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Blackstone Busways 687-NKY Bundamba Leyland National.jpg
687 NKY995 viewsBlackstone Busways, Bundamba Leyland National which went to Starline (Sainty) Coaches, Launceston, Tas and finished up for parts at S J Oliver, Drouin, Tas
BCC 724 ONT-133 LeylandNational .jpg
ONT 133950 viewsBrisbane City Council (724) Leyland National which wentto Rockhampton City Council as 530 PVS
Westbus Leyland Atlantean MO-881.jpg
m/o 881781 viewsWestbus Leyland Atlantean/Roe ex West Yorkshire 22/6/1985
Foleys MO-5860 AEC Swift.jpg
m/o 5860756 viewsFoleys Bus Service, Kogarah AEC Swift/Hedges ex Deane m/o 953 ex ACTION 151.
Bosnjak`s Coach Lines Leyland Leopard MO-071.jpg
m/o 071742 viewsBosnjak's Coaches Leyland Leopard/Smithfield - 7/4/1980
MO 7378736 viewsEdwards, Eden (42) Leyland Lion/CCMC but badged as an Atlantean. It was new to Cumberland Coaches in Sydney where it was (42) m/o 5801. Its chassis number 569596 seems to conflict with other information about this bus.

Delwood MO-5068Leyland National.jpg
m/o 5068725 viewsDelwood Coaches, Granville Leyland National.
Ruttys MO-6172 AEC Regal IV.jpg
m/o 6172716 viewsRuttys Wollongong AEC Regal IV/CBW ex MTT seen 15/5/79. Plates appear to have been lost as they have never been reissued.
Busways mo8593 MAN SL200 CAC Blacktown 180693x.jpg
m/o 8593666 viewsBusways (230) MAN SL200/CAC ex ACTION 499 at Blacktown 18/06/93.
Western Rd Bedford VAL14 MO-4841.jpg
m/o 4841660 viewsWestern Road Bus Service Bedford VAL14/CC in 1978.
Ruttys MO-6189 Leyland Leopard.jpg
m/o 6189648 viewsRutty's Figtree NSW Leyland Leopard/Freighter which had previously operated with Brisbane City Council as (380), seen here 12/8/1984. Rutty's had six of these units and this one appears to be only one to have survived beyond June 1994.
391 POK609 viewsBrisbane City Council (391) Volvo B10M/Fuji 17/8/1986.
Bosnjaks Leyland National MO-4512.jpg
m/o 4512599 viewsBosnjaks, St Marys, Leyland National 19/4/1984. Ex Bowmans, St Marys.
724 OIE592 viewsBrisbane City Council (724) Leyland National in Cityxpress livery 6/8/1984.
Busways mo8662 Volvo B10R CCE Blacktown 220693x.jpg
m/o 8662585 viewsBusways (217) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches at Blacktown 22/6/93. It is now at Grafton as 2864 MO.
NWV 141580 viewsBrisbane City Council (290) AEC Reliance 590/Hope 6/8/1981.
TV 885579 viewsCalabros Bonnyrigg Denning ex AAT32. It went to Westbus with the takeover.
m/o 7687579 viewsWestbus Volvo B6M/PMC.
Busways mo7444 Volvo CCE Blacktown 220693Ax.jpg
m/o 7444569 viewsBusways (156) Volvo B6M/Custom Coaches at Blacktown 22/06/93.
Calabros Leyland Leopard MO-4764.jpg
m/o 4764551 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/CCMC in 1980. It went to Westbus as m/o 4764 then sold to Forbes Bus Lines (Wright) as MO 1505, then to Rockhampton, QLD.
m/o 580542 viewsWestbus, Seven Hills MAN SL200/Ansair ex Toonbabbie Bus Service, ex demonstrator, in AOA livery for Combined Real Estate.

