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3614AO354 viewsU.S Bus Lines (14) 3614AO Volvo B10M MKII/Volgren.
This bus is used mostly for school runs/charter.
m/o 4851246 viewsBlue and White Buses, Greenacre AEC Reliance/Symonds and Fowler, ex Punchbowl Bus Co m/o 5409, ex Fairfield, Moonee Ponds, ex Reid, Northcote.
IMG_0072 - LMT 13 @ TTMS, Glenorchy c_27Oct2012_JPG.jpg
LMT 13118 viewsLaunceston single truck tramcar at TTMS Glenorchy c 27 October 2012.
TP 1413139 viewsPATH Transit (1413) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG / Volgren CR228L at Cannington.
1014 MO427 viewsBusways North Coast (873) MAN 18.280/Custom Coaches SB400 ex MO 5917; ex Stock 12/08, at Buladelah in 2009. Since transferred to Yamba.
m/o 4518407 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L113CRL/Custom Coaches "CB60" at Narwee 5/14 in TNSW livery.
BS02HR205 viewsKastoria Bus Lines, Tullamarine (75) Volvo B7RLE/Bustech at Moorabbin Station on rail replacement 29th June 2016.
TV 7120 105 viewsDolphin Coaches, Bass Hill Scania K112TR/Custom Coaches Hyliner ex C48FT; ex Alpine Spirit High Country Coaches, Myrtleford 7742 AO; ex Okes Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Myrtleford (46) 7742 AO 2/11; ex 0471 AC; ex Langdons Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Myrtleford (46) 0471 AO1; ex PSV 415; ex Freemont Pty Ltd t/a Freemont Coaches, Kurrajong, NSW TV 343; ex True Blue Coaches, Berala TV 343 -/96; ex Sunliner Express Coaches, Manly, QLD (311) 330 ARX -/91; ex NV66BT, in Bellingara Road, Miranda 28/4/2017.
m/o 5335178 viewsTransdev NSW (500) Volvo B7RLE/Bustech "VST" in Metrobus livery - still branded Veolia Transport - in Robertson St, Sutherland 17/11/2013.
SB73HB168 viewsRear shot of Torrens Transit (1790) Bustech CDi-Cummins in a special indigenous wrap in Hindmarsh Square 26/7/2016.
2016-05-10 11_17_48.jpg
2407 ST189 viewsSydney Buses (2407) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" in Jackson Ave, Miranda 10/5/2016.
TV 301.jpg
TV 301241 viewsThe Oxley Explorer - Walcha (24)
Autobus 6x2 - GM s60/Autobus
Reg 10/5/10 ex Swagman Outback Tours, Geelong, VIC VV73DU (C46FT).

Seen on Rail at Central 14/9/13
733 GWU584 viewsBrisbane Transport Virginia (733) Scania L94UB/Volgren seen here in Fitzgibbon Chase.
Eggins Taree MO3242 Ley Atlantean MCWg.jpg
MO 3242469 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Atlantean/MCW ex Mersey L544
m/o 8215147 viewsDions Bus Service, Fairy Meadow Hino CM277K/PMC at the depot in 1997.
RFS 377172 viewsVentura Bus Lines (103) Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 which has become (1196) 2603AO, which was the 3rd. ethanol powered bus, delivered a year later than the 1st two & wears this special livery.
EKD339145 viewsPeninsula Bus Lines (27) Volvo B58-56/Superior cascaded from the Grenda fleet where it was 65 & was second hand from Leslie NSW.
img908 - Rottnest Is_ Board Hino RC520P No_45 [8BA042 ex UQB926] & No_47 [7NK842 ex UQB930] & No_42 [8BA043 ex UQB927]  c_1991.jpg
Rottnest Island200 viewsRottnest Island Board Hino RC520P’s 8BA 042 (45) ex UQB926], 7NK 842 (47) [7NK842 ex UQB930 & 8BA 043.(42) ex UQB927 c.1991.
