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Queensland Section Guidelines

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Following last years consultation process , I have decided to Implement the following guidelines for the Queensland Sections of the Forum. ( QLD Discussion , QLD Photos , QLD timetables)

These guidelines are effective immediately. However a transitionary period will apply until the 1st of July.

1) There is no need to quote an entire post if it is directly above your current post.
2) If you are not familiar with the subject being discussed, Please Don’t attempt to guess an answer. Leave the topic to someone who is in a better position to comment.
3) Frivolous posts about Buses breaking down , Operating other depots routes are to be avoided - However this can be allowed in exceptional circumstances- EG. On the Busway network causing major disruption or major incidents closing depots.
3A) Frivolous observations may be posted in a thread in the New Users section
4) Please respect members views on issues. Everyone on this forum is entitled to there own view. Users that “Flame “ or harass other members will face there post removed and potential disciplinary action.
5) Posts regarding vehicle deliveries should be posted I'm the relevant thread in the fleet change's section.


Management of transport companies do view this forum. Please refrain from posting defamatory comments of companies or posts that will damage the reputation of our hobby.

These guidelines are in addition to the full board guidelines that are available to view at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=8

In the event of a contradiction between these rules and the Global forum rules the Global rules will apply.

ATDB Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to modify these rules at anytime.

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Re: Queensland Section Guidelines

Post by Hornibrook »

6) Frivolous use of the word Frivolous :P
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