Bus Australia Searches

Search for various values in the nominated Bus Australia section

This page does Google searches in the nomibated section of Bus Australia or the full web

Just in case you do not find what you want in Google, as an alternative you can do a search using Yahoo for which a link is provided at the bottom of the page.

To enter alphanumeric registrations it may be necessary to enter it either as
XXX ddd (with a blank in between) or
XXXddd with no blank in between.
If one format does not find the registration try the other format.
In the case of Victorian registrations we have standardised on not having the blank
while for other states' registrations we have standardised on having the blank.
South Australian TA or STA registrations also do not have a blank.

Some registrations have been entered with a  . or - instead of the blank.
These will be found with a search with a blank in between.

In the case of current fleet lists but not disposal lists, searches for registrations, fleet numbers or VINS should be done using the internal search facility .

Where a large number of pages are returned from a request including a blank,
it is worth re-entering the request as follows eg  "m/o 020" fleetlists

It should be noted that the search is done on information cached by Google so the most recent updates may not reflect.

The Web
Busaustralia Fleet Lists
Bus Australia Website
Bus Australia Discussion Board
Bus Australia Photo Gallery

Another option is to use http://au.search.yahoo.com/web/advanced entering one of these domain names
in the domain/site name at the bottom of the Yahoo screen and then follow the search rules as set out above.