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m/o 71251395 viewsWestbus Mercedes-Benz OH1418/Custom Coaches '300'. Pictured at Windsor High School 22/9/2005.
m/o 17211731 viewsSydney Buses (1721) Volvo B12BLEA Artic/CC at Drummoyne with the 'prepay only' signage removed from the front of the vehicle
Withdrawn Buses468 viewsWithdrawn AEC Regal MK 6's, and Leyland Leopards MK 2's(ex PTC Sydney)at Clifton Hill
WJP 677278 viewsTorrens Transit MAN 11.190 HOCL-NL/PMCA 160 ex (117)-ex (953) WJP 677 Serco Adelaide Buses, Adelaide, S.A.-ex (1723) TA 1723 TransAdelaide, Adelaide, S.A. at the Airport in November 2006. It is subsequently operating with Light City Buses.
MO 68907 viewsRogers Coaches, Kambah, ACT MO 68 Austral Tourmaster. Photo by Ben O.
MO 5025757 viewsBlue Ribbon Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/PMC B53F. Acquired new. Since sold.
img200 - Leyland Atlantean [MCW] Gregory & Co Omnibuses [DZ 4499] @ Argyle St_ Hobart c_2000.jpg
DZ 4499150 viewsGregory & Co Omnibuses Leyland Atlantean/MCW at Argyle St, Hobart c 2000.
151 DVF241 viewsBenecke's Bus Service – Kingaroy Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/Smithfield ex 151 DVF, M.S.C. & M.J. Rasmussen, Kingaroy, QLD, ex 151 DVF, Centenary Bus Service, Oxley, QLD, ex MO 9243, Dewhirst, Armidale, NSW, ex MO 9243, Pell's Bus Service, Nambucca Heads, NSW. Sold to Coast & Country Buses, Kingaroy, QLD as (33) with the business in 2007 – since withdrawn.
MO 9224364 viewsMacquarie Towns Bus Lines/Lane Cove Bus Service MAN 16.280/Aystral. It went to Westbus MO 9224 12/87 - Plate remade as m/o 9224, then transferred to Blue Ribbon Bus Co. Pty Ltd, Thornton as (122) m/o 9224 by 9/00, then to Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd 1/9/06, renumbered 3645 MO. Withdrawn by 11/10 and transferred to Morisset for storage by 1/11.
1462 MO150 viewsWestern Road Liners (25) Hino FD 230/P&D ex MO 6873, returning to the depot after a school service 2/9/2016.
F17YS272 viewsKing Island Tours Isuzu 550/Able Bus and Coach ex Intrepid Tours, at King Island Airport 14/3/2018.
38KBLMercCusCoachBurpangary5 8 2014.jpg
38 KBL307 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines (38) Mercedes Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches "CB60" at Burbengary5 8 2014 in TransLink livery - ex (undelivered) King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW
TV 6992167 viewsTelfords Mercedes Benz O305PMC ex (140); ex St Catherine's College, Waverley VYV 519 (previously owned by the College but parking and driver supplied by Telford's), ex STA Mk 2 2049 dating back to 1979, in Nicholson Parade, Cronulla opposite Gunnamatta Park 28/9/2014. Believed to be one of the 20 oldest buses in service in NSW.
TP 188499 viewsPath Transit Mercedes Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L on route 345 in October 2010.
4711AO175 viewsGrenda (Ventura) (111) Volvo B10M MkII/Volgren ex CXB 164, on emergency rail at Box Hill 04/10/2012.
XLG 092386 viewsTorrens Transit (1641) MAN SL202 CNG/Volgren (Torrens Transit owned) ex (926) 926 EBC Brisbane City Council, Qld in North Terrce, Adelaide 10/11/2014.
295 ISF494 viewsMt Gravatt 295 ISF is a NCBC bodied MAN 18.260
m/o 662966 viewsThe first Punchbowl Bus Co bus in Transport NSW livery, a Volvo B7RLE with possibly the last Custom CB60 body, seen here on its first day out on a 945 trip to Centro Bankstown showing via Riverwood. Olympian photo.

?295 viewsCoachtrans Denning in 1991.
MO 3334233 viewsIson, Cawongle Bedford/Hedges.
8217AO909 viewsWestrans Werribee (126) a 2011 Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L" single door – not a regular route bus apparently - at Hoppers Crossing station.

m/o 6326160 viewsJohn J Hill, Wollongong AEC Regal III ex MTT Adelaide (169) with a 1939 Comeng body. Centralian photo.
1871AO718 viewsFord's of Shepparton a 2007 VolvoB7R , Coach Design on regional rail replacement services.
m/o 8675139 viewsVeolia Transport (651) Renault PR100.2/Ansair turning into Liverpool interchange still with transit First Strpes in January 2009. This vehicle is ex transit First (Demerton Pty Ltd), Bankstown (No. 50) m/o 8675; ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (No. 64) m/o 8675; ex Action, Canberra, ACT (No. 753) BUS 753. Deregd from Transdev Taren Point 31/12/2013,
6221 MO310 viewsPremier Illawarra Mercedes O500LE/Volgren CR228L on rail at Waterfall.
m/o 7968668 viewsm/o 7968 is ex State Transit Mk I Mercedes-Benz O305, 1880 seen here on charter for Casula Bus And Coach, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The blue and red stripes show that at one time it operated with Ruttys in Wollongong.
1660 AO260 viewsTransdev Melbourne (300) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches ex Ventura/National Bus (360) ex (520) at Doncaster Park & Ride, , during the Mercedes O405 farewell tour 28 May 2016 – in PTV livery and still in active service.
5-6-2015 001.JPG
m/o 9160170 viewsTransdev NSW Volvo B12BLE/Bustech VST ex (400), at Bankstown Central 5/6/2015.
OSCAR H 40235 viewsNSW Train OSCAR Set H 40

