SA budget to upgrade railway stations

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SA budget to upgrade railway stations

Post by nscaler69 »

Reported on the news last night: SA budget to upgrade railway stations.
Yahoo News:
The South Australian government has promised to spend $111 million over the next 10 years to upgrade railway stations across metropolitan Adelaide.
The funding includes $66.4 million across the next four years to be allocated in this month's state budget.
It will allow for station makeovers to ensure they are safer and more enjoyable for train commuters.
Yahoo News story ... 48900.html
Seven News story
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Re: SA budget to upgrade railway stations

Post by Tim Williams »

A lot of the stations certainly need a good makeover, I wonder if the allocated amount is enough.
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Re: SA budget to upgrade railway stations

Post by Lieselta »

I think every station needs to have a proper shelter, real time arrival info and visible CCTV/emergency call at a minimum before anything else is done.
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Re: SA budget to upgrade railway stations

Post by Eurostar »

I doubt Liberal Party will get another term. I do wonder what the opposition will propose to do about the Outer Harbor and Grange Line whether they will just electrify it or convert it to light rail. I wasn't a fan of the light rail proposal but its grown on me now as there is opportunities to extend light rail to Semaphore and West Lakes.
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Re: SA budget to upgrade railway stations

Post by Admet75 »

Does anyone know which Gawler line station are getting a station refresh?

It would be great if Salisbury Interchange got upgraded to the 21st Century it’s currently 20th Century vintage I think rebuilt in 1986.
By the way the when I last spoke to the current Salisbury Mayor she said that the council would be prepared to pay half fir the upgrade and the government contributed the other half.

My own opinion it’s a safe labor seat and liberals don’t care but neither did labor for 16 years.
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