Irizar i6 and Century differences

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Irizar i6 and Century differences

Post by idontknow556 »

Hey guys,

What are the differences between an irizar i6 and Irizar Century, they look pretty much the same from the inside and outside if there are any?

I only know that the i6 is different?

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Re: Irizar i6 and Century differences

Post by boronia »

The i6 replaced the Century in the product lineup.

Probably just a bit more "tech" and bling inside.
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Re: Irizar i6 and Century differences

Post by Centralian »

Visually the most obvious is that the i6 has the rooftop bubble start straight above the windscreen, whereas Century the aircon pod was further down the roofline. A number of other body appearance upgrades and curves.
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Re: Irizar i6 and Century differences

Post by huppypuppy »

Having travelled on both a Century 3900 (also available as a two axle called the 3700) and a i6/i6S, I can see a few subtle differences. The main ones are:
1. The front pod on the Century 3900/3700 is flatter than the i6/i6S.
2. The rear panelling is a lot squarer on the Century 3900/3700 over the rounder i6/i6S look - the i6/i6S has a lot more roundness to the side panels as well.
3. Interiors are totally different - the i6S is a lot more aircraft influenced than the i6/Century as it has lowering aircraft style tray tables on every seat, phone charger sockets and holders, wood flooring panels and leather on the seats. The Century and i6 also have leather but are not as extravagant as the i6S

If I think of any more, I'll put them here!
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Re: Irizar i6 and Century differences

Post by Zidanehartono »

The compliance plates on the i6's are located on the nearside luggage compartment as opposed to the footstep at the main passenger door on the Century.
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