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391 POK629 viewsBrisbane City Council (391) Volvo B10M/Fuji 17/8/1986.
Surfside 677CVV Mbenz 0305 PMC Seaworld 250795C copy.jpg
677 CVV371 viewsSurfside Mercedes Benz 0305/PMC at Seaworld 25/07/95.
Blackstone Busways 687-NKY Bundamba Leyland National.jpg
687 NKY1022 viewsBlackstone Busways, Bundamba Leyland National which went to Starline (Sainty) Coaches, Launceston, Tas and finished up for parts at S J Oliver, Drouin, Tas
724 OIE606 viewsBrisbane City Council (724) Leyland National in Cityxpress livery 6/8/1984.
854 NAE400 viewsBrisbane City Council (780) Volvo B59/Hedges 18/9/1983.
855 DLV523 viewsBrisbane City Council (866) MAN SL200/Denning 18/8/1985.
CBS 00312 viewsCoachtrans International GM/GBW ex Skennars, in 1990. It is now with the Queensland Omnibus and Coach Society.
HZJ 360280 viewsBlytheway Charters Bedford YMT/Plaxron ex m/o 716 and subsequently reg TV 809.
KMB 300306 viewsCalabros Denning Denair 3/1980.
LUZ 945297 viewsGrendas Dandenong (37) Leyland Panther/MCW.
Bosnjak`s Coach Lines Leyland Leopard MO-071.jpg
m/o 071753 viewsBosnjak's Coaches Leyland Leopard/Smithfield - 7/4/1980
m/o 078330 viewsCalabro’s Bonnyrigg White Parra-Ryde 9/1974.
m/o 295289 viewsCalabros White/CCMC in 1977.
Sydney Buses mo3195 MBenz 0405 PMC Circular Quay 170795C copy.jpg
m/o 3195304 viewsSydney Buses Mercedes Benz 0405/PMC at Circular Quay 17/07/95. It spent subsequent time at Newcastle but was back at Ryde 8/2012 and still in service 2013.
m/o 338 299 viewsBosnjaks Edensor Park Albion Chieftain/CCMC 7/1978
m/o 4001333 viewsDelwood Coaches, Granville Albion Viking VK41/CCMC 7/1977.
m/o 402333 viewsBosnjak’s Edensor ParkBedford/CCMC.
m/o 4108549 viewsWestern Road Bus Service AEC Merlin/MCW.
m/o 4127268 viewsBosnjaks, Parramatta Leyland Leopard/Coachmaster. When new the body was on a Bedford VAL with Mead & O’Donnell, who changed the chassis from the VAL to a second hand Leyland Leopard chassis. Hanby of Narranderra owned the vehicle as MO 7200 before Bosnjak purchased it. When it was up on the ramp for service you could still see the 4 front mudguards. Seen here in 1978.
Westbus mo4149 Hino RC420 PMC Richmond 220391Bx.jpg
m/o 4149339 viewsWestbus Hino RC420/PMC at Richmond 22/03/91.
Westbus mo4150 Hino RC420 CC Sth Windsor 291091xx.jpg
m/o 4150315 viewsWestbus Hino RC420/Custom Coaches at South Windsor 29/10/91.
m/o 4250337 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard-Scania/CCMC ex Calabro, 9/10/1989
m/o 4422363 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland Leopard/PMC in Red Arrow livery for the Bankstown - Parramatta service.
Bosnjaks Leyland National MO-4512.jpg
m/o 4512612 viewsBosnjaks, St Marys, Leyland National 19/4/1984. Ex Bowmans, St Marys.
m/o 4512283 viewsBowmans St Marys Leyland National/PMC St Marys 04/80.
m/o 4693281 viewsBosnjaks AEC Reliance/Coachmaster
m/o 4724331 viewsBosnjaks Parramatta Leyland Comet/CCMC 9/1978
Calabros Leyland Leopard MO-4764.jpg
m/o 4764558 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/CCMC in 1980. It went to Westbus as m/o 4764 then sold to Forbes Bus Lines (Wright) as MO 1505, then to Rockhampton, QLD.
m/o 4767382 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard/CCMC ex Calabro.
Westbus mo4767 Ley Leo CCMC Penrith 041291Cx.jpg
m/o 4767297 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard/CCMC Penrith 4/12/91.
Westbus mo4767 Ley Leo CC Bonnyrigg 021191xx.jpg
m/o 4767279 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard/CCMC ex Calabro. Slightly different angle to photo 5434, with post and wires photoshopped out.
