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TV 5100287 viewsBaxters Bus lines (12) TV 5100 Asia Sprinter 16.210/Custom Coaches "Mk 85 SR", ex (65) m/o 5444, ex Eggins Taree MO 5939. It was sold in 2011 to Cumberland Coachlines as TV 5984.
MO 5933263 viewsBusways (488) Irisbus FRH/Alan B. Denning ex Yarramalong Bus Lines (AR & JP Palmer) - Wyong on rail at Hornsby 9/3/2008 - this was a commitment from before Palmer was taken over. Bus since transferred to Port Macquarie from the Central Coast, where it is 6494 MO.
TV 4623254 viewsClarke's coaches Hornsby Denning Phoenix triaxle just coming off the Gore Hill Freeway 12/2007.
m/o 607254 viewsMcVicar’s Bus Service, Lidcombe Albion SPPW141/Coachmaster which was included in the takeover by Bankstown Bus Lines but was scrapped before they moved from Moxom Rd to Daisey St, Revesby to become South Western Coach Lines.
m/o 1019233 viewsBusabout Scania K93CR/Newnham ex Busways Gosford (430) MO 1747 B49D, ex Peninsula Bus Lines, in Liverpool in December 2007. Deregd 1/4/14 and stored
TV 2095229 viewsHunter Valley Buses Volvo B7R/Autobus ex (44); ex Westbus (Luxury coach division), Arncliffe NSW (43) TV 2095, in the short lived gold livery for charter units, on rail at Hornsby 9/3/2008. In 2014 it was moved to the Queanbeyan operation.
m/o 683214 viewsWestbus MCA/MCA Marathon ex Baxters (67), ex Shuker, Darwin mo 1363, on rail December 2007. In 2015 it is in white livery with Charterbus.
m/o 8331201 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (167) is a Mercedes Benz O405NH with a Bustech body
TV 365200 viewsHopkinsons Scania K124IB/Northcoast Protégé which has replaced an Austral Tourmaster which was sold to Hawkesfords, on rail 12/2007
SB84AV196 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12BLE/ Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" which was rerged m/o 034 and transferred to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13 as m/o 034 (1282) - temporarily numbered (3) whilst on SA rego, on rail 12/2007 in the layover area at Hornsby.
m/o 8636194 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (660) is a Mercedes Benz LO812 with a Custom Coaches body, and is ex transitFirst (53), ex Baxters (34), ex Westbus m/o 8639. This bus turned up only to collect the days takings from the drivers.
m/o 1445192 viewsBusabout Volvo B7RLE/Bustech at Liverpool Interchnage December 2007 showing its Sydney Airport vehicle ID 440H. Has since also operated at Wagga but in 2014 is with Busabout in region 15.
m/o 8733191 viewsBusabout Renault PR100.2/Ansair seen here in December 2007. It was ex Busabout (Fearnes Investments), Harden m/o 8733 7/10; ex Busabout (Neville's Bus Service Pty Ltd), West Hoxton m/o 8733 1/10; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (806) BUS 806 1/04 (B41D). Transferred to Oakville for storage mid-2011 & dereg late-2011; Sold to far-northern QLD for non-PSV 28/9/12.
m/o 7057 189 viewsWestbus St Marys Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk I/ Custom Coaches "Mk 88" seen here in December 2007. It received a canary yellow repaint and was withdrawn in October 2014.
TV 5846187 viewsSimes Bros – Lismore Mercedes-Benz 815D/ Alan B. Denning "Vario" ex MO 5760. Sold to Coast to Coast Tours, Eight Mile Plains, QLD as 690 RQL approx 7/10.
m/o 8137184 viewsBusabout Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches Mk88 was originally manual, but converted to a Scania Automatic. It was withdrawn 1/4/2014.
MO 5933183 viewsBusways (488) Irisbus Eurorider/AB Denning ex Yarramalong Bus Lines (AR & JP Palmer), Wyong 30/01/08 (2) MO 5933, on night rail in March 2008. Since reregd 6494 MO and transferred to Port Macquarie.
m/o 8677 180 viewsWestbus Volvo B10B/Custom Coaches 230 in December 2007 at the Liverpool Interchange. In 2014 with Charterplus.
m/o 7341179 viewsMetrolink (22) Mercedes-Benz O814D/Express turning into Liverpool Bus Interchange December 2007. Was deregd by 9/7/2012.
m/o 8488 and m/o 7482178 viewsBusabout 2 Volvo B10Ms with 2 different bodies. On the left is m/o 8488, a Volvo B10M Mk IV which has a Bustech body, and m/o 7482 is a Volvo B10MSE with a Volgren CR221 body. Both moved with Busabout to region15 in June 2014. Seen here in December 2012.
m/o 7332178 viewsPort Stephens Coaches (28) MCA - Cummins C ex Aussie Bush Camps, Karuah (general-issue plates); ex Unknown Operator, Sunshine Coast, QLD; ex Great Lakes Coaches (Bulahdelah Bus Co Pty Ltd), Heatherbrae m/o 8007, on rail at Hornsby 9/3/2008.
