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m/o 8486326 viewsTransdev NSW (297) MCA - Cummins L10/MCA - still branded Veolia Transport - ex Caringbah Bus Service now having lost its Caringbah stripes on the sides and back, in Jackson Ave, Miranda 12/11/2013. Withdrawn February 2015.
8071AO113 viewsTrotters (65) a 20101, Mercedes OH1830/Irizar on a Regional Rail run on 30/08/2011
m/o 2575604 viewsSydney Buses (2575) Mercedes O305G/PMC. Since sold to Manly Coaches.
m/o 1091187 viewsHillsbus (37) Volvo B10BLE/Custom Coaches CB60 in May 2002.
2016-01-05 13_30_14.jpg
6639 MO305 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes-Benz OH1830L/Volgren SC222 at the Cronulla Leagues Club 5/1/2016 in the rain, after dropping off scouts at Kurnell for the Australian Scout Jamboree.
TP 3029 and TC 6573173 viewsPath Transit (3029) Volvo B12BLEA/Volgren CR228L and Horizons West Volvo B58H/PMCSA ex TV 5051 Cumberland Coaches, ex Southlink (2308) WJP 462, on a quick afternoon tour 28 January 2013 – seen here at Guildford near King William.
m/o 6535188 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B8RLE/Bustech VST at Bankstown Central 24/1/2018 on route M90.
TV 950291 viewsPioneer Motor Service (59) Denning Landseer at the Nowra depot in 1997.
1405AO215 viewsKastoria Bus Lines (K5) Volgren, Mercedes 0405 [wearing Mitchell Transit Decals], on regional rail.
m/o 8207482 viewsWestbus MAN 12.220/ Custom Coaches "CB30" at Windsor on a foggy morning.
TV 6043308 viewsTelfords Volvo B12R/NCBC ex Australian Defence Forces, Canberra, ACT 00 0312 via Auction, in the parking area at North Cronulla Surf Club 9/5/2013
m/o 8833962 viewsVeolia Transport (310) Mercedes-Benz O500LE/Volgren "CR228L"
2016-07-22 12_21_12.jpg
7423AO178 viewsPegasus Iveco Eurorider 6x2 14.5m/Coach Design ex Swan Hill Bus Lines Pty Ltd, Swan Hill, VIC 7423 AO, at Tench Reserve, Penrith 22/7/2016.
BUS 571181 viewsACTION (571) Scania K320UB/Custom Coaches CB80 at Civic 28/9/2016.
2544AO1750 viewsVentura (44) Scania L113CRB/Volgren seen at Box Hill Bus Interchange. It was later renumbered (318).
146 20-2bWJP502.jpg
WJP 502772 viewsTorrens Transit (164) MAN SL200/PMCSA was an unusual woring on Obahn route C2X as a late replacement for another bus in 2008
MET-631 Scania N113 Ansair Orana.JPG
MET 631850 viewsMetro Tasmania Scania N113/Ansair Orana pictured at Burnie.
m/o 8749162 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches "CB60" at Bankstown Central 23/12/2014 now in TNSW livery.
IMGP2369 - LMT 14 single trucker awaiting restoration @ LTM Inveresk c_27Oct2007.JPG
LMT 14160 viewsLaunceston single trucker awaits restoration at the LMT Inveresk c 27 Oct 2007.
EKD 349316 viewsMelbourne Coaches Austral Tourmaster ex (162) VV02BO Deluxe Coachlines, Wangaratta, Victoria, in Getaway livery 1999. It was later reregd 1206AC.
4632AO370 viewsTransdev Vic (32) a 1995 Volvo B10M Mk IV/Volgren route service bus ex Ventura/Grenda (32) 4632AO, ex (32) NDB675, with the somewhat controversial Transdev logo in the desto.
Line up139 viewsA line up of Ventura Leyland Tigers (111) to (117) ready to do football shuttles one Saturday morning.
Bass Hill mo4649 Bedford SB5 PMC.jpg
m/o 4649169 viewsBass Hill Bus Service Bedford SB5/PMC.
4783AO179 viewsVentura Bus Lines (185) Mercedes O405NH/Volgren at Moorabbin Station on metro rail 29th June 2016.
0375AO186 viewsTransdev Melbourne (375) Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L in Melbourne 2/11/2016.
m/o 7660136 viewsTransdev NSW Mercedes-Benz O405/Custom Coaches "510" ex (152) ex Transit First / Westway (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (96) m/o 7660; ex Bus2000 livery, in Jackson Ave, Miranda, 22/6/2017, another bus with the latest University of Wollongong driver side ad.
Lineup182 viewsLineup uf buses at the Rover Motors depot in 1974.
BBL 91 Ipswich 27nov20162.JPG
BBL 91205 viewsBrisbane Bus Lines (91) Bonluck JXK6127/Bonluck "President 2 ex 082 VWU, on rail replacement work at Bell Street Ipswich 27/11/2016.
MO 2870144 viewsCoastal Liner Hino CG277K/Custom Coaches 420 on rail in Western Sydney June 2008. Since reregd 2622 MO.
42 WBC168 viewsBus Queensland Ipswich (42) Volvo B7R /Bustech "Graduate" at Redbank 10 March 2017.
MO 012796 viewsPriors of Batemans Bay Leyland Leopard/Austral ex Westbus/Calabro.
