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Mercury Roadlines MO 9815190 viewsMO 9815 Bedford VAL14 / CCMC ex John A Gilbert Pty Ltd t/a Tamworth Bus & Travel Service, Tamworth MO 4092 by 1978. Deregistered 1992 & Sold. David Wilson photo.
m/o 7208764 viewsMosman Charter Buses Mercedes O305/PMC ex Forest Coach Lines, ex STA Mk II 2180, at Longueville for SCECGS Rowing. Later regd TV 5748
MO 42251074 viewsShorelink Hino CM277K/PMCA "160" ex Blue Ribbon Holdings Pty Ltd, Maitland (76) MO 4225; ex MO 0665; ex (R65) at Mooney Mooney. Since reregd m/o 9782.
AN46ZF1108 viewsAn unidentified ex Sydney Buses Mercedes O305/PMC unit being used at the Apec Conference Sydney 9/2007.
Ritchies1201 viewsRitchies, New Zealand (443).
TV 46801082 viewsManly Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2374.l Manly's latest Mk 2 on the road seen departing Milsons Point. One can only hope its current 'livery' will be short lived.
Mercury Roadlines MO 0875191 viewsMO 0875 (originally MO 4442) had a Watt Bros body built on a Commer chassis purchased as a wrecked tip truck to construct a completely new chassis built from used parts with engine horizontally mounted just ahead of rear axle. Bus passed with the business to CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd 7/96. Sydney Bus Museum collection.
MO 49171339 viewsSussex Inlet Bus Service. MAN SG220/Goppell ex Roadcoach; ex Stagecoach, Cairns 266 DLR; ex (68); ex Beach Bus; ex BCC (997). Has since been reregd 2372 MO with Shoal Bus and then deregd 26/3/11 and sent to scrap.
HolidayBus1491 viewsBelrose Buses 4 Hire - Dee Why previously known as HolidayBus, u/r Leyland National ex Aerocare, Sydney Airport (unused) 11/06; ex Aerocare, Perth, WA; ex Telford Tours / Marrickville Bus Lines, Turrella, NSW m/o 8933; ex Sunbus / Rocky Transit, Rockhampton, QLD (9) 730 BPQ (on loan from Rockhampton City Council) -/96; ex Rockhampton City Council, QLD (9) 730 BPQ 5/95; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (312) ZIB 312 -/92. Sold to Cairns, QLD for Non-PSV 4/07.
m/o 8714676 viewsMosman Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3A/2R/Parramatta Ryde at Warriewood after fresh repaint. Ex Greens Northern Coaches, ThirroulWYX 064; ex Crossley, Revesby (unused); ex Bus Stop Sales; ex Parramatta Ryde Bus Service m/o 5808. Sold to 1800 PUBCRAWL, Glendale as AT41JP.
MO 9475978 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Service Leyland Worldmaster - Cummins/PMC Rebody ex Perth, WA - Previously in Mountain Devil Tours livery. Included in take over by Blue Mountains Bus Co. where it was reregd 3759 MO. Dereg by 12/5/10 & sent to scrap. A photocopy of a shot from the Pearce archives, kindly photocopied by the friendly Pearce office staff.
m/o 4151870 viewsForest Coachlines Mercedes O305 with PMC bodywork
m/o 82561715 viewsWestbus Volvo B10M Mk III/CC at Windsor 21/3/2007.
MO 9896790 viewsMarshall Moruya Bedford VAM70/Smithfield "Goldstar". "Tuross Jim" ex Allen, Tuross Heads MO 9896; ex Walker, Yanco MO 9896; ex QLD; ex Riverstone Bus Service m/o 5302. Withdrawn by 9/03.
MO 2030787 viewsFearnes Coaches Wagga Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA Mk I 1861. Sold to Belrose Buses 4 Hire (Pritchard Management Pty Ltd), Dee Why 24/3/09.
MO 8888777 viewsBaxters Bus Lines Bedford YMT3/CC for U2 Concert - seen at Olympic Park. Ex Orange Coaches (6). Sold to Stressless Tours, Lawson.
m/o 7692790 viewsBustrans m/o 7692 Bedford VAM3 - 330 / CC ex Harris Park at depot
Howarth's, Crookwell MO 5699236 viewsMO 5699 Bedford VAM70 / Custom Coaches (24/3/71). Deregistered in 2006 & Sold for non-PSV at Albion Park.
m/o 4930968 viewsBlue Ribbon Bedford YMT3/Domino. ex (113); ex (158); ex Liverpool Transport Company, Hoxton Park m/o 4930. Dereg and stored for sale at Westbus, Girraween 7/08.
