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IMG_5512 - MET404 South Burnie Depot c_14May16.JPG
MET 404323 viewsMetro Tasmania (404) Scania L94UB/Volgren at South Burnie Depot 14 May 2016.
TP 2251238 viewsTransdev WA newbie (2251) Volvo B7RLE / Volgren Optimus in Fremantle.
A82ZI251 viewsAustin - Lower Longley Hino CM277K/Austral Denning Starliner ex TC 4591, Nuich & Son, Northam, WA, ex m/o 8815, Westway, Moorebank, NSW now in all white livery.
m/o 4886641 viewsBosnjaks Leyland Royal Tiger(Worldmaster)/Bolton ex PerthUQB435 / WAG8435 / UAN396 MTT (435), which was subsequently regd m/o 593.
NAK 382131 viewsPioneer Bus Service, Ipswich (11) White/Watts.
999 PTX79 viewsWhitsunday Transit, Proserpine MAN SG220/Goppell at Shute Harbour in 2000.
AY 62 MG208 viewsYowie Bay Social Golf Club ex Melbourne MAN SL200/Ansair National Bus Co., Nth.Fitzroy, Vic. (173) 0867AO, ex FKX 173, Public Transport Corporation, Melbourne, Vic. (173) MYD 173, 6/10/2013 back in the yard along Bay Road, Taren Point where I first saw it nearly two years ago. Registration expired 9/10/2014.
FZH 252127 viewsPhillips Bus Service (4) Mercedes OH1316/Ansair (ex CRI 029 and later 3210AO), in 1995.
2125 ST328 viewsSydney Buses (2125) Mercedes O500LE/CC CB60 Evo2 at Bondi Junction.
Chevalier College Bowral CHV008 Ley CCMCg.jpg
CVH 008589 viewsChevalier College Bowral Leyland Atlantean (?)/CCMC.
img590 -  DC-3 'Airbus' [RNS-071] @ Mildura c_27Apr02.jpg
RNS 071 150 viewsDC3 Airbus motor home at Mildura Air Show c 24 April 2002.
DSCF0490 (3)mo9023.jpg
m/o 9023335 viewsPunchbowl Bus Co Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches ex Harris Park Transport m/o 8530 6/05, at Roselands 12/12. Withdrawn 16/10/2014 with plates going to a new Scania/CB80.
m/o 8524238 viewsPremier Coaches (Bob Ellis) Hino RC320P - Cat / Freighter "Moonraker" ex m/o 8026 ex Boomerang Tours, Cooma TV 945. Reregd by 12/93 & sold for a motorhome last seen in the Milperra industrial area by 7/94.
VolvoWright SRM 183 Golders Green jun 2017front.JPG
LJ66EZP139 viewsStagecoach Volvo/Wrightbus SRM (VHR45205) Hybrid single staircase 2 door 10.6 metre version of the discontinued Boris ‘Routemaster’. At Golders Green bus interchange June 2017.
m/o 26951023 viewsSydney Buses Mercedes/PMC Mark III 2695 on route 333
North Star 2102 Scania K270UB6 16 July 2008.JPG
EGR132696 viewsNZ Bus #2102 Scania K270 UB6 with DesignLine bodywork, photographed on 16th July 2008 at Albert Street, Auckland. #2102 operates under the North Star brand.
P15354169 viewsPolynesian Adventure Tours - Grayline Van Hool bodied coach at the Kona, Hawaii Coffee Museum 11/9/2013
Ex RGP 082141 viewsEx Slatterys, ex MTT Adelaide AEC Regal at Coober Pedy 11/6/2017.
m/o 5757209 viewsBlacktown Bus Co Albion Viking VK55/Coach,aster of 1972. Centralian photo.
m/o 634160 viewsPioneer Coaches, Bexley AEC Reliance/MBA dating back to October 1957, now at the bus museum.
048 KYH137 viewsQ Bus Pty Ltd, Minden Hino FD166L/TOST ex SCH 001, P. Taylor, Denmark, WA, ex SCH 001, W. Rudd, Denmark, WA, ex SCH 001, N.V. Woolhouse, Denmark, WA.