1473AO177 viewsMoreland (M87) is a Mercedes Benz O500RF-3/Coach Design in full Greyhound livery. It was sold to Bendigo Coachlines, Bendigo, Victoria. Seen here in Liverpool December 2007 – it was new earlier that year.
m/o 8734175 viewsBusabout Renault PR100.2/Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (833) BUS 833 1/04 (B41D). Withdrawn for storage & sale at Hawkesbury Valley, Oakville 30/6/09 - Sold to Valley Bus & Coach t/a Lowder Coaches, Wee Waa as (22) 4349 MO 11/09. In Liverpool December 2007.
MO 1000175 viewsMacpherson's Walcha, trading as The Oxley Explorer had this Coach Design bodied Iveco Eurorider, on rail at Hornsby 9/3/2008. It was later reregd 4025 MO.
m/o 9209175 viewsHawkesford's Mosman Coaches (294) ex STA Mercedes Benz O.305G/PMC (2559), It was reregd TV 5799 Sold to Edgar Wright (dlr), Mt Druitt via Auction 28/10/11; Resold to Bankstown Coaches (Collins Coachways Pty Ltd), Bass Hill 30/10/13 as TV 7640, on rail 12/2007.
m/o 1067175 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 – the first of five such vehicles delivered – seen here in December 2007.
SB84AV174 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12BLE/ Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" which was rerged m/o 034 and transferred to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13 as m/o 034 (1282) - temporarily numbered (3) whilst on SA rego, on rail 26/12/2007 at Hornsby.
m/o 7369173 viewsBusabout Volvo B10MSE/Volgren CR221 ex Liverpool Transport Co Pty Ltd, West Hoxton at the Liverpool Interchange in December 2007. It moved with Busabout to region 15 in 2014.
MO 4351173 viewsCoastal Liner Volvo B7R/Autobus on rail December 2007. Reregd 2626 MO - reported to have been the first Volvo B7R in Australia.
m/o 9471173 viewsBusabout Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST which passed to Interline Bus Services with region 2 services 1/6/2014. 2007 photo.
TV 2800173 viewsThe Kings of Newcastle Motorcoach Classic III on rail possibly as replacement for the Brisbane XPT, December 2007.
m/o 9381173 viewsWestbus Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L on Rail at Blacktown May 2008 after dropping off its passengers. It became (1096) with Busways after they took over region 3.
m/o 9406173 viewsWestbus Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L which transferred to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13, at Liverpool Interchange in December 2007.
SB79AV172 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 EvoII on rail 12/2007. It was subsequently regd m/o 5256 Transferred to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13 as m/o 5256 (1283). Temporarily numbered (5) whilst on SA rego.
TV 3921171 viewsCowan's Bus Service - Sandy Hollow MAN 18.280/P&D which was sold to Australian Luxury Travel (S McDonald), Bonnyrigg as TV 932 10/12, seen in December 2007.
m/o 1471171 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (174) is a Mercedes Benz O305 which was bought as part of a batch of ex STA Mk IIs when they were withdrawn from Government service. This unit is ex STA Mark II 2023.
m/o 8724 and m/o 8728170 viewsForest Coachlines Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches and Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches running in parallel on the Pacific Highway in December 2007.
SB78AV170 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" . Became m/o 9296, then m/o 5329 which rego it retained when transferred to Transit Systems 13/10/2013 as (1284). Seen here turning into Clarence St to begin yet another rail trip on the Route 31 to Hornsby 28/12/2007.
m/o 9064169 viewsBusabout Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST seen here in December2007 with sister 9077 behind – seen here in December 2007. Both went to Interline Bus Service in June 2014.
m/o 8994169 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (24) is a Leyland Leopard PSU3C/4R/Custom Coaches,ex transitFirst (36), ex m/o 054, ex Connex NSW, ex Revesby rebody ex m/o 505 Highway Plaxton Panorama Elite III (7511LC0011 5/75) C46F ex Challenge Travel m/o 7527 ex TV 799 ex m/o 7342 - ex Wallace Arnold HWU78N chassis no 7501662. This vehicle went on to do 2 outbound trips on the 2A. It was withdrawn 11/2008.
m/o 7155166 viewsBusabout Scania L113CRB/Custom Coaches 510 in Liverpool December 2007. It moved to region 15 with Busabout in 2014.
m/o 7651166 viewsBusabout Scania K93CR/Custom Coaches Series 510, which was previously at Liverpool Transport Co., and is a rebody of Punchbowl Bus Co's m/o 693 which had a PMC160 body which was destroyed in a fire, seen here in December 2007. De-regd 1/4/14 and stored.
m/o 981166 viewsAt the 2008 Easter Show. Veolia Transport (648) is a Csepel 844-19/Custom Coaches "510" with a Cummins C-245 engine. This unit is ex transitFirst (88), ex West Bankstown Bus Service.
