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Eggins Taree MO3242 Ley Atlantean MCW2g.jpg
MO 3242361 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Atlantean/MCW ex Mersey L544
Eggins Taree MO3242 Ley Atlantean MCWg.jpg
MO 3242373 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Atlantean/MCW ex Mersey L544
Eggins Taree MO3276 Ley Atlantean PMC2g.jpg
MO 3276 and MO 5205478 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Atlantean/ PMC’s ex UTA 1101 and 2275.
Eggins Taree MO3276 Ley Atlantean PMCg.jpg
MO 3276 and MO 8138 445 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Atlantean/ PMC’s ex UTA 1191 and 1094.
Eggins Taree MO3276 Ley OPDg.jpg
M0 3276420 viewsEggins, Taree Leyland Titan OPD2/Clyde ex DGT 2253 seen here together with MO 5208 Leyland Atlantean/MCW ex Ribble 1971,
Eggins Taree MO3276 White MBAg.jpg
MO 3276485 viewsEggins Taree White/MBA trailer bus.
Eggins Taree MO4525 Ley Leo CCMCg.jpg
MO 4525400 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Leopard/CCMC.
Eggins Taree MO5190 Bed VAM70 CCMCg.jpg
MO 5190392 viewsEggins Taree Bedford VAM70/CCMC.
Eggins Taree MO5205 Ley Atlantean MCW 2g.jpg
MO 5205373 viewsEggins Taree Leyland/Atlantean/MCW ex Ribble 1971
Eggins Taree MO5205 Ley Atlantean MCW3g.jpg
MO 5205 354 viewsEggins Taree Leyland/Atlantean/MCW ex Ribble 1971
Eggins Taree MO5940 Ley RT Comengg.jpg
MO 5940420 viewsEggins Taree Leyland RT/Comeng ex UTA 2849 which saw subsequent service with Sugar Valley Coaches as m/o 4345, together with AEC Merlin MO 3688.
Eggins Taree MO9879 Nissan PMCg.jpg
MO 9879380 viewsEggins Taree Nissan/PMC
Eggins Taree MO988 Ley Atlantean PMCg.jpg
MO 988413 viewsEggins Taree Leyland Atlantean/ PMC ex UTA 1178.
MO 301168 viewsEggins Taree Bedford YRQ/Smithfield 9/6/1982. Eric Walsh photo.
MO 3491254 viewsEggins, Taree Hino RC320/CCMC 11/1976.
MO 3688228 viewsEggins Taree AEC Merlin/MCW 11/1978
EgginsTaree MO-3242 Leyland OPD2.jpg
MO 3242630 viewsEggins Comfort Coaches, Taree Leyland OPD2/1 bodied by Comeng, ex DGT 2327, new in September 1949.
MO 372660 viewsEggins, Taree White/MBA.
BD 10240238 viewsEastern Goldfields Transport Board MAN 15.168/Smithfield in 1976.
BD 270763 viewsEastern Goldfields Transport Board Albion Viking VK41/Howard Porter 10/1975.
BD 9846244 viewsEastern Goldfields Transport Board Leyland Tiger in 1975
Els Entertainment Tours Volvo B58 490-OCW.jpg
490 OCW156 viewsEls Entertainment Tours Volvo/Plaxton in 1982.
m/o 049224 viewsBosnjak (ex Fairlnes) Edensor Park AEC Reliance 470/Comeng.
m/o 4693230 viewsFairlines, Smithfield AEC Reliance 470/Coachmaster in 1972.
m/o 4919265 viewsBosnjak (ex Fairlnes) Edensor Park AEC Reliance AV470/PMC.
m/o 5543234 viewsFairlines, Smithfield Hino/Freighter.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-058 Leyland Panther.jpg
MO 058563 viewsFearnes, Wagga Wagga Leyland Panther/VB&K in April 1978.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-191 Bedford VAL.jpg
MO 191600 viewsFearnes, Wagga Wagga Bedford VAL/Superior on a school run to Tarcutta April 1978, in front of Mount Erin Catholic Girls High School, now Kildare Catholic College.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-242 Albion Victor.jpg
MO 242475 viewsFearnes, Wagga Albion Victor VT17B/Watt Bros. Eric Walsh photo.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-3500 Leyland Royal Tiger Cub.jpg
MO 3500490 viewsFearnes Wagga Wagga MO 3500 Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Watts.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-3592 White.jpg
MO 3592562 viewsFearnes, Wagga Wagga White/Watts in February 1975 in front of the depot.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-4639 Denning Leyland.jpg
MO 4639696 viewsFearnes Wagga Wagga Leyland/Denning taken 4/1978.