1087AC191 viewsChris’ Coaches – Melbourne on the Move Mercedes O303-3/Denning Majestic later regegd 3245AO, on the Free Runway Shuttle around Melbourne 26/3/2011.
TV 638674 viewsCity Sightseeing/Sydney Explorer (428) MCW Metrobus Mk2/MCW had been in storage in Sydney since 2000 until registration in Oct 2010, ex (ML40) New World First Bus, Hong Kong, ex (ML40) China Motor Bus. Hong Kong, in Alfred St, Circular Quay 6/11/2014.
MO 471422 viewsTransborder from Yass sent (ACT) MO 47 a MAN SL200/CC ex Action (583) BUS 583 12/94 (B42D); ex ZIB 583. Sold to Kingsford Smith Transport, Banksmeadow, NSW as (46) KS 2277 3/02. Resold via Moorebank Auctions to Coachline's Tours (Zivko Blanusa), Bonnyrigg as ZCG 258, then rereg TV 1526.
Baxters Leyland Leopard MkII MO-7402.jpg
m/o 7402365 viewsBaxters (39) Leyland Leopard/Smithfield ex UTA 1637, with rebuilt front. Sold to Warren Bemnar (Bathurst Coaches) where a conversion to a motor home commenced.
TV 500141 viewsAustralian Luxury Travel, Campbelltown MAN 22.360 HOCL 14.5m/Ansair Orana ex TV 932; ex C64F; ex TV 5658 by 9/09; ex MO 3043; ex Shoal Bus / Sussex Inlet Bus Service (Raymask Pty Ltd) MO 3043; ex Roadcoach (Truemelt Pty Ltd), Ulladulla MO 3043; ex VWG 969, at Wanda Beach 30/8/2017.
CH 1003122 viewsBedford SB3/CAC at Drouin in 1994.
CJ 7202102 viewsHobart Coaches (22) Scania K92CR/PMCSA between commuter services in 1994.
MTT 35_ 1955 Bedford SB [CAC] [WHJ-062] @ Burnie depot c1964.jpg
WHJ 082629 viewsMTT 35. 1955 Bedford SB [CAC] @ Burnie depot c1964. It was new to Hobart in 1955 - was transferred to Burnie in Dec 1963 until sold in Dec 1965.
MO 4688214 viewsCoffs Harbour Bus Lines (9) Bedford YRT3/Custom Coaches.
059 GJT298 viewsThompson Bus service (59) Volvo B9TL/ Volgren Malaysia "Optimus Decker" on rail replacement at Corinda 22 Oct 2017. First reg 18/7/17, ex Stock .
ArrivaOptareMetroCityElectric LX64DWGEC1Croydon8Nov2015.JPG
LK 64 DWG202 viewsArriva Optare MetroCity LK 64 DWG (EC 1) fully electric bus using rechargeable batteries. 312 route is operated entirely by fully electric buses. Acceleration is very smooth and similar to an electric trolley bus. I noticed while the Remembrance Day parade was held, when there were traffic diversions and traffic jams, these buses were held in the depot. Photo East Croydon 8 Nov 2015.
Landsborough to Aus Zoo croppedresized final1000.jpg
CDI 11786 viewsBustech CDi with Surfside as (351) in Translink livery on loan to the Sunshine Coast, shown at Landsborough Rail 3 /12 /12 on route 615. Received from Derek Orford.
MO 319994 viewsJones Bros, Lithgow Mercedes O400/Custom Coaches on a school service in 2002. Reregd 2169 and became (2) with Lithgow Buslines.
0888AO220 viewsEndeavour Coach Company, Geelong Volvo B10M Double Deck/Volgren Qld ex PSB888; ex DCV633 Sunraysia Buslines, Mildura, Victoria; ex DCV633 Holidaymakers, Mildura, Victoria. (NOTE: Chassis ex Great Britain, U.K. Engine replaced from middle to the rear.), on a V/Line run - shot taken on Rail replacement on 02/12/2012
TV 5602578 viewsTelfords (14) Mercedes-Benz O405/PMC ex Invicta Bus, Lilydale, VIC (82) 3552 AO 18/6/08 (B41D); ex OOZ 305; ex Quince's Scenicruisers, Oakielgh, VIC OOZ 305; ex DKA 123. Seen here in the then recently adopted new livery on Good Friday 2009.
m/o 015809 viewsCanterbury Bus Lines. One of a number of Leyland Worldmaster/Freighter which the initial Canterbury Bus Lines took over from Cumberland Coaches but none made it to the Eddie Hayman version of Canterbury Bus Lines.Some also operated for Cumberland Coaches/Highway Tours group in the Auburn area.
img081 - Bendigo Birney Safety Car 302 @ Wellington Parade c_1982.jpg
Bendigo 302124 viewsBendigo Birney Safety Car (302) at Wellington Parade c.1982.