At Hornsby 7/8/13
8385AO257 viewsSouth Coast Buses (132) Scania K280IB/Higer A30 at the MOTO Grand Prix at Phillip Island on 20/10/2013.
2015-12-10 09_59_03.jpg
2666 ST245 viewsSydney Buses (2666) Scania K280UB/Bustech VST in Kiora Road, Miranda 10/12/2015.
TP 1987145 viewsVeolia Transport Perth (1987) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG/Volgren/CR228L at Bull Creek.
SB91FB396 viewsNuline Charter & Bayside Coaches (28) ex (28A), Volvo B9R/Coach Concepts, in the Dandenong Ranges 31/1/2012.
PSC 832133 viewsSmekels Bedford VAM70/Hedges.
m/o 9281446 viewsVeolia (411) Sydney's only I-Shift Volvo B12BLE with Bustech VST body moves into position at Macarthur to load up on another all to Villawood rail replacement service.
1637AO438 viewsEchuca-Moama Transit / Newton's Bus Service, Rochester (11?) a 2012, Express, Scania K280UB
8220AO346 viewsMelbourne Bus Link Toyota Coaster
TP 1598115 viewsSwan Transit (1598) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG / Volgren "CR228L" was one of the many buses assisting with the emergency rail replacement at Gosnells Wednesday 23/10/2013.
TV 6667 695 viewsTelford's Mercedes-Benz OH1725L/Mills Tui Orbit at Olympic Park. It is ex Loddon Transit, Dingee, VIC 7145 AO 7/11; ex Manley's Bus Service Serpentine 0449 AC.
PLQ 027114 viewsMcHarry’s Bus Lines, Geelong (39) Mercedes OH1421L/Custom Coaches 515 ex (27) PLQ027 Bellarine Bus Lines/Advance Tours, Moolap, Victoria, in 2000. It has since been reregd 1539AO.
Terra Firma75 viewsOn Sydney Harbour 10/11/2015.
m/o 7764174 viewsHawkesfords Pleasure Charter Tours (81) Mercedes-Benz O305/PMC ex STA Mk II 2231. It was reregd TV 5749 before being sold to Bankstown Coaches (Collins Coachways Pty Ltd), Bass Hill via Auction 28/10/11 (retrieved 9/11/11). Here on 11.30pm about to commence a Route 30 to Hornsby from Wynyard 12/2007.
img451 - Volvo B58 [PMC-SA] STA 1380 [STA-380] @ Flinders St, City.jpg
STA 380138 viewsSTA Adelaide (1380) Volvo B58 artic/PMCSA at Flinders St, City in the attractive Cream, Brown and Burnt Orange livery with a white roof.
m/o 8639251 viewsForest Coach Lines Bustech MDi on rail standby at Epping in June 2009.
KBL 22265 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines (22) Denning Manufacturing - Cummins/Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold" in Brisbane City 16 Mar 2017. First regd 4/3/16.
MO 4846147 viewsKirklands, Lismore Hino/Freighter.
PE 6894220 viewsRed Bus Ltd (676) MAN 22.240/Coachwork Internationalin Cristchurch19/7/2015.
326 APM172 viewsGreyhound (326) Denning Landseer ex Suncoast Pacific, ex (326) 326 APM Greyhound Australia, ex (326) 326 APM McCafferty's, seen coming down the ramp at the Brisbane Transit Centre July 2008.
MO 7048224 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook Leyland Atlantean ex Leeds undergoing some bodywork repairs.
UQB 754146 viewsPATH Transit (754) Renault PR180.2 / JW Bolton on 295 to Walliston.
UCN 295244 viewsPremier Roadlines (448) Austral Tourmaster in 1995.
MO 2636162 viewsWestern Road Liners Bedford YLQ2/PMC Progress. ex MO 4154; ex Waser, Parkes MO 450. Sold for a motorhome by 5/1/06, sighted in Moonee Ponds, VIC 5/06.
TV 582134 viewsPicton Coaches (14) Scania K113TR/Northcoast at the Sydney Bus and Coach show in 1994.
3864AO524 viewsLatrobe Valley Bus Lines (64) 3864AO Mercedes Benz O.500LE/Volgren "CR228L",
img106 - Wells Waggons No_32, Volvo B58-56 [PMCSA] [BA-9322] @ Cimitere St, Lton c_2006.jpg
BA 9322143 viewsWells Waggons (32 – Tassie Bluebird) Volvo B58-56/PMCSA ex Medwin Coaches, at Cimitere St, Launceston c 2006. It was donated to the Tasmanian Bus & Coach Society in September 2016,
m/o 92241805 viewsWestbus MAN 16.280/Austral ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines-ex MO 9224, to Hunter Valley Buses Pty Ltd 1/9/06, renumbered 3645 MO. Withdrawn by 11/10 and transferred to Morisset for storage by 1/11. Later scrapped.
m/o 1047131 viewsMetrolink Bus Lines (16) Volvo B7L/Bustech at HammondGrove Retirement Village, Hammondville 9/3/2017.
3467AO99 viewsBenders, Geelong (66) Mercedes O404-2/Volgren on a charter at Ethihad Stadium in 2004.
WJP 542140 viewsSouthlink (2450) MAN SL200/PMCSA 'Commuter' on a 681 at Marion 13/2/2007. It was withdrawn in 2011.
img734 - Ford V8 234-657 @ Glenelg SA RJ Jenkins Bay to Birdwood.jpg
234 657111 viewsRJ Jenkins Ford V8 at Glenelg for the Bay to Birdwood run.
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