Fearnes Wagga Wagga MO-8585 Bedford VAL.jpg
MO 8585561 viewsFearnes Harden Bedford VAL/CC Eric Walsh photo taken 4/11/1991.
m/o 76273 viewsFellowes, Swansea Leyland Atlantean/PMC ex UTA 1162 2/7/1981. Saw subsequent service with Blue Ribbon Coaches.
Foggs motor service AEC Reliance MO-4294.jpg
m/o 4294448 viewsFoggs Motor Service AEC Reliance/Syd Wood in 1977.
m/o 4581311 viewsFogg’s Motor Service Wallsend Leyland OPSU1/Comeng ex UTA 2830, 3/1978.
m/o 4583257 viewsFogg’s Motor Service Wallsend AEC Reliance/CCMC.
m/o 5340259 viewsFogg’s Motor Service Wallsend Ford R226/CVI.
Foleys Kogarah NSW Bedford SB5 MO-4823.jpg
m/o 4823389 viewsFoleys Bus Service, Kogarah NSW Bedford SB5/Coachmaster
Foleys Kogarah NSW Bedford VAM5 MO-4941.jpg
m/o 4941366 viewsFoley’s Bus Service, Kogarah NSW Bedford VAM5/Coachmaster in 1978
Foleys Kogarah NSW Bedford YMT  FT-472.jpg
FT 472401 viewsFoleys Scenic Tours, Kogarah NSW Bedford YMT/Duple in 1979.
Foleys Kogarah NSW Denning TV-474.jpg
TV 474574 viewsFoley’s Scenic Tours Denning in 1980. Eric Walsh photo.
m/o 470584 viewsFoleys, Kogarah AEC Swift 505/Hedges 28/11/1981. Eric Walsh photo.
m/o 470576 viewsFoley’s Bus Service, Kogarah LeylandO PD1/PMC 6/1975.
m/o 4941533 viewsFoley’s Kogarah Leyland Leopard/PMC Mark 1 ex UTA 3668 which subsequently also saw service with Saints with the same rego.
MO 367959 viewsFord, Greta Leyland OPSU1/Properts.
Fords Greta Ley RT Syd Woodg.jpg
u/r454 viewsFords Greta Leyland Royal Tiger/Syd Wood.
Fords Greta MO 3679 Ley RT Propertsg.jpg
MO 3679457 viewsFords Greta Leyland Royal Tiger/Properts
m/o 4942482 viewsForest Coach Lines Albion Viking VK41 RE/Denning at the old depot in Belrose.
m/o 5705342 viewsForest Coach Lines Leyland Panther/MCW – Eric Walsh photo.4/5/1982.
m/o 765248 viewsForest Coach Lines White/Waddington
MO 592575 viewsGlen Charter Coaches, Glen Innes Leader/Hedges 31/5/1984. Eric Walsh photo,
KEZ 859163 viewsGolden Tours, Bundeena GMC/Ansair.
m/o 69473 viewsGolden Tours, Bundeena AEC Relaince/Custom Coaches.
TV 407162 viewsGolden West Bedford VAL/Custom Coaches.
6BM 73771 viewsGoldsworth Mining Leyland Royal Tiger 1/11/1982. Eric Walsh Photo.
MO 317269 viewsGoodwin, Morisset Denmak/Custom Coaches.
Grafton Bus Co 19  MO 5858 Bed VAL70 CCMC -800.jpg
MO 5858502 viewsGrafton Bus Co (19) Bedford VAL70/CCMC

Grafton Bus Co 31 MO 0477 MCA-GM 800.jpg
MO 0477647 viewsGrafton Bus Co (31) MCA-GM - At the Bus Show at Silverwater, the first GM powered MCA
Grafton Bus Co MO 5800 Nissan UD CCMC 800.jpg
MO 5800428 viewsGrafton Bus Co Nissan UD/CCMC.

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