Trans Adelaide 'CITY FREE' MAN 11.190's (2)

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Trans Adelaide 'CITY FREE' MAN 11.190's (2)

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A few more City Free MAN 11.190's.
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Re: Trans Adelaide 'CITY FREE' MAN 11.190's (2)

Post by Merc1107 »

Thanks for sharing!

Does anyone have information on when the Adelaide City Free service commenced, and has it endured largely without change during the period?
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The Phonj
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Re: Trans Adelaide 'CITY FREE' MAN 11.190's (2)

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In summary:

The Bee Line (99B) service commenced in 1973, with that particular variant of the City Loop (99C) commencing in 1995. There was an earlier City Loop (99C) operating from 1980 to 1985.

Both service branded as "City Free" in 1997, but both names still retained for services.

Both service rebranded "Adelaide Free" in 2001, but both names still retained for services.

Bee Line service discontinued in 2007 in conjunction with the opening of the tram service to City West.

City Loop amalgamated with the Adelaide City Council's Free Connector Bus in 2014, new routes 98A/99C and 99A/99C (route unrelated to former 99C) created, rebranded "Free City Connector".
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