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TV 4586214 viewsGroup Charters Autobus-Cummins ex Ogdens Coaches Pty Ltd, Dubbo (39) TV 4696 3/15; ex AF65WL, on a shopping tour in Bay Road, Taren Point 29/11/2015.
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TV 878292 viewsWolters Bus & Coach - Narrabri & Wee Waa Scania K124EB/Autobus ex Ogdens Coaches, Dubbo (55) TV 878 12/09; ex Frasers Coaches (Dubbo) Pty Ltd, Dubbo TV 878, at The Gunnedah Information Centre 8/4/2016.
TV 3344346 viewsOgdens Coaches (40) Autobus at Bathurst in Countrylink livery 18/1/2013.
TV 3908417 viewsOgdens Coaches (56) Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Concepts in 2008. It was ex Fraser's Coaches, Dubbo TV 3908 7/8/07.
B & C Gilkes, Wellington (photo by Greg Bush)261 viewsMO 7937 Bedford YRQ2 / PMC; ex JV & T O'Neill, Coonamble MO 7937.
Sold to EC & F Ogden t/a Ogden's Coaches, Wellington as (6) MO 7937 early-1990s; Replaced by 2001.
TV 7305103 viewsPort Stephens/Newcastle Coaches Denning Manufacturing "Gold Phoenix", ex Ogdens Coaches Pty Ltd, Mudgee (77) TV 7305 10/15; ex TV 4697 by 4/14, on a shopping tour in Bay Road, Taren Point Road 13/11/206.
MO 5852413 viewsExpress RG Hino RG230 MO5852 for J&B Oldfield Dubbo. Bus is parked in Bathurst. Was included in the takeover by Ogdens.
McVicar MO-732 Leyland Leopard.jpg
m/o 732792 viewsMcVicars Bus Service Leyland Leopard/PMC Progress - believed the only coach operated by McVicar. After the southern routes were taken over by Bankstown Bus Lines (South Western) it finished up with Ogdens, Wellington with bus seating and the plates went to the Volvo artic which later was TV 5052 with Cumberland Coachlines.
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington MO 5635 (photo by Greg Bush)225 views(12) MO 5635 Bedford SB5 / PMC; Sold to Gersbachs Garage Pty Ltd, Wellington as MO 5635 2/80; then to EC & F Ogden t/a Ogden's Coaches, Wellington as (5) MO 5635 7/89; Replaced by 2001.
MO 2895737 viewsMO 2895 is a P&D bodied Hino from Ogden's in Western New South Wales ex Fitzgerald, Mudgee MO 2895.
MO 173892 viewsOgdens Bus Group (25) Denning Denair – GM in the Wellington depot in 2003. It was ex Fitzgerald, Mudgee MO 1738; ex Sunliner Express (208) VIP 15; ex VIP Express and withdrawn in 2014.
Ogden's Coaches MO 4195 (photo by Ben Ogle)366 views(14) MO 4195 Leyland Super Comet / PMC; ex MO 446; ex m/o 446; ex Cope, Wellington m/o 446; ex Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Moorebank m/o 446; ex Milperra Bus Co m/o 446 1/7/87 - 6/78 truck chassis.
Dereg 30/10/06 and stored - Still at depot 3/7/08. Sold for a motorhome at Logan Reserve, QLD early-2010.
Ogden's Coaches (photo by Ty Manning)568 views(16) MO 8997 Mercedes-Benz OF1315 / Autobus, still in fleet as 4800 MO.
Ogden's Coaches (photo by Ty Manning)482 views(11) TV 054 Volvo B10M / PMCSA "Apollo"; ex Dubbo Coaches (JA Gilbert Pty Ltd) TV 054; ex MJK 470; ex Dubbo Bus & Coachlines (Stonestreet) MJN 470.
Dereg -/10 and stored for sale at Mudgee - sold for for a race car transporter in Northern Territory as 970 854 2/10.
TV 3344443 viewsOgdens Coaches Autobus - Cummins. Mudgee Railway Station.
TV 3908173 viewsOgden’s Dubbo Mercedes O500RF3 / Coach Concepts ex Fraser, Dubbo in November 2007. .
AF65WL1009 viewsThe latest Coach in the Ogdens of Wellington fleet is this Autobus/Autobus Countrylink coach photographed by Denair.
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4428 MO198 viewsOgdens Denning Silver Phoenix in Condell Park 9/13.
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