TV 3394166 viewsA Sid Foggs Coach Design bodied Mercedes O.404-3 which was formerly used as part of the Australian Pacific Touring franchise as part of the Sid Fogg's fleet, on rail 31/12/2007.
TV 4016165 viewsK&R Coaches MAN 24.420 14.5m/Coach Design ex Imperial Pacific Coaches, Gold Coast, QLD 560 HWJ; ex Surf City Coaches, Southport, QLD; ex Kiama Coachlines TV 2723; ex SC Tours TV 2723; ex Goldrush, Kargoolie, WA TC 8216.
m/o 8088165 viewsMetrolink (29) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3Rsp/PMC 160 ex Forest Coach Lines Pty Ltd, Terrey Hills m/o 8088; ex St Ives Bus Services Pty Ltd, Pymble (14) m/o 8088 6/7/98. De-regd 19/5/14. Seen here in the Liverpool interchange December 2007.
m/o 1041163 viewsBusabout Leyland Tiger/ Custom Coaches "Mk 88" seen here in December 2007. It was ex STA u/r by 6/00 (B51D); ex North & Western Bus Lines, Gladesville m/o 4694 12/99. Transferred to Surfside Bus Lines, Tweed Heads as (437) m/o 1041 8/08 - renumbered 5291 MO & withdrawn 12/11; Sold to Red & White Coaches, Sandgate as (17) 178 SMR 6/12 (converted to B60F).
m/o 9471163 viewsBusabout Volvo B12BLE Euro V/Bustech VST in Liverpool in December 2007. Transferred to Interline Bus Service 1/6/2014.
MO 8188163 viewsEdwards, Armidale AEC Swift 760/Domino ex Shorelink, Mt Kuring-gai (30) m/o 5484; ex Deane's Coaches, North Ryde m/o 5484. It was reregd 5935 MO then used for parts and sold to Tenterfield, NSW to transplant running gear into a two-speed AEC Swift motorhome.
m/o 5422163 viewsMetrolink Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/2R/PMC 160. It is ex Forest Coach Lines, ex St Ives (12). Seen here in Liverpool December 2007.
m/o 7545162 viewsThis is a Mercedes Benz O405NH with Custom Coaches "Series 550" bodywork from Hillsbus seen here in August 2009.
TV 1326159 viewsThis is a MAN 16.290 HOCL-R with bodywork from Coach Design, from Bankstown Coaches, ex Winglong Coaches; ex Wattle Coaches returning to the depot after a Bulletbus run in August 2009.
TV 5101157 viewsBaxters Coach Lines (14) Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/2R/Custom Coaches, ex m/o 8445, ex (70), ex C45F, ex TV 995, ex Delwood, on rail December 2007.
TV 4170157 viewsForest Coach Lines Volvo B7/Coach Design at Hornsby in 2008.
m/o 9544156 viewsHillsbus Scania K94UB/Volgren CR228L, on rail in December 2007 decked out in Christmas decorations.
m/o 114156 viewsMetrolink (19) Volvo B6/Autobus in Liverpool in December 2007. Withdrawn after a mechanical failure 3/08. Remained stored at the previous Green Valley depot 8/14.
m/o 4542155 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12B/P&D on rail December 2007. Sold to Transit Systems with Region 3 contract as of 13/10/13 as m/o 4542 (1332); First reg 23/9/94 and displayed at the 1994 Bus & Coach Show, Warwick Farm.
m/o 1037155 viewsMetrolink (14) Volvo B7L/Bustech seen here in December 2007. It stayed with Metrolink in October 2013 when Transit Systems took over region 3.
TV123154 viewsHere is Baxters Coach Lines’ TV 321 in its latest incarnation: a newish Mercedes Benz, an OH1830L/Express heading towards the Gore Hill Freeway on the Pacific Highway, on rail 26/12/2007.
m/o 9238153 viewsVeolia Transport (50) Mercedes O305/PMC ex Baxters (27), ex STA 1881, still in Baxters livery, at night in December 2007.
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