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Post by downunder1811 »

Hi guys, i am only new to this so please bear with me.

I own a 1984 Volvo bus B6FA.

What i would like to know is a B6FA the same as a F6?

Also i think mine has a TD60B, but i know they came in a TD60A & TD60C what is the differance between these?

What would the convertion be for the the wheels, I have 20.00R10 i think but they are split rims and want to get rid of them but don't know what size to go to, well i know i need to go to a 22.5 but thats it ?

The reason is to find this out as i am converting this to a motorhome, and do need parts and i have seen some F6 dashs which are the same as mind but then i have seen differant ones also. I am from Victoria, Australia and would it if i could get some info on the above as well as where some truck/bus wreakers are/or i could try.

Also is there some way to check to see if your turbo is working ok as well as the exhurst brake, being a bus the button for the exhurst is on the floor is there an easy way to have this on a switch or to have it on all the time when needing to brake..

P.S Anybody with a workshop manaul for sale or a copy i would be interested..

Any help would be greatful. :)

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Post by Mr Scania »

The tyre size that I would use on the front would be 295/80R 22.5.
rear would be 11R 22.5.
If you wanted to save money you could put 11R on the front as well.

You could do some fancy wiring and hook the exhaust brake up to the brake light switch.

Unless the turbo is showing signs of failure I would just leave it alone or have it done up anyway.
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Post by User7526 »

Hi Allan.
It looks like you might have a misprint here quite possibly, I'm estimating that you actually have 10.00R20 tyres or maybe even 9.00R20 items to be more precise. If they are 10.00s, moving to 11R22.5 won't do anything more but simply give you cooler running tubeless tyres instead of running tubes and demountable (split) rims. B6 chassis came out (I'm fairly sure) with 9.00s as standard and if you go to either of the other two sizes then you will get a boost in top end speed but your takeoff and hill climbing will be affected as well as the fact that your speedo will lose calibration.

As for the turbo and exhaust brake, may I tell you that Volvo exhaust brakes in that era weren't excessively strong and they were also designed to be used with the engine at high revs for the best efficiency. You can hook them up to be an automatic setup but three microswitches need to be fitted which means brackets and wiring, none of the bracketry is supplied as a proprietary item so they're a custom build requirement. The turbo can be daunting for a novice (I'm guessing) to check, may I suggest that you send me a private message here and we can organise to speak on the phone which will let me explain in better detail?

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Post by downunder1811 »

Thanks Peta, have played with cars since i was 8 yrs old but never diesel or trucks/buses. So yes a novice in this field lol, Would like to hear more on exhaust setup and for PMing you how would i do that lol
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Post by Andrew »

Pete, you will need to send downunder1811 a message first as I don;t thnk new users can send private messages until after their first 5 posts. Thanks for offering to help, it's great.
Job done.
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