P13142153 viewsRoberts, Hawaii coach (639) on a day tour of Oahu, Hawaii 15/9/2013.
216 JIB1789 viewsBrisbane Transport (1216) MAN 18.310/Volgren CR228L at Westfield Chermside
RFS 368550 viewsOn trial for Metrolink is this Volvo B12BLE with Volgren CR228L body. This bus has also trialled for Transit First in previous months.
MO 3540344 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Service Bedford Vam 70 with PMC body of 1969. In the background can be seen the roofline of former DGT 2185 Leyland decker which was MO 5726 with Katoomba Leura. Centralian photo.
m/o 2824366 viewsSydney Buses (2824) Mercedes O305/PMC Mark IV at Mortlake on the Mercedes Mark IV tour 27/11/2011.
TV 39742042 viewsRover Coaches, Cessnock (C6) Mercedes-Benz O500RF-3/Coach Concepts
TC 040148 viewsTransdev (Transbunbury) (040) Mercedes-Benz OC500LE / Volgren CR228L at Bunbury City.
7093AO122 viewsSkybus (98) MAN 18.320/ MCV "Elite C-130" ex 768THA (QLD) MAN stock, in St Kilda 18th August 2016.
m/o 5913297 viewsSouth Western Coachlines Bedford/PMC
WTT 576153 viewsHarris Coaches, SA Scania K93CRB/Newnham ex (3) TV 226 K & N Pye t/a Gosford City Coaches, West Gosford, N.S.W.-ex TV 226 Peninsula Bus Lines. Central Coast, N.S.W, in 2007.
m/o 7384103 viewsConnex Southtrans (1216) Mercedes O405/Custom Coaches 510 on spectator shuttles at the Olympics in 2000.
?195 viewsPossible BCC bus with Athol Hedges body most likely Albion or AEC chassis. Seen in late 70’s or early 80’s by Centralian as possible mobile home conversion.
MO 9705248 viewsOsborn, Muswellbrook (122) Leyland Atlantean ex Plymouth.
img013 - Mersey Link 22 [EK6628] Metrotec Delta CB60 @ Rooke St_.jpg
EK 6628113 viewsMersey Link (22) Metrotec Delta/Custom Coaches CB60 in Rooke St, Devonport.
TV 5272211 viewsTelfords Volvo B7R/P&D ex (174); ex m/o 8545, in The Boulevarde, Miranda 25/7/2013.
TV 529.jpg
TV 529270 viewsHopkinsons
Higer Roadboss - Cummins ISBe/Higer "Roadboss"
First reg 23/2/12.

Seen on rail at Central 14/9/13
BUS 630201 viewsACTION (630) Scania K320UB/Bustech VST in Canberra 10/10/2017.
Yarra 148178 viewsYarra Z2 class tram (148) in AOA for Melbourne Polytrchnic 15th April 2016.
7418AO204 viewsNuline Coaches (18) Volvo B7R/Volgren Malaysia "SC222" ex (18) SB27ER (SA); ex CMV Volvo stock, in November 2014.
2015-11-03 10_46_30.jpg
KBL 98233 viewsKangaroo Bus Lines (98) Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" at the Brisbane Cruise wharf 3/11/2015.
m/o 1978163 viewsVeolia Transport (468) Volvo B7RLE/Volgren "CR228L"in Metrobus livery on the first day of route M90 6/12/2010.
3307AO145 viewsCoach Tours of Australia/Sunbury Coaches (7) Scania K420EB/Coach Concepts ex (103) mo2812 (NT), ex (103) SB83CL (SA) AAT-Kings Tours, Botany, NSW, on V/Line replacement 3rd September 2016.
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