Hino Dutro what to check before buying

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Hino Dutro what to check before buying

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I am going to look at a 2001 model hino dutro 1A - 8500 kg GVM

can anyone tell me if these trucks are known for having any issues ?

ie do they get problems with engine , gearbox , diffs , brakes , ECU etc ?

it has 370,000 km on the clock so i know its likely to have wear in steering , king pins etc

anything i should know about before looking it over ?

thanks people.
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Re: Hino Dutro what to check before buying

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The milk depot I work at has 2 8.5 tonne 2001 Dutros (both with refrigerated bodies), one was used strictly on metropolitan deliveries, and the other is used on country deliveries (100kmh most of the time).

The metro Dutro is a complete bag of sh*t, it is always PAINFULLY slow regardless of what sort of load it was carrying (hence why it is never used out on country roads) and always needs something to be fixed or replaced every few weeks.
I think so far he's had to replace 2 or three alternators, rebuilt the transmission because it was getting extremely crunchy (it still grinds whenever changing into 4th), needs a new fuel pump and has had constant wheel alignment issues (always chewing through tyres).

The country Dutro is actually quite a bit more reliable strangely. In the time I've driven it, only two things have gone wrong on it; A fan belt came off and simultaneously ripped all the other belts off at the same time (huge tangled mess); And the accelerator cable snapped while doing 80kmh, so all of a sudden the exhaust brake came on, and I pulled over. :lol:
Mind you, this Dutro also had wheel alignment issues.

Recently, my boss bought a 2000 Isuzu FRR 550 to replace the metro Dutro; and so far has had absolutely no issues with it.

I would strongly urge you go and look at some Isuzus in the same tonnage range, The two Isuzus we have (the FRR 550, and the 15t FTR 850) have been much more dependable than the other trucks so far. The Isuzus seem to be more solidly built (i.e are a proper truck, not a tarted up mini truck chassis) and have much more power for heavier loads.

Hope I've helped :)
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