Brisbane Transport , We've come a long way Film.

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Brisbane Transport , We've come a long way Film.

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Brisbane Transport , We've Come a Long Way , A 1983 Film produced for the Brisbane City Council's Transport Department . The Video runs for just under 12 Minutes.

Video is able to be viewed at

Thanks to the Brisbane City Council archives for allowing access to this footage.
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Re: Brisbane Transport , We've come a long way Film.

Post by dude »

Good footage of vehicles in this clip, but being a PR puff piece 2 things stand out for me: 1) Peddling the 'us' versus 'them' (QR) in those days instead of working together when the original MTA was still in existence (yes I remember the political situation of the day) & 2) the massive patronage drop experienced following the tramway abandonment not even mentioned. CityXpress was only a brief blip in the trend during the 80's atleast (82 games & Expo 88 aside).
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