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Random files - Ben O's Gallery
MO 5860897 viewsBowmans Coaches, Goulburn (20) MO 5860 Hino RG230 / P&D which was included in the takeover by PBC Goulburn where it became 2837 MO.
007 FYB1576 viewsExecutive Coachlines Leyland National. ex 183 BQJ. ex (11) 183 BQJ Amberley - Rosewood Bus Service, Leichhardt, Qld.-ex (640) 640 FPR Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads, N.S.W.-ex m/o 881 Westbus, St. Marys, N.S.W.-ex m/o 881 Bowmans Bus Service, St. Marys, N.S.W. Since withdrawn.
m/o 8564905 viewsMosman Coaches "Bruce" Leyland Leopard/Comeng at Alambie Heights. Ex ACT Bus & Truck Museum (for preservation); ex Lever MO 1730; ex St Ives Bus Company m/o 5578; ex m/o 5421; ex m/o 5567. Noted 01/08 in Belmont Road, Ingleburn as a motorhome
Beattie Bros MO 5162146 viewsBeattie Bros MO 5162 International C1500 / Freighter (28/4/69) B45F ex JV Skelly, Crookwell. Beattie operated the Crookwell - Bannister and Crookwell - Diamond contracts, which passed to BF & MA Evans 3/82, then to BL & CD Power t/a Crookwell Charter Buses, Crookwell MO 5162 -/90, then to JO & DM Laverty 1/7/97. The International passed hands with these operator changes and was withdrawn by Laverty around late-1999. According to Laverty, the bus still exists in derelict condition outside of Crookwell.
MO 7259674 viewsBowman Goulburn Bedford VAL70(UF)/CC ex Goulburn Bus Service (part of Macquarie Towns Bus Lines (Guild Management Services)), ex Macquarie Towns, Windsor - New to Duffy Gross Vale as MO 7259. Shown here after its withdrawal to go to Sydney for preservation.
MO 40081106 viewsMountainlink (Katoomba - Leura Bus Service) Leyland Worldmaster - Isuzu rebody ex MTT, Perth, WA 499 at the depot 03/07/03. Since joining Blue Mountains Bus Co has been reregd 1677 MO. Sold to Paradise Tours Pty Ltd, St Peters as BV55JA (reg 9/8/13); Rego cancelled by 8/5/15.
MO 6515872 viewsBowman Goulburn's latest vehicle, MO 6515 Volvo B7R / P&D which was included in the takeover by PBC Goulburn and since reregd 2828 MO.
m/o 8714607 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R/Parramatta Ryde approaching Spit Bridge at Seaforth. Ex Greens Northern Coaches, ThirroulWYX 064; ex Crossley, Revesby (unused); ex Bus Stop Sales; ex Parramatta Ryde Bus Service m/o 5808. Sold to 1800 PUBCRAWL, Glendale as AT41JP.

Last additions - Ben O's Gallery
MO 9300304 viewsNorm & Bev Purtill (Nkbampy Pty Ltd), Finley MO 9300 Hino RG197K purchased with school contracts from Purtill Bros Nominees Pty Ltd, Deniliquin in 1999. Sold to CG & DM Lester, Scottsdale, TAS as FR 2355 -/07.Mar 10, 2015
B & N Coaches195 viewsA line up of B & N Coaches fleet members taken at the depot 22 March 2010.Mar 08, 2015
Sawtell Coaches 1963 MO235 viewsSawtell Coaches "Rosella" 1963 MO Irisbus Agoraline/Custom Coaches "CB60" at Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour. Sold to Kanga Coachlines Pty Ltd, Mawson Lakes, SA as SB52GL 25/1/13; then to SR & CA Loone, Deloraine, TAS as D10JY 11/13.
Norbert Genci photo.
Feb 25, 2015
Mercury Roadlines MO 0354298 viewsMO 0354 Bedford VAM70 / CCMC (8/5/69) ex Eggins, Taree MO 5190. Later renumbered MO 1767 & passed to CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd, Kempsey 7/96. Hayden Ramsdale.Sep 13, 2014
Mercury Roadlines MO 633294 viewsMO 633 Bedford YRQ2 / CC (3/5/76) passed with the business to CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd 7/96. Hayden Ramsdale.Sep 13, 2014
Mercury Roadlines MO 0875308 viewsMO 0875 (originally MO 4442) had a Watt Bros body built on a Commer chassis purchased as a wrecked tip truck to construct a completely new chassis built from used parts with engine horizontally mounted just ahead of rear axle. Bus passed with the business to CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd 7/96. Hayden RamsdaleSep 13, 2014
Mercury Roadlines MO 2137294 viewsMO 2137 Isuzu LT1-11P / CC (28/1/92) passed with the business to CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd 7/96. Still in service with Cavanagh's in 2014. Hayden Ramsdale.Sep 13, 2014
Mercury Roadlines MO 9104282 viewsMO 9104 Mercedes-Benz OH1418 / Austral (9/89) first registered 1/90 was a short lived member of the fleet. Traded to Mercedes-Benz on MO 2577 in 1993 & Sold to DW & C Martin, Bombala. Alan Greenhill photo, Hayden Ramsdale collection.Sep 13, 2014