2016-02-07 09_38_55.jpg
TV 7003203 viewsTelfords (6006) Iveco Metro/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" ex BD50GM 23/1/12; ex Iveco Australia Demonstrator; Trialed at Red Bus Services, Bateau Bay (91) & (95) 5/10 to 25/11/11; ex Premier Illawarra, Figtree; ex Veolia Transport NSW, Bankstown; ex Punchbowl Bus Company, Riverwood; ex Busways, Blacktown. Arrived at Telford's from Custom Care 23/12/11. At Munro Park, Cronulla awaiting its next rail replacement trip 7/2/2016.
UQB 075345 viewsSwan Transit (75) Renault PR100.2/Porter at Midland on a 36T to Perth.
971595 viewsMelbourne Trams
m/o 4015206 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 at Bankstown Central 2/3/2018.
2477 ST248 viewsSydney Buses (2477) Scania K280UB/CC "CB80" in Kiora Road, Miranda 5/12/2013 in Transport NSW livery.
m/o 9491106 viewsForest Coach Lines Mercedes O500LE/Ciustom Coaches CB60 Evo II would be among the few units to Euro III spec with a Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II body, heading up the Warringah Expressway at the end of the AM peak.
AHE 864194 viewsParty Bus NZ Volvo B12 at Sunnybrook 6/9/2016.
TV 8186146 viewsBig Bus Co (Sydney Explorer) (443) Anhui Ankai HFF6121GS-3/Anhui Ankai at Floriade 20/9/2017 in special livery for that event.
TV 5961258 viewsMoores Tours Denning D-Deck I - GM ex Premier-Stateliner, Adelaide, SA (384) VBU 441 by 9/09; ex Pioneer Express, Adelaide (390) VBU 441; ex Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, VIC (190) NT m/o 458, in Mitchell Road near Wanda Beach 26/2/2014.
m/o 9475573 viewsVeolia Transport NSW (414) Volvo B12BLE/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" on rail replacement services at Sutherland 22/5/2011
TV 4599486 viewsPremier Motor Service Scania K114IB/NCBC "Protege" in Eddy Ave 24/12/2012.
CIM 114453 viewsGrenda Volvo (111) Volvo B10M/Volgren which subsequently became (114) as shown here and later (314) 4714AO.
0889AO232 viewsEndeavour Coaches Volvo B10MSE/Volgren C221SX ex QZZ688; ex MO 3213 Forest Coachlines, Terrey Hills, NSW, in Geelong South 2/6/2013.
TC 7113180 viewsCarbridge MAN 18.320 / MCV Elite C130 with Voith D864.5 and SensoTop transmission on T1/T2 Long Term Car Park shuttles.
MO 365?219 viewsBartlett’s, Narooma REO used on the run from Narooma to Bomaderry. They were bought out by Harrison in 1961. Photo from Greg Watts.
Ex DGT 2033320 viewsEx DGT Leyland/OPD1/ComEng restored in the Sydney Bus Museum collection, on the track at Eastern Creek Raceway 19/8/2012.
?78 viewsPreserved MMTB (391) Leyland OPS1 seen here at Preston Tram Workshops on an enthusiast tour.
img948 - TransHuon 1981 Volvo B58-61 [Domino] [DI 1851] @ Huonville c_11Nov2004.jpg
DI 1851170 viewsTranshuon Bus Service Volvo B58-61/Domino from 1981 at Huonville c 11 November 2004.
m/o 5284168 viewsLane Cove Bus Service Domino coach with Domino body of 1979. Centralian photo.
P13142153 viewsRoberts, Hawaii coach (639) on a day tour of Oahu, Hawaii 15/9/2013.
4921AO231 viewsCDC Melbourne – Sunshine (47) Volvo B10M/Volgren ex NLO 986 running Rail Replacement Essendon - Craigieburn. Seen at Essendon Station 7/10/2017.