6378 MO508 viewsBusways, Coffs harbour (264) Mercedes-Benz O405/Custom Coaches ex m/o 8790 27/12/09, seen here 7/2011 One of a few O405s at Coffs that have had their bumpers painted white. It returned to Sydney (Penrith) as m/o 9750 by 4/10/2013.
img017 - Flynn's Buslines Volvo [UNK692] @ Glenelg.jpg
UNK 69295 viewsFlynn’s Buslines Volvo at Glenelg.
TP1020473 viewsSwan Transit Perth 1020 Renault PR100.2/HPorter ex-UQB920 Transperth (1020) travels down Robinson Road on 322 bound for Helena Valley
m/o 9407181 viewsWestbus Scania L94UB/Volgren CR228L on rail replacement in 2011. It was transferred to Busways with region 1 and now in TNSW livery.
8108AO464 viewsGrenda Bus Service (637) Volvo B7R/Volgren Malaysia "SC222" seen 5/9/2011 at Melbourne Zoo
Pt Mac MO3159.jpg
MO 3159462 viewsPort Macquarie Bus Service Austin/Syd Wood.
MO 1877408 viewsBlue Ribbon Coaches (5) MCA –Cummins L10/MCA which saw subsequent service with various other operators in NSW and Qld before being retired from Dorrigo Bus Service in December 2013.
DGD 382263 viewsAn older unidentified unit with Fuller's Great Sights with fleet number (76) at Paihia Wharf, Bay of Islands 19/3/2013.
refront 1mo675before.jpg
m/o 675203 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/CVI ex Neville m/o 4917 before it received a Custom Coaches refront. Photo by Leopard_071.
BXB 27994 viewsMcKenzie’s Touris Service, Healesville Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R/Freighter opposite the depot in 1998.
TV 3719628 viewsHawkesford’s with its new name Sydney Luxury Coaches, is (56)TV 3719 Volvo B12B/Autobus captured 10/2/2010 @ The National Gallery in Canberra.
m/o 8051107 viewsGlenorie Bus Co (now Hillsbus Dural) (5) m/o 805 Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches.
m/o 2323134 viewsSydney Buses (2323) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark II was the last to return with an appropriate desto from a tour in July 2008.
Yarra 2013 129 viewsYarra Trams (2013) B2 class on a Tennis Shuttle in January 2008 in their grey livery, at the corner of Flinders & Swanston Sts.
6054AO163 viewsVentura Bus Lines (212) Volvo B12B/Volgren C222TX ex Grenda, at the Alpha Hotel Canberra, Greenway 19/9/2017.
0129AO292 viewsBendigo Coachlines (55 – The Wedge) MAN 22.370/Autobus ex 717DKM (QLD) Reef‘n’Hinterland Tours, Cairns, QLD.
m/o 8310154 viewsVeolia Transport (212) Scania L94UB/Bustech at Centro Bankstown 1/5/2013.
ZIB 152286 viewsAction (152) AEC Reliance/Hedges.
MO 4006211 viewsMountain Devil Tours (Katoomba Leura) Leyland (AEC) Swift/CCMC which spent only a short time with Katoomba before being sold to Cornwell's Mooball - Mullumbimby Service as MO 8009. It later became (20) at Brunswick Valley Coaches from where it was sold in 2002. Centralian photo.
mercsurfsideburleighheads5 5 `13resized.jpg
819 GFO496 viewsSurfside (819) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Bustech based at Tweed Heads shown at Burleigh Heads, 5 May 2013. Received from Derek Orford.
m/o 5644215 viewsKaten & Heath Bedford VAM70/Custom Coaches fully loaded on a school service in 1991.
VX02CF152 viewsFirefly (25) "Bread N' Butter" Denning "Landseer Decker" It was reregd QLS325, then 0325AC and then 5525AO. Seen here in 1994.
m/o 8027224 viewsClassic Forest Coach Lines Volvo B10M Mk2/PMC Metro 90 is seen at Gordon about to start a 196 service to Terrey Hills.
AY41UX 237 viewsRailcorp Mercedes Fire Engine, Santa's back up Sleigh, seen at Eddie Ave, Central Station 22/12/11.
6961AO250 viewsDyson (475) a 2008, Scania K270IB/Irizar (a Kyneton Based Coach) on rail on 23/08/2011.
FWR115265 viewsCrown Coaches (15) Mercedes Benz OC1617/Newnham ex (15) BQI362; ex BQI362 Hawthorn Bus Service, Hawthorn, Victoria, which was subsequently reregistered 4115AO and then became (403) 8403AO & on hire to DECCA.
Monorail 6248 viewsSydney MonoRail 6 at the Convention Centre 8/12/2012 which will soon be history with the monorail to be demolished at the end of June 2013.
m/o 1723110 viewsSydney Buses (1723) Volvo B12BLEA/Custom Coaches CB60 in Prepay livery is about to turn left into Marion St, Leichhardt on route M10 in December 2008.
2003 Bus Show1204 viewsVolvo B7RLE/CC 'CB60' for Sugar Valley and Volvo B12BLE/CC 'CB60' for Newcastle Buses.
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