Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

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Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

Post by kamnet »

Digging through some history, I found a fleet list of the Perth system and where these buses were sold to:
https://www.sydneytramwaymuseum.com.au/ ... 201999.pdf

I figured they'd have just been scrapped, but it looks like maybe they were put to work elsewhere?

#24 is listed as having been sold to Menzies Shire Council. Was there a trolleybus system there?

Several were listed as sold to Bell Bros. in Guilford. From my understanding they were involved in mining and road transport. Some of these were also sold to Darken Shearing Syndicate, and most of them sold to McGann Bros, another mining company. Would they have been used to transport workers in and around the mines?

#89 is listed as sold to TVW7 Pty Ltd. What did a TV station want with a trolleybus?
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Re: Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

Post by boronia »

There were no other trolley bus systems in WA. Most likely they were sold off for use as sheds/accommodation for big companies. They would be towed from site to site as required.
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Re: Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

Post by FLOREAT 90 »

Thanks for the topic. I grew up in Wembley and I loved the trolley buses that used to run along Grantham Street. I recall seeing the last trolley bus doing it's final run. It was 51 years ago this month since the last service. My user name, "FLOREAT 90", is because of my fascination with trolleybuses as a boy. "FLOREAT 90" was displayed on the destination scroll and the service terminated in Dumfries Road, Floreat Park. The Cambridge Street service displayed "FLOREAT 80" and terminated in Louth Road just west of the Floreat Forum shopping centre. Both services returned to the city displaying "EAST PERTH 77" and terminated in Wellington Square, Wittenoom Street, unless doing a run to the Causeway Depot.
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Re: Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

Post by tonyp »

No. 38 is beautifully restored at BPSWA Whiteman Park.


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Re: Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

Post by Herbert »

Thanks for the link to the TrolleyWire issue; I didn't realise they were available online. I haven't worked through the information contained in that issue, but you'll find details & photos of Perth's trolleybuses here: https://perthbus.info/index.php?page=15#770.0
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Re: Where did Perth's trolleybuses go?

Post by Guy_Arab »

contact me I have photo of last trolleybus my dad was part of the crew on last two trolleybuses left for city
guy arab
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