2342 MO281 viewsKennedy, Nowra Volvo B7R/Northcoast ex MO 5321.
BM75KB700 viewsIveco Metro/Custom Coaches “CB80” demonstrator ex Veolia Transport NSW, Bankstown (23/9/11 to 23/5/12) regd 18/9/11. On loan to CDC Group and sent to the newly acquired Deane's, Queanbeyan by 10/9/2012. Seen in Canberra 21/9/2012.

m/o 7135288 viewsTiger Tours/Caringbah Bus Service Leyland Super Viking/Custom Coaches. Operated in all-over white during its last years with Caringbah. Sold to PJH Bus & Coach, Caringbah as m/o 7135; then to Gerry's Bus Service, Helensburgh as m/o 7135 by 11/02; then for a motorhome; Advertised for sale on Gumtree 6/13 as a fully converted motorhome at Cessnock.
img303 - STA No_111 [ex No_946] Leyland Worldmaster 'Coastal Clipper' - 5AD CH10 Special Livery [137_524] [Lawton] @ Morphettville depot.jpg
137 524197 viewsSTA Adelaide (111 ex 946) Leyland Worldmaster/Lawton ‘Coastal Clipper’ – CH10 5AD at Morphettville depot in AOA.
m/o 96131055 viewsRear view of Busways (810) Scania K230UB/CC "CB60"
325 BVK360 viewsBrisbane Transport (325) Volvo B10M mk3 [Austral] photoshopped by Colhad75 with a Bustech VST front.
m/o 8818730 viewsVeolia Transport NSW (302) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Bustech “VST” still showing the old Connex name on the desto which was the Orange LED one which it had temporarily when new.

VWL 883132 viewsSerco (316) Volvo B59/PMCSA ex STA 1124, in Currie St 17/3/1997. It was scrapped after accident damage.
Calabros Leyland Leopard MO-4764.jpg
m/o 4764691 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/CCMC in 1980. It went to Westbus as m/o 4764 then sold to Forbes Bus Lines (Wright) as MO 1505, then to Rockhampton, QLD.
m/o 128353 viewsMetro-Link (24) is a 1988 Volvo B10M / Centurion ex RAAF. Pictured on Edensor Road in Bonnryrigg.
BOF 965526 viewsGrenda's (98) Volvo B58-56/Volgren in 1990
m/o 9925456 viewsHillsbus Scania K230UB/Volgren CR228L at Hornsby just prior to sunrise on emergency mail.
BL369BC103 viewsScenic Tours Setra at a Brewery in Snaitl, Austria 13/6/2014
7408AO824 viewsVentura #200 Designline Hybrid, Designline. at Lonsdale St, City (Outside Myers) on route 251 to Garden City.
img531 - 1944 Ford Hercules MTT 164 [UQH-155] @ St Kilda [Restored Vehicle].jpg
UQH 155102 views1944 Ford Hercules ex MTT 164 restored vehicle at St Kilda.
PRT 012414 viewsBus Queensland Park Ridge (12) Volvo B12BLE/Bustech "VST" in TransLink livery at Broadbeach South Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games 8 Apr 2018. Ex 012 ILW.
MO 4050194 viewsMoruya Bus Co "Pumpkin Seed" Hino AM100 which was sold by the subsequent owner Marshall as a motorhome.
TV 050119 viewsClipper Tours, Sydney Mercedes O303x3/PMCSA in 1996.
Mercury Roadlines MO 2137292 viewsMO 2137 Isuzu LT1-11P / CC (28/1/92) passed with the business to CA & C Cavanagh Pty Ltd 7/96. Still in service with Cavanagh's in 2014. Hayden Ramsdale.
m/o 6712216 viewsTransdev NSW Bustech CDi - Cummins ISL in East Parade, Sutherland 14/8/2017.
295 ISF494 viewsMt Gravatt 295 ISF is a NCBC bodied MAN 18.260
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