Fremantle Friday - Farewell Felines

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Bus Suggestions
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Fremantle Friday - Farewell Felines

Post by Bus Suggestions »

Today marks the first day without any Fremantle CATs, and the first day of the replacement 532 short trips. In light of this withdrawal, I went down to Fremantle on Friday to get a few shots in the late afternoon of their final running weekday.
Clicking the images will take you to my Flickr, where you can view and download these photos (and more!) in full resolution.
115 was the only bus on the loop while I was out, here seen pulling into the Fremantle Station stop.

Another view amongst the trees.

Walking down Phillimore St, a bus stop no longer.

Across the corner on Cliff St...

Rounding the corner into Phillimore St...

...and into the distance, far far away.

Vale Fremantle CAT, circling Freo (in one form or another), 1997-2023.
I'd post any important, bus-related links I had, but they're outdated anyways.
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Re: Fremantle Friday - Farewell Felines

Post by Merc1107 »

Thanks for the shots of what is now the erstwhile Fremantle CAT. 115 was my favourite of this trio - a good all-rounder in terms of performance, although 114 for a period was lethally-quick and disturbingly smooth too.

I keep forgetting these buses have been serving in this role for about six years now, nonetheless, it's surprising how badly the orange livery seems to have fared during that time!

Looking forward to hearing people's observations about the replacement 532 now that has officially replaced the Fremantle CAT.
Enviro 500
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Re: Fremantle Friday - Farewell Felines

Post by Enviro 500 »

It looks as if 114-116 will retire without having served a paid route.

In other news, 104 is apparently in storage.

The defunding of the Freo CAT was already in the making following the border closure during the height of Covid-19.
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