Tasmania's own Redline. 18/4/21

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Re: Tasmania's own Redline. 18/4/21

Post by Centralian »

I'm trying to identify that last vehicle #68.
Is that a reinvigorated Autobus body with Csepel chassis (previously had engine fire and deregistered).
Doesn't appear on Fleet Lists yet but #68 shows on withdrawn lists some years ago.
#67 & #69 are both Csepels with Autobus bodies.
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Re: Tasmania's own Redline. 18/4/21

Post by Tas Bus Nut »

YES Centralian. #68 was the one with engine bay fire, since rebuilt. Interesting to note nowadays, all Csepel / Autobuses have been withdrawn (#64, #66, #68 & #69) The last photo of #68, shows the new corporate livery of Redline now.
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Re: Tasmania's own Redline. 18/4/21

Post by Fleet Lists »

Fleet lists under Kinetic still shows (68)in the last photo as being wrecked after the fire.
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