Henry Kendall TV1518 MCA Dg  McGraths Hill 230391 Bx.jpg
TV 1518540 viewsHenry Kendall Village MCA/Denning at McGraths Hill 23/03/91. It is ex Deluxe (Contiki Tours) and as at 21/1/2013 it is owned by S.A.A.T Georgetown Tas and is now for sale.
m/o 4108537 viewsWestern Road Bus Service AEC Merlin/MCW.
m/o 6188524 viewsRutty's Wollongong Ford R226/CVI
855 DLV509 viewsBrisbane City Council (866) MAN SL200/Denning 18/8/1985.
WBS 001472 viewsWatts, Wollongong Domino DC1220GM taken 1/1981.
m/o 7686472 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M/PMCSA.
Busways MO1932 Volvo B58 Sm  Camden 111191Bx.jpg
MO 1932463 viewsBusways (183) Volvo B58-56/Smithfield ex ACTION 395, at Camden 11/11/91.
m/o 4886457 viewsBosnjaks Leyland Royal Tiger(Worldmaster)/Bolton ex PerthUQB435 / WAG8435 / UAN396 MTT (435), which was subsequently regd m/o 593.
Rover Motors MO-8973 Leyland Atlantean.jpg
MO 8973435 viewsRover Motors (30) Leyland Atlantean ex UTA 1215. It was subsequently SZQ 103 at the Yallah Woolshed Resturant, Albion Park NSW and then went to the Parker Family, Oakville. It was involved in the Pagewood Depot fire in 1974.
TV 370430 viewsCalabros Denning ex LGK 566, in 1990.
Westbus TV884 Denning  8V71 Penrith 151091Cx.jpg
TV 884425 viewsWestbus (International Coach Travel)Denning 8V71 Penrith 15/10/91.
Westbus TV884 Denning  8V71 Penrith 041291Cx.jpg
TV 884419 viewsWestbus (International Coach Travel) Denning 8V71 Penrith 4/12/91.
Delwood coaches AEC Reliance MO-5325.jpg
m/o 5325414 viewsDelwood Coaches, Villawood AEC Reliance/CCMC in 1985.
Westbus TV886 Denning 8V71 Penrith 151091x.jpg
TV 886409 viewsWestbus (International Coach Travel) Denning 8V71 Penrith 15/10/91.
854 NAE389 viewsBrisbane City Council (780) Volvo B59/Hedges 18/9/1983.
Horrell MO-6223 Bedford.jpg
m/o 6223384 viewsHorrell, Wollongong Bedford/Duple ex Jones, Condobolin, seen here 22/6/1990. It went to Shire Coaches where it was wriitten off
Roadcoach VWG969 MAN 24-420 Ansair Liverpool 100197x.jpg
VWG 969372 viewsRoadcoach MAN 24-420/Ansair at Liverpool 10/01/97.
m/o 4767372 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard/CCMC ex Calabro.
Rover Motors 20 Leyland Leopard MO-899.jpg
m/o 899 365 viewsRover Motors (20) Leyland Leopard/PMC in 1982
m/o 5480 362 viewsDeanes, Lane Cove AEC Merlin/MCW 3/1977.
Westbus  mo881 Ley Atlantean  Parramatta 110892xx.jpg
m/o 881358 viewsWestbus Leyland Atlantean at Parramatta 11/08/92.
Surfside 677CVV Mbenz 0305 PMC Seaworld 250795C copy.jpg
677 CVV355 viewsSurfside Mercedes Benz 0305/PMC at Seaworld 25/07/95.
m/o 4422354 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC in Red Arrow livery for the Bankstown - Parramatta service.
Horrell MO-6243 Leyland Comet.jpg
m/o 6243351 viewsHorrell, Wollongong Leyland Comet/CC 5/1981.
m/o 872347 viewsBosnjaks Edensor Park Leyland/Smithfield
Westbus TV418 Volvo CCE  Featherdale 261291Bx.jpg
TV 419346 viewsWestbus Volvo/CCE signwritten for Blue Mountains Daytripper, at Featherdale Farm 26/12/91.
m/o 5734338 viewsLeyland Viking VK55/CCMC Rowes Plumpton Departing Blacktown 01-73
TV 891336 viewsCalabros Denning Landseer 12/1989.
m/o 5073331 viewsBosnjaks, Edensor Park/Penrith Bus Service Leyland Tiger Cub/Bolton ex MTT 715 which saw subsequent service as m/o 591 with South Western Coach Lines (Alexandria NSW) and then ABC Coach Lines (Alexandria NSW).
Westbus mo4149 Hino RC420 PMC Richmond 220391Bx.jpg
m/o 4149330 viewsWestbus Hino RC420/PMC at Richmond 22/03/91.
m/o 5456327 viewsBosnjaks, Edensor Park Albion/CCMC,
m/o 402326 viewsBosnjak’s Edensor ParkBedford/CCMC.
m/o 4250326 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard-Scania/CCMC ex Calabro, 9/10/1989
m/o 4001324 viewsDelwood Coaches, Granville Albion Viking VK41/CCMC 7/1977.
MO 8973324 viewsRover Motors (30) Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1218. It was subsequently SZQ 103 at the Yallah Woolshed Restaurant, Albion Park NSW and then went to the Parker Family, Oakville. It was involved in the Pagewood Depot fire in 1974.

m/o 4724323 viewsBosnjaks Parramatta Leyland Comet/CCMC 9/1978
m/o 5870323 viewsLeyland Clydesdale/CCMC Rowes Plumpton 02-73 at Schofields on Rail Replacement. Love this shot, middle of summer, front engine bus, crash box, only power assisted steering, no air conditioning but the driver is properly dressed and wearing a tie (properly).
m/o 078322 viewsCalabro’s Bonnyrigg White Parra-Ryde 9/1974.
Westbus TV372 Austral Tourmaster  Penrith 041291Bx.jpg
TV 372321 viewsWestbus (International Coach Travel) Austral Tourmaster Penrith 4/12/91.
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