MO 4314507 viewsBowmans Goulburn MO 4314 Hino RG230 / PMCSA. Since the takeover by PBC Goulburn it has been reregd 2825 MO.
u/r1621 viewsMosman Coaches DAF MBG200/Austral ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra MO 3191 1/05 (dereg 16/7/01); ex Brisbane City Council, Brisbane (995) 995 PDO via auction 26/9/91; ex Demo. Noted 4/07 near Stony Creek Reservoir, Anakie, VIC and then for auction 26/9/07 through Manheim Fowles, Altona, VIC. Still there 11/07. Seen here being worked on late 2006 at Terrey Hills. It was never registered with Mosman Coaches.
m/o 71261502 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches '510' at South Windsor 21/3/2007.
K & E Cope, Wellington MO 9087 (photo by Dean Jones)237 viewsMO 9087 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 / Campbell & Mannix ex JK Offner t/a Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington MO 9087 3/88; ex Bosnjak's Bus Service Pty Ltd, Edensor Park; ex MTT, Perth.
Sold u/r to EC & F Ogden t/a Ogden's Coaches, Wellington; then locally for a shed near Wellington; then to local owner Colin Berry, Mumbil for possible restoration.c3/12.
u/r1233 viewsMosman Coaches DAF MBG200/Austral ex Nowra Coaches Pty Ltd, South Nowra MO 3191 1/05 (dereg 16/7/01); ex Brisbane City Council, Brisbane (995) 995 PDO via auction 26/9/91; ex Demo. Noted 4/07 near Stony Creek Reservoir, Anakie, VIC and then for auction 26/9/07 through Manheim Fowles, Altona, VIC. Still there 11/07. Seen here being worked on late 2006 at Terrey Hills. It was never registered with Mosman Coaches.
Offner's Omnibus Service, Wellington (photo by Ron Drummond)244 viewsNo 7 MO 313 GMC / Syd Wood ex Bus Lines of Australia, No 15 MO 5921 Unknown & No 8 MO 382 GMC / Syd Wood.
MO 19341085 viewsHunter Valley Buses Mercedes-Benz O405/PMC 'Metro 90' ex Blue Ribbon,seen at Raymond Terrace. Since reregd 3588 MO.
m/o 71291581 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Austral Denning 'Starliner' at Windsor depot 21/3/2007.
MO 6366724 viewsFearnes MO 6366 Renault PR100.2 / Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (761) BUS 761 12/05.
m/o 94421387 viewsHillsbus Volvo B10M Mk IV/Custom Coaches '510' ex m/o 7083 Charterbus Direct/Harris Park Transport seen here in the gold livery which was temporarily adopted for the charter operation. Became TV 5626 with Charterplus.
Mercury Roadlines MO 961191 viewsMO 961 had a c1962 Mercury body built on a Leyland chassis conversion from a semi trailer tug. Originally had a Leyland 300 engine, which was replaced with Perkins around 1971/1972. Photographed several years after withdrawal by David Wilson.
TV 23871467 viewsBlue Ribbon Denning Denair/Denning ex (39); ex (M40); ex TV 543; ex RC49F; ex Hunter Valley Coaches.
Dereg by 2/08 and advertised for sale with dismantled engine by Omnibus Sales & Service 3/08. Sold to Valley Bus & Coach, Singleton 3/08.
MO 9300301 viewsNorm & Bev Purtill (Nkbampy Pty Ltd), Finley MO 9300 Hino RG197K purchased with school contracts from Purtill Bros Nominees Pty Ltd, Deniliquin in 1999. Sold to CG & DM Lester, Scottsdale, TAS as FR 2355 -/07.
MO 01721432 viewsBlue Ribbon (80) Bedford YMT3/CC ex Busways, Camden (32) MO 0172; ex m/o 5301; ex Riverstone Bus Service m/o 5301; ex m/o 5160. Sold by 9/2008.
TV 4676817 viewsManly Coaches Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC Mark II 2454 seen at Penrith for the Head of the River 31/3/2007.
m/o 5029836 viewsHornsby Bus Group Bedford SB/CCMC used on Brooklyn route 30.
MO 6180918 viewsShoal Bus Volvo B12B/NCBC ex Harrison's Motor Service, Bomaderry MO 6180 seen at the Shoalhaven University. Since reregd 2388 MO.
MO 0265837 viewsFearnes MO 0265 MCA-GM / CC at Harden High School. Now 3999 MO at Busabout Wagga.
MO 6605 and MO77701806 viewsFormer Harrison's Volvo B7R/Autobus now reg 2377MO and Domino DC113 in the Shoal Bus fleet. The latter was ex Pioneer Motor Service, Nowra MO 7770 -/90; ex Sonter, Laurieton MO 7770. and sold by 8/07
Quains Enterprises Pty Ltd, Wellington (photo by Greg Bush)377 viewsMO 7249 Bedford SB3 / Domino; ex JA & ML Lewis, Wellington MO 7249 -/83.
Sold to GJ Selems, Gilgandra (believed to never have been registered with Selems).
