Olympic Park route 7 2/2/2023

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Olympic Park route 7 2/2/2023

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Like all other Olympic Park routes, this route operated on 2/2/2023 to a Red Hot Chili Peppers with Post Malone concert,

The Transport for NSW and Ayntrip both showed it as being operated by Punchbowl Bus unlike previous timetables where the route was shared between Punchbowl and Transit Systems. But the first bus I saw was 2095 ST Transit Systems Volvo B12BLEA artic - the first time I have seen an artic on this route.And even more unusual was that this bus normally operates a school special to Kogarah along Bellingara Road half an hour earlier, where the photo was taken yesterday.

And none of the trips were tracked by Anytrip or Tripview. I dont know who actually operated the other trips.

Yesterday's photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/193972346 ... 665412827/
Photo taken in 2021 on the school special in Box Road just before turning into Bellingara Road https://www.flickr.com/photos/193972346 ... 742273342/
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Re: Olympic Park route 7 2/2/2023

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Can certainly imagine it from your point of view as a Sutherland Shire local. Amazing enough seeing it on school work down that way, then to see it doing a special route to Olympic park events. Having caught metrobus services in these vehicles in the Anzac Pde corridor as well as Epping Road from Epping to Marsfield, I'm quite struck to see photographs of them doing these duties in areas so far away from where I'm accustomed to see them.
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