Western Rd Bedford VAL14 MO-4841.jpg
m/o 4841671 viewsWestern Road Bus Service Bedford VAL14/CC in 1978.
m/o 4882256 viewsBosnjaks Penrith (predecessor to Westbus) Leyland ERT Worldmaster/Howard Porter x Perth MTT 417 leaves the Mulgoa Rd, Penrith Depot 10/04/80.
m/o 4886473 viewsBosnjaks Leyland Royal Tiger(Worldmaster)/Bolton ex PerthUQB435 / WAG8435 / UAN396 MTT (435), which was subsequently regd m/o 593.
m/o 4913251 viewsCalabros Leyland Leopard/Austral 11/11/1985.
m/o 4956284 viewsDelwood Coaches Albion Viking VK55/CCMC.
m/o 4967327 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland B21/PMC
Delwood MO-5068Leyland National.jpg
m/o 5068742 viewsDelwood Coaches, Granville Leyland National.
m/o 5073342 viewsBosnjaks, Edensor Park/Penrith Bus Service Leyland Tiger Cub/Bolton ex MTT 715 which saw subsequent service as m/o 591 with South Western Coach Lines (Alexandria NSW) and then ABC Coach Lines (Alexandria NSW).
m/o 5146220 viewsToongabbie Transport (1) Bedford VAM RE LPG V8/CCMC Seven Hills 01-04-80.
m/o 5218290 viewsCalabros AEC Reliance 505/CCMC 3/1980.
Westbus  mo5234 Ley Leo CCE Seven Hills 270991 copya.jpg
m/o 5234256 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard/CCE ex Bowmans, in AOA for West City Holden, at Seven Hills 27/09/91. After reverting to standard livery it was sold to R. Chahal.
m/o 5235318 viewsBosnjaks, Edensor Park Leyland/CCMC.
Chester Hill mo mo 5237 Bedford YMT3 CCMCg.jpg
m/o 5237297 viewsChester Hill Bus Service Bedford YMT3/CCMC.
Delwood coaches AEC Reliance MO-5325.jpg
m/o 5325422 viewsDelwood Coaches, Villawood AEC Reliance/CCMC in 1985.
m/o 5456334 viewsBosnjaks, Edensor Park Albion/CCMC,
m/o 5480 371 viewsDeanes, Lane Cove AEC Merlin/MCW 3/1977.
Westbus mo5492 Ley Leo CCMC Penrith 041291Cx.jpg
m/o 5492303 viewsWestbus Leyland Leopard/CCMC Penrith 4/12/91.
m/o 5718285 viewsRover Coaches Leyland Tiger/PMC 160, 13/10/1991.
m/o 5720292 viewsRover Motors, Cessnock (8) Mercedes Benz O302/PMC in 1978.
m/o 5724274 viewsRover Motors, Cessnock (28) Mercedes Benz O302/PMC ex Fogg JML 149, in 1982.
m/o 5734350 viewsLeyland Viking VK55/CCMC Rowes Plumpton Departing Blacktown 01-73
m/o 5789 244 viewsToongabbie Transport (37) Leyland (Albion Viking)VK55/PMC Seven Hills 01-04-80. Plates went to a Leyland Worldmaster in 1981.
m/o 580551 viewsWestbus, Seven Hills MAN SL200/Ansair ex Toonbabbie Bus Service, ex demonstrator, in AOA livery for Combined Real Estate.

Westbus  mo580 MAN SL200 Goppel Seven Hills  291090Axx.jpg
m/o 580296 viewsWestbus MAN SL200/Goppel at Seven Hills 29/10/90. It is ex Toongabbie Transport Service (2), ex demonstrator. Sold to Transwest, Willeton, WA as ? (converted to B53F).
mo5841 Hamilton Rly Stn.jpg
m/o 584174 viewsSid Foggs AEC Regal III/Comeng ex PTC 2860 on route 5 at Hamilton Station. Became m/o 5841 and then m/o 669 with Belvedere, Merewether when they operated route 5.
Foleys MO-5860 AEC Swift.jpg
m/o 5860771 viewsFoleys Bus Service, Kogarah AEC Swift/Hedges ex Deane m/o 953 ex ACTION 151.
m/o 5870336 viewsLeyland Clydesdale/CCMC Rowes Plumpton 02-73 at Schofields on Rail Replacement. Love this shot, middle of summer, front engine bus, crash box, only power assisted steering, no air conditioning but the driver is properly dressed and wearing a tie (properly).
m/o 5953273 viewsCalabro Bros Coach Lines Leyland Leopard/CCMC 7/1978.
m/o 5954326 viewsParramatta Villawood Bus Service Leyland National/PMC 11/1978. It was already under Delwood ownership as the livery of this bus shows.
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