MO 5429967 viewsSydney Coachlines Bedford BLP2/CC ex m/o 8849, ex King's Bus Service, Kempsey; ex Edward's, Armidale, at Milsons Point.
Kiama1642 viewsKiama Coachlines ex MO 9375 and ex MO 2146 MAN SG192s
JA & ML Lewis, Wellington MO 7252 (photo by Greg Bush)232 viewsMO 7252 Bedford BLP2 / CC; Sold to Merv Hennock & Sons Pty Ltd, Forbes as MO 7252; then for a motorhome - noted fully converted named "Blue Cruiser" at Brent's Car Sales, Nanango, QLD -/11.
MO 2067532 viewsBerrima Coaches (3) MO 2067 Nissan RB30R / CC. Since reregd 4843 MO.
MO 58271638 viewsBusways Volvo B58-56/CC ex MO 9105; ex m/o 4548 seen departing Raymond Terrace for Karuah. Sold by 2/09.
m/o 8161523 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz OC1621/CC ex (16) m/o 816 Baxter's Bus Lines ex m/o 8836. Subsequently operated for Charterplus. Withdrawn by 2/15.
m/o 49431262 viewsWestbus/Hillsbus Volvo B58/CC seen at Colo High 9/12/2005, ex Toongabbie TS (42), ex Western Road Transport. Sold to Warrigal Charters, Wollongong as TV 3744
Howarth's, Crookwell MO 0463272 viewsMO 0463 Volvo B10M / Custom Coaches (17/4/86) charter coach. Sold to RJ Hayes t/a South Bundy Buses, Bundaberg, QLD as (10) 10 SBB 6/7/06.
MO 27131330 viewsHunter Valley Buses (ex Blue Ribbon) MCA - GM 6v92tta/MCA. ex MO 2713-ex (156)-ex (125)-ex (R13)-ex TV 985. Later reregd 2448 MO
m/o 1921576 viewsPleasure Charter Tours Mercedes O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2278 since reregd TV 5751, in Allister Street, Cremorne outside SCECGS Middle School Campus. Sold to Kuring-gai Bus Co (PT & JE Parker Holdings), Oakville by 1/12.
Ogden's Coaches MO 4195 (photo by Ben Ogle)368 views(14) MO 4195 Leyland Super Comet / PMC; ex MO 446; ex m/o 446; ex Cope, Wellington m/o 446; ex Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Moorebank m/o 446; ex Milperra Bus Co m/o 446 1/7/87 - 6/78 truck chassis.
Dereg 30/10/06 and stored - Still at depot 3/7/08. Sold for a motorhome at Logan Reserve, QLD early-2010.
m/o 6403839 viewsPleasure Charter Tours MCA Cummins L10/MCA. Ex Blue Ribbon (M19) MO 1859 at Georges Heights along with m/o 9079 Mercedes O305 and m/o 8971 Renault PR100.2. Since reregd TV 5744.
MO 93751812 viewsKiama Coachlines ex MO 9375 MAN SG192/CAC ex Surfside Buslines, Tweed Heads (631) 631 BBC; ex Action, Canberra (535) BUS 535; ex ZIB 535 being used for parts.
m/o 72361583 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches '550' at Colo High 21/3/2007. Was previously used for Ansett services at Sydney Airport and was B41D and has since gone to Hillsbus.
MO 5095601 viewsBerrima Buslines (48) MO 5095 Mercedes O400 / CC "510". Since reregd 4848 MO.
m/o 71251401 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches '300'. Pictured at Windsor High School 22/9/2005.
m/o 1920 m/o 8425 and m/o 76601965 viewsVeolia Transport (622) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II ex transit First ex STA 2355 since withdrawn, (683) Leyland Tiger /CC ex transit First, ex Baxters since reregd m/o 9100 and (152) Mercedes-Benz O405/CC "510" ex transit First.
m/o 47961324 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard PSU3C/2R/CC Ex Bowmans, St Marys - seen here at the depot in 2005 after its withdrawal.
MO 7259712 viewsBowman Goulburn Bedford VAL70(UF)/CC ex Goulburn Bus Service (part of Macquarie Towns Bus Lines (Guild Management Services)), ex Macquarie Towns, Windsor - New to Duffy Gross Vale as MO 7259. Shown here after its withdrawal on it way to Sydney for preservation.
MO 3209533 viewsMarshall Moruya Leyland Super Viking + Allison/CC "Harris" ex The Moruya Bus Co (Davding Pty Ltd) MO 3209 8/10/03; ex Harris Park Transport m/o 7484. Dereg 21/6/06 and sold for preservation September 2009.
MO 6365821 viewsFearnes MO 6365 Renault PR100.2 / Ansair ex Action, Canberra, ACT (698) BUS 698 departing Harden High School. Since with Busabout Wagga/Harden and reregd 3987 MO and then sold 6/10.
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