s Hobart Leyland Titan OPD2/Clyde ex UTA Sydney (2490) m/o 2490 at Brooke St c 23 October2007.
TP 1090132 viewsRear shot of Path Transit Renault PR100.2/ Volgren-Porter.
TV 4444 477 viewsIllawarra Escape Tours. This is a 1989 MAN 16.240, body built by Bathurst Coaches & is ex Bathurst Coaches, at Wollongong Station [a very nice sounding coach].
ICEPalmwoodsSta2032016 [4165780].JPG
ICE 151301 viewsQueensland rail 5 car ICE set approaching Palmwoods Station from Gympie North, 2 Mar 2016. The Sunshine Coast line is single line working with passing loops. After unloading and loading passengers at Palmwoods single platform, the train will reverse back towards Gympie North until it clears the pedestrian track crossing maze. ICE 151 will then proceed either along the passing loop through the commuter car park or the other loop without a platform, so that the crossing north bound train can use the platform.

Last additions - Monthly Photos
6072AO508 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Monbulk (1113) Scania K94IB/Volgren at the Shrine on a school charter 13th April 2016.Apr 05, 2018
1509AO512 viewsMcHarry’s Bus Lines, Geelong (9) MAN 18.310/Coach Design at the Shrine on a school charter 15th April 2016.Apr 05, 2018
BS00DJ419 viewsGrandcity Tours Fuso Rosa on the Monsh Freeway 29th February 2016.Apr 04, 2018
1564AC489 viewsWalters Group, Euroa MAN 18.360/Coach Concepts near Nagambie on a charter 19th March 2016.Apr 04, 2018
4456AO521 viewsVentura Bus Lines, Dandenong (456) Volvo B10M/Volgren at Box Hill on metro emergency rail 8th April 2016.Apr 03, 2018
1784AO459 viewsHarley’s Bus Lines, Korumburra Mitsubishi Rosa/MMC at the Queen Victoria Markets 13th April 2016.Apr 03, 2018
1058AO446 viewsDriver Coaches (58) Denning Landseer – GM ex ESJ 158 Melbourne - Brighton Bus Lines/Melbright Coaches, Elwood, heading for MSAC 24 June 2011. Apr 02, 2018
1227AO482 viewsMoorabbin Transit/Grenda (606) Volvo B7R/Autobus ex Nuline Charter at MSAC at MSAC 24 June 2011. Has retained fleet number and rego with Ventura.Apr 02, 2018