Renault Bus PR 100-2 Parts

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Renault Bus PR 100-2 Parts


Hi all,
Looking for someone in the country who may be able to supply, or know of someone somewhere that maybe wrecking a Renault bus around the PR100-2 (1987-89 era? Specifically a fuel gauge and sender unit that works? Or if anyone knows if there is an 'off-the-shelf' unit that may fit this model
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Re: Renault Bus PR 100-2 Parts

Post by slug »

Get the numbers of the sender unit and brand type it into Google
Most are tube types and are avalable from eBay
You will proberly find its a VDO unit so if you don't trust your self ordering, any truck repair Center will get you one
Other wise any truck parts supply, mine was $85 VDO unit
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Re: Renault Bus PR 100-2 Parts

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Renault PR100.2 instruments are by Jaeger. If your's is ex-Transperth, it may never have had a working fuel gauge.
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Re: Renault Bus PR 100-2 Parts

Post by DRIVEN1 »

Hi all,

I have a 1992 Renault PR 100.2 and am after air con parts.
This model has the pod that slopes down at the front.

Kind Regards

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